Tuesday, June 30, 2009


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Umm, it's my study break now. FINAL EXAM on next WEDNESDAY. @_@ All the best to my dear classmates! It's our real FINAL EXAM because after entering UniSA degree, we won't have any exams anymore. It means, it might be the last exam for me throughout my study life since primary school. So unbelievable! *wondering* ~.~ That day Mr Philip asked us to remember this historical moment in our life. I was like.. Awww, those type of feeling hard to be described. ~Hmm, maybe gonna say goodbye to the word 'exam' in my life already!~ Anyway, good luck FICM July 2008 buddies!
And I'm back to hometown, will spend this study week at here. Study.. Study.. Study.. Zzzzz.. =.= ~Oh well, of course I won't ignore drink tea session with friends. Hoho!~
Yesterday was the last day of our class. Well, it was well-spent anyway. Thanks to QQ for spending the whole day together with me. We had fun after all. I will blog about it, but not now. ^_^ *grins*
I think I have answered this tagging questions before in facebook, right? Hmmm. Anyway, since i got the mood now, so do it! ^O^ Thanks my dear Jacqueline Bibi for tagging me. ~Sorry for so late only replying. Was busy before this.~
Alright, let's start.
1. Kai Chin
2. Chin Chin
3. Chin
4. KC
1. 26th September
2. 29th February
3. 31st December
4. 1st January
1. Had durian with my family
2. SMS with friends
3. MSN, facebook, twitter, hotmail
4. Listening my favourite songs
1. Hang out with dearest friends
2. Chat with him and listen his voice
3. Stay with my family
4. Listen and sing my favourite songs
1. My grandma
2. "Him"
3. Someone
4. Secret
1. A bouquet of roses
2. A huge teddy bear
3. A DSLR camera
4. Anything as long as it is what the person like the most
1. Online
2. Eating
3. Blogging
4. Hanging out
1. Japan
2. Canada
3. New Zealand
4. United States of America
1. Iced milo
2. Chocolate milk
3. Low fat milk
4. Ice lemon tea
1. Mobile phone
2. Wallet
3. Tissue packets
4. House keys
1. Pink
2. Purple
3. Blue
4. White
1. My college at Leisure Commerce Square
2. Sunway Pyramid
3. Middle store at hometown
4. Old Town White Coffee at hometown
1. My dearest family members
2. My darling Chai Yi
3. My beloved friends
4. My girls
1. Unforgettable memories they left to me
2. What he has said to me
3. Handmade stuffs which are true from heart
4. Anything belongs to me
1. Those who are tagged
2. When the person is bored or free
3. Who feels like wants to answer
4. Someone who is willing to answer
1. I got the mood to answer now
2. It is tagged by Bibi
3. I love to answer tagging questions
4. I feel bored at the moment
Umm, ok.. Time for me to study now. Stop wasting time here! "=.= Maid at home has gone back to her home country today. So, all houseworks need to be done by ourselves now. I'm happy because no one will mess up my stuffs already but sad as I can't be lazy already. Aiyo.. @_@ ~Emm, lame excuses. Keke..~
Today is the last day of June. Time flies.. Half of the year 2009 was over, tomorrow will be a new day, a new month. ^o^
Have a great day! Toodles! *peace*
**ChiNcHiN's hand is full of durian's smell. Yuckss!**

Sunday, June 28, 2009


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Yesterday was a tired yet a fun day for me. ^_^ I joined my ex-TARCians for a food trip around KL and Selangor area in the daytime. First all of us met up at Wangsa Maju LRT station on 10am. Then we headed to several places in Sungai Buloh, Selayang and Kepong to 'explore' the food. Desmond, who was the trip organizer, brought us to these places in two cars. ~I have given my feedback to you, you know it right? Haha.. ^o^~ By the way, thanks to the two friends driving their cars, Shu Wen and Ka Wee. Let's talk about the food on yesterday. Actually for me, I think the best was the 'O Jian' at Selayang market. ~Although for you all might be not that special, but for me is good because i never took such a delicious 'O Jian' before. I have phobia on it before this.~ Others just still ok only. For Bak Kut Teh, so far I really think that Klang is still the best! *thumbs up* ^@^
First of all, thanks a lot of Desmond for inviting me to join this food trip. ^_^ *grins* I really had fun with you all. It has been a long time we didn't meet up with each other. It was an opportunity for me to refresh the friendship between us. Hope to see you all again next time. I remember the last time we met each other was half a year ago before yesterday. ~Wow, time really passed very fast. Hmmm.~ Fortunately, yesterday was much better than what I have expected. Huhu! ~I guess some of you know why I'm saying this. I told you all. Keke..~ ^O^
And guess what, I realized that you all are such a cool group. I knew it before this, especially during the Bukit Tinggi trip but I never mention at here before. Haha.. Almost everyone owns a camera. And when the food is here, everyone will take out the camera and capture the photos. This is already become a habit I think. ~Glad that we have the common interest! Yeah!~ No wonder we all are Advertising students. Ngek ngek! ~I mean, I was before this. Now is mass comm but not specify on that field, still consider part of it. ^@^~
Of course, I took photos yesterday and gonna share it here. First, this is a photo from Desmond's camera. "Thanks for sending me the photos in e-mail. I will send to you after I'm done with this post." *wink*

~Ok, I'll just post one photo of mine from his camera, haha..~
A journey of food began with the first stop at Sungai Buloh. It was the 'Bak Kut Teh'. ~Actually I was quite curious to know whether what are the special food in Sungai Buloh because I never heard before. Hmmm, and Bak Kut Teh? Not Klang? Keke..~
~Emmm, I was so full after that meal. But I still can eat la.~

Wow, pro la ok. Hehe.. ^o^


Haha.. ^O^ Focus on the one pouring the tea. ~See, what a nice pose. Keke.. ^@^~

Shu Wen and June ~I have chosen the best one among all ok? Hehe..~

Me and Shu Wen

See their emotions. ~I like this one. Ahemm.~

So this is the place. With the group of people. Emmm. ~.~

Can't run away from camera in the car. *evil laughing*

Uhh? What is she trying to hit at. Haha.. =.=
The next destination was the Selayang market. We had fried rice and 'O Jian' at here. Seriously, I like the taste. The 'O Jian' has no fishy smell. Not disgusting at all. ~I mean no 'xing wei', because before this all I took, I would feel like wanted to vomit. Aiyo, feel hungry now. Hmmm.~

He wanted to buy that one. Haha.. @_@
And recently, they are so keen with these, 'cho tai dee' and mahjung cards. Haha.. They played wherever they were. *laughing* What a playing cards spree.
And even..

Inside the bowl. Haha.. "=.=
So here they are:

'O Jian' *saliva flowing*

Fried rice ~We were so full that time and eleven of us only ordered one plate for each. Zzzzz.~

~Sorry Kar Chun is left out in this photo. Hmmm.~ *apologize*
In the car
After that, we went to take shark porridge at Kepong? ~Am I right? I'm confused.~ Some of us ordered 'ice kacang' as well, because the weather was freaking hot! ~I felt like eating but unfortunately, I was having flu. Aikss.. No choice la. T.T~

~I think of the cendol in Malacca! Oh my god!~

The shark porridge

The group of TARCians from Diploma in Mass Communication (Advertising) Year 2 on 2009
Before the journey ended, we went to the last place, it was the 'Pao Bing' at Kepong. ~Aww, I just knew there was a shop in Sunway Pyramid too. Zzzzz.~

We ordered and shared this. Mmmm. ^_^

Before we left, we had a photo session.
Group photo of the day
Back - Kar Chun, Ka Wee, Voon Long (black shirt), Chee Lek, Sheau Pey, Kim Jong, June (black shirt), Yip Hon
Front - Me, Shu Wen, Desmond
Pretty June and I

Me and cute Shu Wen

And Pey with her new hairstyle

Desmond and I

Me and Kar Chun who is still the "lame joke King", haha.. ^o^
Thanks again to Shu Wen for sending us back to the Wangsa Maju LRT station. On that time, I just knew that Voon Long was staying somewhere nearby Sunway, zzzzz. I never knew before this. Hmmm. ~.~ So, both of us had a great chat on the way back. And we camwhored. *smile*

Huhuhu.. That was the end of the trip. Really looking forward to see you all again next time! ^@^
The world is changing, everyone is changing, and we are changing. Don't ever regret with what you have done, because we must take responsible with what we have chosen to be. I'm ready for it, from that moment I've made my decision. *thinking*
At night, headed to AEON Bukit Tinggi with uncle's family. Sakae Sushi for dinner AGAIN. Haha.. "=.= ~They just love it too much, hmmm. Still stick to it after long discussion.~ Then, movie at the night. Yes, it was the hottest movie in the cinema recently, 'Transformer 2 - Revenge Of The Fallen' which I've been looking forward to.

I was wondering what was the actual poster for this movie? Hmmm. Oh well, whatever la! @_@ Emm, my comment on this movie was.. AWESOME! Haha.. I love it! ~But I never feel like watching it again, why? Keke..~ I like Optimus Prime, I like Bumper Bee.. And I found that, those transformers were soooo cool! WOW! ^O^ ~I wish I own a Bumper Bee too. Woooots!~
But it was really exaggerating la. Almost every cinema got a special counter that just to buy movie tickets of 'Transformer 2'. Then, even the popcorn box, soft drinks container also got the pictures of transformers. Zzzzz. ~.~ My little cousin brother was one of the transformers super fans too. After that movie, he kept mentioning about it. Acted and behaved like those transformers in the movie! Haha! *laughing*
Emm, I'm having speaking test on tomorrow. Last class for Social Psychology. And also, last class for Foundation in Communication July 2008.. T.T ~Hmmm, time really passed so fast.~
Alright, stay tuned for my next post! Toodles!
**ChiNcHiN just taken dinner and unable to sit now.**

Friday, June 26, 2009


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Finally! I have completed my movie review! ^O^ It means that, all individual assignments for this semester were over! Yuhuuu! *shouting and jumping* Well, there's still one more to go, that's our food documentary. Hmmm. After that, FINAL EXAM IS COMING! I haven't start to prepare yet. No books, no notes but just games and blog with me at the moment! Haha.. ^o^ ~I'm so lazy, hohoho!~ Guess what? Recently I have addicted to facebook games. Keke.. And I just realized there are soooo many interesting games in facebook. 'Typing Maniac', 'Sushi No Suki', 'Waka-Waka'.. I played until get crazy. Come on, try it! Huhu! *wink*
And got a bad news this morning, the famous King of Pop, MICHAEL JACKSON has passed away. It was a shocking news for me. By the way, let all of us wish him rest in peace.. God bless him. *silent* ~.~
I supposed to go to AEON Bukit Tinggi to buy movie tickets on tomorrow night as requested by my aunty. Sighh, I'm lazy you know. Need to drive to Klang then find parking and queue up to buy. We wanna watch 'Transformer 2' which is the hottest movie in cinema now on tomorrow night. @_@ ~Alright, I should go out after finishing this post. It's late.~ At the same time, I will go for a short shopping spree alone. Haaa..
Oh well, here I got some photos to share which were taken on Wednesday and Thursday. There was no class in the morning that day as 16 students were having speaking test. ~Something funny happened on that morning, inside story.~ *giggling* So, I went to college around 12.30pm and met up with QQ to accompany her for lunch. ^_^ Something out of expection has happened during that lunch time. Both of us met several new Korean friends and they gave us their traditional fans as souvenirs. It was a long story but I'm lazy to type out. Keke.. ^@^
If was fun getting to know new friends from different countries. ^o^
On that day, there were two person wearing the same shirts. ~Actually they bought together but they not used to wear together. Haha..~ Guess who are they?
There they are, Yvonne and Qer Xin. Haha.. "=.= *laughing*

See, so nice. Next time all of us buy the same shirts to wear ok? Haha! ^O^
On Thursday, headed to Sunway Pyramid and met up with Joo Liang to 'pay off my debts' before he leaves. ~Hmmm, why I say like very bad huh?~ So he said wanted to challenge me on horror movies long time ago, finally we could make it. *laughing* ~Oh well, I got another things to laugh after this. Inside story, shhh!~ And yeah, we watched this.

'Drag Me To Hell', overall this movie was still ok for me, but not scary enough la. "=.= There were some scenes in the movie were so funny that have made me laughed. However, I was also frightened by the 'old lady' who kept appearing in the movie. I was quite dissapointed with the ending because I thought the main character didn't die. T.T *sad*
Before movie, I accompanied him to take lunch at Sakae Sushi.
~Umm, my favourite again! I took this!~ *thumbs up*
So this action is called "wink". *wink*

It's the reflection. @_@
After movie, he accompanied me to take dinner at Subway. Wuhuuu! I just love it! *grins*

Mmmm.. I really love eating! Ngek ngek! *giggling* I really a big eater, food lover! And even, a FOOD BLOGGER. Oh wow! ~Hmmm, feel hungry now. Aiyo! Someone please stop me from eating. If not, I will turn to become a fat girl soon. T.T~
Let my post end up with this photo, when I was driving back home yesterday night.

Toodles! ^@^

HAPPY BELATED 19TH BIRTHDAY to dearest WAN CHENG on 23rd June! *hug and kiss*

"I miss you. Looking forward to meet up with you one day. Take care and keep in touch."

**ChiNcHiN is playing 'Sushi No Suki' in facebook.**


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