Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm Turning Twenty

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Awww.. Finally it's almost the end of September. Weee! =D I'm excited because I got over the hectic month already!! *BIG sigh of relief* Whole September is totally exhausting! But at last it's over now! Yea it doesn't mean October will be a free one, I got four more assignments, two final assignments and final exam to go. =( Maybe the due dates in this month is too packed, ended up to be extremely tired. Even raya break wasn't a break a me, public holidays for two days ONLY! Arghhh..

But for now, I'm having my mid sem break. So I gotta appreciate this good chance to chill and relax at home over the week. XD

And it's time to clear the dust of my long abandoned blog!! =)))) *grin*

Hey peeps! I'm officially twenty now, just turned to this two 'sheet's two days ago! =P TEENager sounds like already become a past for me that will never return, OMG time flies.. Think in another perspective, I have become a human for approximately twenty years and two days already. The feeling is so special right?! XP

On this day, I wanna say a million of thanks to my dad and mum for giving me a life like what I'm having now. =D

Back to my main topic, I spent a great time over my birthday weekend. Thanks for all the wishes from my family and friends, thanks for the lovely birthday gifts and thanks for the surprise birthday celebrations from my friends. You all have made my day! =P

On 23rd September, I went out for a Japanese cuisine with my darling Jiat Yeen. =) I wanna try out Rakuzen so badly before this, and finally, I got the chance. So we went to Rakuzen, Empire Gallery for this dinner. Thanks for accompanying me, thanks for the night and thanks for the treat at Snowflake after that! We spent a great time together, aren't we? *wink* ;D

Following are the pictures of the food we ordered. Too bad I have forgotten their names. =/

Some kind of beef..

She was busy cooking for me.. =PPPP

It was ready to be eaten! *drool*

Frankly, we were stunned when the waiters served us this.. It's not worth.. =S

I love this kimchi soup, quite nice. XD

My feedback is.. The food is still okay only, no more second time I guess. =)

I love this picture! So sweeeeeeeeet! ♥

On 24th September afternoon, after did my last presentation before mid sem break, few college mates and I went to Wongkok Sunway Pyramid for lunch and they gave a surprise birthday celebration to us. Happy Birthday to my college mate Mei Kwan! And I was so excited because finally I got a huge milk tea on my birthday. Weee! XD Thanks to all of you for the surprise, and thanks to the planner who listened to my 'wishes' when we were on the way to there. Haha.. *inside story*

My terrible eye bags due to those sleepless nights!! =((((

Thanks Lily!

Thanks Siew Li and Henry the couple!

Thanks Ah Fang!

Thanks 38 Soo Hua! =PPP

Happpy Birthday to us! =D

I don't understand why have to add '38' onto the cake.. LOL!! XDDD

Thank you very much to all of you! ♥

On that night, another date with my college babes and dudes. At first, I thought we were just celebrating Five Zai's birthday, who knows both of me and him fell into their traps!! He thought they were celebrating for me instead of him too.. We were victims. =S I really don't know how to describe my feeling.. But really, thanks a lot!! Love you all so much! =) *smile widely*

We spent another awesome night at Fullhouse Sunway Giza for birthday dinner and chilling session at Laundry Bar The Curve. Let pictures tell everything..

Kinda like the tissue paper with the Fullhouse building logo printed on it..

Fungi spaghetti I ordered.

The group of peeps.

So cute!!

I love the birthday cake! It's so small and cute, and pure white in colour! Weee! Thank you very much! ♥

White and black cakes. LOL.. =D

Happy Birthday to us!!

Time for playing cream! For those who didn't get dirty, please beware for any celebrations next time!! ;P

Group pictures of the day. =)

I love them. ♥

My babe Maxim..

My babe Lengye..

My babe Christine..

We were so 'happy' during that drinking session. I love Majito. Wakaka.. =PPP

Thanks again to the planner, and everyone involved in the celebration. I had fun with all of you! Thanks for the birthday gift, thanks for the birthday cake and thanks for the polaroid picture. Thanks for everything! Weee! XD

Thanks for the day! Appreciate it soooo much!! ♥ *BIG hugs to all of you*

On 25th September, I so wanna have a date with my bestie QQ, but too bad few days before I already appointed with another friend to yumcha at hometown that night. Thus, we ended up with meeting up for a simple lunch at Boston nearby Sunway area.

Had a great time with her although there's something happened that almost ruined up my mood. But luckily, it didn't. ♥

So as promised, I went back to hometown after that. I'm proud of myself because that day I drove back ALONE!! XD *round of applause* But I was pissed off because stuck in the traffic jam for 2 hours, and journey on highway for 1 n half hours. So boring and tiring.. =S

Yet, at night, I was FFK by the friend who appointed me!! *mad* Sighhh.. Really sad to talk about it. =(((

On 26th September, I spent my whole day at home, replying birthday wishes to my friends but ended up with facebook blocked me for two days because I was engaged in inappropriate behavior of spamming other user's walls. Maybe due to replying on too many wall posts continuously.. WTH.. =/ Close friends weren't here, some family members weren't at home, hence there goes my day. =)

Thanks to my mum for buying me a new pretty dress. Thanks to my brother for treating me dinner. Thanks to my dearest for the surprise lovely birthday gift from Aussie, and spending time with me. ♥

Can't wait for my dad to come back from his vacation, and we gonna have mine and my dad's birthday celebration together when the whole family gather again this weekend. XDDD

A new year ahead. Good luck and all the best to me. =))))

With love,
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