Monday, July 27, 2009


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Yo people! Here I'm back to my blog! After I have been neglecting it for several days. ^_^ *grins* I'm at Kota Kemuning already, came back just now. My holidays are coming to the end, or I might say, this is the last day of my holidays. Sighh, I don't want to go to college that fast, I WANT LONGER HOLIDAYS! Can I? Haizz, there are still many more things haven't done. T.T ~I have wasted my previous weeks for being lame at home la.~
Brother's 21st birthday celebration was over. Everything has turned to be awesome! ~Something really dissapointing me was I thought there would be bigger number of people, but it was less than what I was expecting. Still a lot la.~ Last few days, my mother was freaking busy with the celebration. My sisters and I helped mum, and I guess we had lighten mum's work. *peace* ^@^ My bones are very pain now, I didn't know how I hurt myself. Haha.. Well anyway, I will update more about it once I transferred all the photos into my laptop. ~I didn't bring camera, pencil case and notebook back here la, how careless!~
My holidays weren't a relaxing time after all. Guess what? It was not a semester break, but holidays after completing my foundation. Yes, I have done with my foundation in Taylor's College and got my result. =.= My result isn't good for me, which is just 2A-, 1B, 1B+ and 1B-. Hmmm. I'm so dissapointed with it. Anyway, it is still satisfying because I still can go on my degree directly, I'm able to 'survive'. ~Umm, how pity only willing to 'survive'.~ It is the struggling period for me because I was wondering whether I should continue my degree Bachelor of Arts (Communication & Media Management) in Taylor's College which is linked to University of South Australia or not. After considering, discussing with my parents during these weeks, I have come out with my FINAL DECISION. @_@
I guess my girls already know about this. Yes, I'm not going to continue my degree in Taylor's college. After thinking once and once again, and with certain reasons, I found that the degree offered doesn't really suitable for me. However, I'm glad that I have found degree programme in another college which is what I have been seeking for. ~Everything is exactly what I want and really hope everything will go smoothly.~ I missed their orientation because I was already late. Classes will start officially on tomorrow, which are only lectures for the first week. Anyway, I haven't received the offer letter from the university. ~I really wish the university will accept my minimum requirement because I don't really want to go on another programme like they mentioned.~ *praying for it* I can start my classes first, once I get the offer letter, I must do the payment of fees immediately as they requested. ~.~
At here, I would like to thanks a million to my parents for supporting me to choose to go on this way. ~A million isn't enough, that's more than that.~ Not only financial support, but also in other ways. Well, this choice might increase burden for you. Really thanks for giving me this opportunity! This is always my dream, as we wish we might be able to make it now. ^o^ I will try my best and not to let you feel dissapointed with me. Because I love you my parents. And I love my family. They will be in my heart forever whenever it is and wherever I am.
I don't have to explain to anyone for any decision I have made. This is just like the poem we studied during high school, 'The Road Not Taken'. We always face this kind of choices throughout our lives. Every decision will affect our future. I'm glad that I have made decision. This won't be an easy road, but I will take responsible with what I have chosen and I will not feel regret. I'm not longer a small girl now, like what I used to do before. "=.=
So I'm leaving Taylor's College, after studying there for one year. I'm not going to continue study in degree with all of you already. "Goodbye all my friends, goodbye all my classmates! FICM JULY 2008, you guys ROCKS! ^@^" ~Gonna miss you all very much, muackkk!~
Also to all other friends, seniors or juniors from same or other courses in Taylor's College. "Goodbye my friends! All the best of luck! Keep in touch and take care. ^_^" *cheers*
And I will never forget these awesome people! >.<" There they are..

*special edited*
"My college life seemed to be so fantastic because I met you all, my girls! @_@ Thanks for being best collegemates and best friends of mine throughout this year! We studied together, worked on assignments together, hanged out together, played together, talked craps together, crazy together, discovered night life together and did many things together! You all are just like my sisters, always being with me whenever I need you all. You all always turn to be that great whenever I need you all! ~Just ignore those unhappy incidents, let bygones be bygones ok? Because we love each other, aren't we?~ *thinking*
However, we have our own choices. We are going on our road respectively, I'm glad to meet up with you all at this intersection point in life. Life still goes on, I might be the first one who leave, because we have our own dreams to achieve, and all of us are moving towards it! Dear my girls, thanks for ever becoming a memorable part of my life! I gonna miss you all very much, don't forget me ok? No one can represent you all in my heart. Pang Qer Xin is always the cute pancake, Yvonne Tay Wei Min is always the cold joker, Tai An Na is always the sexy and pretty one, Cheryl Charmain Bainon is always the 'big bxxxs and sexy bxxxxs', Joanne Choo Jun Qi is always the 'sui za bor'! ^_^
~Aiyo, why do I say like will separate until very far distance? Zzzzz.~
We are still very near to each other what. So, keep in touch la k! We must hang out often, alright? Once again, thank you very much for everything you all have given to me! And I'm SORRY if I have ever done anything bad or hurt you all. Please forgive me ok? I LOVE YOU MY GIRLS! Let our sweet memories always keep in heart. ^@^ *big hug to all of you*
Ehhh, when's the next round? Don't forget to ask me to come along ok? ~What is it mean? You know I know la, haha..~ *show tongue*"
**ChiNcHiN is going to take shower.**

Monday, July 20, 2009


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Mmmm, it is a new week again. It is the second week of my holidays. Nothing much I have done last week because I was spending my time in front of my laptop most of the time. ~.~ *shaking head* So how can I cure off my panda eyes? I'm totally addicted to Internet, I ADMIT THIS. I really wanna change this bad habit but it is too hard for me. I was reading my book, but after finished few pages I could still come to online. Arrrr! @_@ Beside than jogging in the morning, opening shop, eating.. I spend most of my time on INTERNET. What the.. Grrr! *speechless* Back to what had happened last weekend. As what we have planned, I went to KL by Ming's car on Friday afternoon after school as we were going to have our meal at Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant on that night during supper time which was on 9.40pm to 12am with other LLF members. ^@^ It was promotion period where 'buy 1 free 1', so each of us only needed to pay about RM50. And it has been a long time LLF didn't gather like this, almost all the LLF members were able to make it that day. ~I was so glad to see all of them that time. What a great opportunity, what a memorable time.~ I love to spend time together with LLF, they are just so awesome! We talk craps, we do crazy things and we always have fun together! *with love* Not going to write much but just let photos tell everything. ~As what I used to write, keke.. ^@^~

When the sky is bright

When the sky is dark. *in love with it*

Oh my god! There's SALE everywhere! Arhahaha! *laughing loudly* I WANT SHOPPING! I LOVE SHOPPING! But I need more money. T.T

Finally I knew where was Starhill Gallery on that day, it was just opposite Pavilion. "=.=

Woooo.. @o@
And here they are, the awesome group!

I love LLF! ^_^

So it is JOGOYA.

What a long queue.. ~.~

Ten of us spent RM507 only because of the promotion! Worth la! *wink* ^@^

Nice place

I love FOOD! I enjoy EATING! ^O^

*busy eating and craving for food*

*say cheese*

Yummy.. *thumbs up*

~He thought a lot of people wanna see his SMS, cheh cheh!~ *joking*

Photos as memory on that day. ^o^

LLF rocks! *singing and dancing*
After Jogoya, we supposed to go to Look Out Point at Ampang. ~I thought it was their plan at first.~ But at the end, we went to Coco Banana at Sunway. We were staying outside of the club for a beer session. ~Inside story, thanks for that day for accompanying me. T.T~
Back to hometown on Saturday. When we arrived, it was already evening. I was freaking tired so just staying at home to online. On Sunday, I headed to KL AGAIN with my family to do some important things. Then we went to take lunch at Subway and went for shopping at Mid Valley and The Gardens. ^_^ It was the first time I fetched my family from Subang Jaya to Petaling Jaya, or I should say, it was the first time they sat my car in KL area. Mum was totally shocked with my parking skills which were totally LOUSY and TERRIBLE! *shy*
And yeah, that day I bought my favourite dress which I have been looking for it for quite sometime. *happy*
Eng and I camwhored in the car
And of course, I won't miss out my self-taken photos in the fitting room. Wakakaka! ^@^ *giggling*
I like but I didn't buy. Hmmm. ~.~ ~I always like to do this, haiyo.. If all customers also like this, I think they no need to do business already.~
Last but not least, the favourite tube dress of mine that I bought.

Haha.. Can't see the dress clearly right. "=.= ~It is actually the favourite photo of mine on that day.~
Before I end my post, continue with these..
to my dearest sister KAI ENG and
to my dearest QER XIN on 17th July!
to DESMOND SIEW, JUSTIN KT on 19th July!
to KA WEE on 20th July (today)!
to my cousin WEI LOON on 22nd July!
to my brother KAI SENG on 29th July!
to my cousin SHAN YEE on 30th July!
~Still will be continued.. Wish you all first, or else I forget. Haha.. What a birthday month on July."=.=~
Brother's 21st birthday celebration party is coming up on this Saturday! Very soon! Looking forward it. ^_^ *excited*
**ChiNcHiN feels dissapointed with her 3rd semester's result.**

Monday, July 13, 2009


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15th of July and 17th of July are two of my college friends' birthday respectively. Kelly, one of my girls' housemate's birthday comes first, and following with my dearest QQ. ^_^ *grins* ~QQ's birthday is same with my youngest sister, keke..~ Since we are having holidays during the dates, we have planned to celebrate earlier. Glad that the plan has gone through successfully. ~Thanks for everyone who was involved in achieving this plan.~ *give me five* "QQ and Kelly, we really hope both of you will like this 'unexpected birthday celebrations' although it was just simple one. As it was our final exam period, but we really did put much effort onto it. And the gifts and birthday card full of wishes, hopefully you all will like it."
Few of us have started to plan about this a week ago. At first, we thought like wanted to go for steamboat at Restaurant Yuen which we never tried before, however at the end we couldn't make it as it was not suitable for this surprise celebration. So, we changed to Restaurant Italiannies. ^@^
I was in charge of certain important 'tasks' that was acting. *laughing* ~Round of applause to myself for my achievement because I didn't reveal anything at all, although I thought I did but in face I didn't!~ As we have planned, we were going to celebrate their birthdays on that Thursday night and we gonna wait for everyone to be ready on time. On the day before, I have invited QQ to go to Sunway Pyramid for a shopping spree on the next day after exam. ~I was so worried if she declined, luckily she didn't. ^_^~ The only last paper was just Moral Education so all of us didn't really take it as too difficult subject, we could spend time on other activities like this celebration. ~We wanted to make it after exam at first, but some of us would be going back directly after exam.~
After we have finished the papers on Thursday, we stayed at library to online. An Na and others left earlier because they were going to prepare for the celebration at night. QQ thought that they were going back home because all of us were lying at her. Many cheating scenes have appeared on that time. *evil giggling* ^o^ I chit chat with QQ and told her many stories, that was the truth. ~It was not acting ok, I was really in bad mood on that day.~ Then, we headed to Sunway Pyramid. Thanks for spending time with me to look for the stuffs I needed, I guess that time she was kinda mad with me and I even exchanged SIM card with her using mobile phones due to the stupid battery, as I was in urgent that time. ~That's our inside story, but she didn't know, wakakaka!~
I was busy with calls and SMS for the whole day, but she didn't even realize what I was actually doing. *wink* I tried to delay the time as much as I could, and tried to avoid meeting up with them in the shopping mall area. When others have informed me that everything was ready, we went to the restaurant and I acted very naturally. Thank you to all the waiters in that restaurant for helping us. ^@^ QQ was shocked when she saw everyone was sitting there. She said: "Ehh? Why all of you are here?" *wondering* ~On that time, we knew that our plan was successful! Huhu!~
On the other hand, throughout the whole planning, Kelly knew that we were going to celebrate QQ's birthday but she didn't know we were actually going to celebrate for her too. When the cake was carried out, she was stunned when she saw her name on the cake! ^_^ Another simple and shorter plan was successful as well. *grins*
Here's the two birthday girls on that day.
QQ and Kelly

Me and the birthday girls
And here comes the food they ordered while waiting for us. ~Sorry that I have forgotten to take the photos of the cake because I was busy recording. Aikss.. "=.=~

*love these*
My favourite shoots of the day

Actually there are still many more random photos but I don't post up here. @_@
Following with the photos of me and the girls on that day.






An Na




The girls of the day
When we were going to leave after the celebration, someone suggested to go for a 'walk' at Bar Celona. ~What a random and sudden decision. =.=~ It was kinda special because few of us were still in college look instead of clubbing attire. It would be very funny. So, ten of us headed to the club, but unfortunately that day was having an event. It would be opened to public on 10.30pm but when we looked at the clock, it was still 10.15pm. *dissapointed* Sighh, we couldn't do anything so we just left. Haha.. ^O^
We had fun after all. Then we continued with our studies for exam on the next day when back to home, but not for me. I didn't sleep for the whole night and I guess I just took an hour nap only. *silent* ~Inside story, shhh! @_@~
Alright, upcoming Eng's birthday, going to Restaurant Jogoya on this weekend and Seng's birthday party! ~Hope can make it! And I'm waiting for it, huhu..~
Last but not least,
WEN LI on 4th July,
dearest YUMIKO JIAT YEEN on 5th July!
dearest LEONG Q MAY on 5th July as well!
my cousin AH BOY on 11th July!
KHEE MIN on 14th July!
KELLY and SIM YEN on 15th July!
KEVIN on 16th July!
~Will be continued, haha.. ^o^~ *wink*
**ChiNcHiN has a pair of serious panda eyes now.**

Saturday, July 11, 2009


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Hello everybody, I'm back! *grins* I have been neglecting my blog for quite a short period. ~Well, it's just about a week. Hmmm.~ I was kinda busy recently, but anyway, everything was over now. ^_^ I came back to hometown yesterday after I've done with my last paper, Moral Education which meant that I've finished my FINAL EXAM! And also, I've finished my FOUNDATION IN COMMUNICATION since July 2008! Results will be released on 22nd of July and entering degree on the end of the month, if I'm continuing my degree at Taylor's College which is linked to UniSA. ~Well, everything is still under planning. I haven't decided. Haizz..~ *annoyed* Time flies. I need to make decision as soon as possible. Every decision I make will affect my future, so, I REALLY MUST CONSIDER PROPERLY! @_@
I have started my holidays. By the way, many things need to be done during this holidays. It will be spent at hometown. Gonna enjoy it soooo much! ^o^
Alright, let's talk about what had happened to me recently. I have been so frustrated last few days. Oh well, how could I describe this feeling, hmmm.. ~.~ I was struggling with my final exam, studying from the day to the night. I was nervous when I studied because I was afraid that I couldn't answer when doing the paper. ~Fortunately, I could make it.~ Every subject still alright, except for my English for College Studies 3 paper. Sighh.. When I was studying, I felt like I couldn't remember all the information, the feeling was so.. BAD! On that time, I kept thinking of something else. ~Yes, that's the one who has made my mood totally changed last few days. But it's ok, I have overcome it.~ It was hard to be described in words. =.= *speechless*
I was supposed to stay in my darling's house today, but couldn't make it due to some reasons. "It's ok la darling, take it easy alright? You busy with your things, we still can meet next time. ^_^" I was supposed to have a movie with Mr J after exam yesterday. "Very very sorry ok? I was in super down mood and I guess we gonna make it next time. ^o^"
Wanna talk about what had happened last Saturday. My family had a sudden plan to go to KL earlier, which meant that I couldn't stay at hometown for few more days. T.T ~It was fine anyway, then I had more time to do my revision.~ That night, we went to take dinner at Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid. What an AWESOME dinner we had! *thumbs up* ~Unfortunately we just spent an hour at there, too short time. If not, I could consume more food! Wakaka! ^@^~ Alright, nevermind. Next time I wanna go with my friends! Hoho!
I didn't take many photos on that day anyway. Hmmm. ~.~
Went for shopping at Ikea, The Curve and One Utama on the Sunday. Had fun after all. Then, I started my studies SERIOUSLY on Monday and Tuesday. *ashamed* However, the few days were the toughest moment I have spent. Still, I took a lot of photos using my laptop webcam! Hmmm. =.= ~Just a way to release my stress. Keke..~

Just so random emotions. *giggling*

Seriously, I HATE EXAMS! @o@
On Wednesday night until Friday were the toughest moment I have ever spent. Seriously, I never had such feeling before. I felt so bad. I didn't sleep for two days. Or I should say, I couldn't sleep well. ~Inside story, you know what had happened. That's SECRET. ^_^~
Anyway, everything was over now. Yes indeed, I'M FINE and DON'T WORRY, as I've promised. ^o^ You too? You must, and I think you do. Haha.. *hug for you*
And yeah, HE'S GONE. Tee Joo Liang, one of my sweetest friend, has gone to Perth, Australia for his further studies. Friday very early in the morning headed to KLIA, and gave a BIG SURPRISE to him successfully. *evil laughing* ~Thanks for everyone who helped me.~
"Joo Liang, sorry but thanks for everything! Good luck and all the best in your future. Must REMEMBER me ok? Because I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU.. Take care. Gonna miss you much." *make a wish*
What a happening week I had. And it is so called LIFE.
**ChiNcHiN feels really sorry to someone.**


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