Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Over

Posted by Cassey at 6:25 PM
I'M DONE! Yippieeeeeeee! ^O^ HAHAHA.. I'm so much relaxing now! This morning just submitted the LAST assignment for this semester and I was like: "Phewww.. Finally it's over.."

There were plenty of assignments in this semester really have driven me crazy. I was doing last minute work for most of them. So, I didn't really expect I would obtain very good marks. Anyway, I have tried my best and already submitted it so no point thinking about it anymore right now. Let the markers decide how is my grade going to be.. ^_^

It's almost to the end of the semester. All assignments, presentations and tests were completed. Coming up next will be the Final Exam in three weeks time. o_O

Then, that will be the end of this semester! And I can't wait for the time to come!

I have written down many plans in my semester-break-to-do-list. I want the coming one month holidays to be well-spent! LOL.. ^O^

My mind is blank. No idea on what to type anymore for this post. Maybe last few days I have squeezed too much of my brain juice to think about the assignment. LMAO!

Today I just want to take a break..

I enjoy doing nothing at the moment. ^@^

BTW, it's my dearest mummy's special big day today.


Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Need Chilling

Posted by Cassey at 1:48 AM
I clicked into my blog just now. My blog is dead. Since when my blog has so few photos, sometimes even not at all. =.=

Yea.. I used to post a lot of photos in my blog. I used to take many photos! That's long time ago.. My blog has become so picture-less and it seems like my life is so lifeless.

I don't know WTH everything is going on like this.. o_O

Talking about my life, I have no idea. The only thing on my mind is uni life is so hectic! So many assignments and a few tests before this and I didn't even really give myself a break! @_@ In the past few weeks, my life is all about going to college, back from college, traffic jam, eat, sleep, online, assignments and studies. Awww I have no idea and I'm totally adapted with this kind of lifestyle. ~.~

Give me a life, then I will fit myself into it. o.O

Another thing is even my uncle also said that I'm a homestaying girl. LMAO! ^O^ Some friends were curious about my life and asked me about it, they were so surprised with my reply answer. This is NOT ME? No, this is definitely ME. ^_^

And finally, there's still ONE more assignment and ONE more presentation to go, then coming up will be Final Exam, and I'm completing this semester if everything goes well. Time flies..

Seriously, I can't wait for the semester break to come. I can't wait to relax and enjoy my holidays, stay at hometown with my lovely family and of course gather with many old friends! ♥

Okay back to what I'm having currently, to be frank, I didn't really hang out that often anymore like what I was so desperate for it long time ago.

Anyway, when I went for a movie with my college mates yesterday, I was like.. "OMG, how long I'm not doing so.." =_= Thanks for the day to my babes in college!

And I still had an awesome day with my cutie pancake today. We spent great time chilling together, catched up a movie and spent so much on FOOD! Finally I got a chance to try out the western food at 'Chilis Bar & Restaurant'. Woooots! ^o^ Thanks for the day! I love youuu.. ♥

Let me end up with the random things I want to do so badly as below:
1.) I want to go to beach, and shout out loudly: "AHHHHHHHHHHH!"
2.) I want to go for vacation! I mean VACATION! VACATIONNN!
3.) I want to go for backpacker travelling!
4.) I want to go for photoshooting!

Give me more time please!

Can I just stop my brain from thinking those unnecessary things?! DAMN! Why life must be full of pressure? One day I'm going to be crazy due to over-depressed!

I deserve a break! I need chilling! ToT

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Friday, May 7, 2010

An Update Of Mine

Posted by Cassey at 10:33 PM
Hellooo, I'm so in the mood the blog right now. ^_^

Errr, it's already almost about one quarter of the fifth month for the year, next week will be the Week 11 for my uni life of this sem. TIME FLIES.

I feel like changing my blog layout but yea.. NOT NOW. Hahaha.. ^o^ I actually have found a blogskin that I'm satisfied with it but later on I realized that a friend of mine is using the same one coincidentally. LOL. @v@ Uhmm.. Let's see how is it first.

Reached hometown this evening and Mother's Day is just around the corner! How's your plan folks?! Don't forget to take this opportunity and gather with your family, take this chance to apologize to your mum for what you've done before, and last but not least tell her that how much do you love her! I want to say: "MUMMY, THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.." Wheee.. ♥

BTW, I have finished my all my tests for this sem today. Although it's just 2 tests for 1 subject, LOL. Let the markers decide how's my grade will be, and stop thinking about it anymore. ^_^ Ohh errr just now I mean coming up tests for this sem will be the Final Exam that falls on next month. I DON'T LIKE EXAM because I feel very torture when exam comes! Urghhh! o.O But can't escape from it, still have to face it tho.

As for the tasks, there's still 2 more assignments and 1 more presentation to go. I deserve a better marks if I manage to spend more time on it and do it well, but the biggest problem is.. I'M SO LAZY and somehow still love to procrastinate. ~_~

Hmmm, I'm actually rushing for my part of a group assignment which is due on next week. Let's ignore about that first, leave it aside at this moment. Hopefully my group mates will not see this. HAHAHA! ^@^

Spot the latest me. Still the same dumb dumb look but something different is.. My panda eyes are getting serious, as usual. "=.= LOL I really got no ideas on how to cure them.. I give up already.

Long time didn't blog for such a long post. I'm so random one. @_@

I have a don't-know-how-to-describe feeling at the moment. Haizzz..

Ohh recently so in love with the song 'Solo' by Iyaz. It is so nice. I love the rhythm. ♥

Emm, I think that's all for now. Enjoy your weekend folks!

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

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