Friday, October 31, 2008


Posted by Cassey at 8:06 PM
this morning come to college..>o<
i see my some of my classmates wearing cute and funny stuffs on their head and face to the class..
arhhhhh.. is HALLOWEEN..^_^
then i have this photo with michelle..
is hers i think..

ngek ngek..>@<

ok, people..

thanks CLEMENT..
finally i know what is "trick and treat"..
arrrrrr.. next time i want to celebrate this special festival..
i want to act as "GHOST"!!!^@^







Posted by Cassey at 2:10 PM
okok.. is tagged by RHEA again..^_^
rhea and foong yee is the same person..


well.. now it startsssssss..>o<

When's the last time you did something you knew was wrong ?
ummm.. i have forgotten.."=.= but i knew i did many wrong things before.. i'm SORRY..@_@

Did you date anyone last summer ?
last summer? is there any summer in malaysia? *funny-ing*

Do you hate being alone ?
YES, I HATE!T.T but depends larr.. also not all the time..~.~

Does a guy knows everything/mostly about you ?
emmm.. i think someone does..^_^ but not everything he knows.. thanks for concerning! i really appreciate..^o^

Who was the last person you cried in front of ?
i guess was my aunt and cousin? that night i was drunk..T.T

When was the last time you cried ?
if it does, was on the day before i met up with my ex-tarcians.. keke..^@^

Do you drink tea ?
harrrr? oh my godddd.. what a funny question.. of course lahh!!! *scratching head*

Do you find the opposite sex confusing ?
errrrr.. not really.. i think so.. don't know.. haha.. i'm confused.."=.=

Do you have trouble deleting your text messages ?
yes.. hehehehehehe..^o^

What hurts more ? To forgive someone's wrong doing or forget?
both.. FORGIVE.. sometimes when hurt, too hard to forgive..>o< FORGET.. if there is something already in your heart, hard to forget..@_@

Is there something that reminds you of someone everytime you see/hear it ?
sure.. when i see something, i will think of the person.. seriously..T.T *i miss him*

Do you trust all of your friends?
i trust..^_^ unless the person betrays me.. I LOVE MY FRIENDSSSS..^o^

Do you think you can last in a relationship for three months ?
maybe.. more than? less than?"=.= i never started any before.. haha..^@^

Are you afraid of falling in love ?
afraid because too love him.. afraid because too mind about him.. afraid because put too much effort on him.. perhaps one day, afraid to hurt by him.."=.=

Have you ever been nice to someone who treated you like crap ?
yup, i was too stupid that time.. but now i won't..>o<>*lovessssss*

Would your parents be mad if you were in a relationship ?
i think they won't.. but they will surprise horr..@_@ and of course depends on what type of relationship with the person..

If you could cuddle with anyone right now, who will you pick ?
my mum? family? vik kee? hehe.."=.= ummm.. is "him".. i know..~.~

Person you last sent text to ?
KJ.. probably..^_^ forgotten wehhh.. *LOL-ing*

What were you up to at 11 pm last night ?
arggghhhhh.. was with cheryl them busy with the power point of human comm presentation at anna's place..^o^

Plans for tomorrow ?
umm.. nothing..@_@ stuck at home AGAIN.. night going to kl i guess..

What happened at 10 am today ?
in college.. human comm class breaktime.. practising for the presentation..^@^

How many hours did you sleep last night ?
more than 4 hours.. less than 5 hours.. keke..^_^

Who you kissed today ?
my dearest little cousin, lim vik kee.. *kiss*

Are you in a good mood ?
seriously.. I'M NOT!!! i'm always not..>o<>*thumbs up*

Do you love someone right now ?
LOVE? is not that yet..@_@ i guess if LIKE, I DO..

Do you use smiley faces on the computer a lot ?
really a lot.. especially in msn.. you also see, in this tagged..^o^

Do you wear glasses ?
haha.. i do..^_^ my short-sightedness is increasing now.. sob sob..T.T

Whose the cutest person you know ?
a lot lehhhh.. how to say.. all of them are cute in different way..^@^

Are you there for your friends ?
not all.."=.= but i will be there if you need me, I KNOW I CAN..>o<>*emotionless*

(haiz.. to this part again.. hmmmm.."=.=)
5 friends to tag:
qer xin
hui fen


sometimes when bored..
answering these kind of "TAGGED" is quite fun.. keke..^o^
for me larrr.. others i'm not sure..

alright.. HAPPY TAGGING!!!


Thursday, October 30, 2008


Posted by Cassey at 11:23 PM
arghhhhhh.. i'm SORRY.."=.=
it has been a long time don't update my blog..
keke.. i got several assignments to do recently..
is quite busy..~.~

ummm.. today we are going to qq, anna, vonn and ruth's place to stay..
this is the day they are shifting to new house..
for leaving the dangerous area..
this new building is not bad,
the apartments also ok.. hehe..^@^
is it because still new?
less people staying here..

so this is the SURIAMAS.. at sunway area..
near my college..
today will be staying here..^_^

well, at the morning we submit our assignment..
then we take our breakfast and leave to their house..
actually, our main purpose is to go for discussion..
there will be presentation tomorrow..@_@
that's why we plan to stay there..


we are on the way to get taxi..
going to sunway pyramid..^o^
i'm still busy taking their photos..
in the afternoon, we go to gasoline to take our lunch..
it always like a mysterious place..>o<

gasoline cafe..

i like this photo..


is dark.. i like the light behind..^_^
hmmmm.. is ME!!! haha..^o^


the menu..
there are varieties of food.. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee..^@^

see their emotions.. haha.."=.=
like ruth giving out power somehow..



of the table..

the LOGO..
friends forever..
ummm.. test my skills again.."=.=

i order fried rice as the lunch..
and is nice because in LOVE shape..
my friend says normally not in the shape..
then because of me what.. blah blah blahhhhh.."=.=
with lots of funny nonsense..

ok, then i take the photo of love shape fried rice..

there.. today's lunch with TOM YAM FRIED RICE and MANGO SHAKE..^_^

love this much..


after lunch, we are just hanging around from shop to shop..
ishhhhhh.. always to sunway..>o<
is quite bored but familiar to this place already..
think like want to watch movie..
but others don't want.. then nevermind..^_^
can save money somemore..

i see myself in the tv.. hahahahaha..

*so lame*

ummmm.. actually i'm saving money recently..
can't simply use.. need it!!!
really important to me harrrr..~.~
i must, must and must lehhhh!!!
but, just today then spend more than i expected..@_@


then we go to JAYA JUSCO..
they need to buy their needs..^_^
i'm getting a bottle of mineral water and the korean instant noodle..
for tonight's dinner + supper..



there is WITHOUT HUMAN here..
quite weird.. keke..^o^
is actually i wait until there is no people only i capture..
well, these are the stuffs to buy..
hmmmmm.. a lot.."=.=
is like that if staying outside..
how i wish if i'm the same too..
but horrr.. got their pros and cons lahhhh..
after think and think, just staying at cousin's house first..@_@

our photos again..
*say cheeseeeeeee*

after spending the half day at sunway pyramid,
there is the time to leave..~.~
ohh yahhhh!!! before that..
i don't forget to buy my favourite to eat..
anyway, all of us share lahhh..
each person getting one.. rm2.10 per piece..@_@
so the chef is busy doing what there???
yeahhhh.. mine is the oreo flavour..@_@
right side the first one..
errrrrrrr.. how much i love doughnuts..
when you are biting it..
how great is the feeling!!!

alright, here comes to the most important part..
i have changed my hairstyle..
i have straighten my hair..
emmmm.. not longer curly..^_^
return to my old hairstyle..
how is it?

me and vonn vonn..^_^
she seems tired lehhhh..
look her face soooo red.. haha..^o^
ummm.. both of us have the same straight long hair now..
actually not lahhhh!!!
we are just playing around..
using the fake hair..
i'm going to be crazy..
especially when wearing it to take photos.. arghhhh.."=.=
joanne with me..
after playing, is already quite late..
oh no.. our purpose is to do the presentation tomorrow larrr.."=.=
but now.. OH MY GODDDDD!!!
after taking shower, eating..
then we work, work, work..
everyone is very tired lahhhh..
but can't do anything..
because we use to do at the last moment..~.~
by the way, we still want to order mcdonald when 11pm something..
how crazy larrrr..@_@
finally can't make it because order too few..
they don't want to deliver..
nevermind.. next time we all go to eat together..^_^
yummy.. my favourite MCDONALD!!!

i'm playing games before going to sleep..

it's my outstaying day..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Posted by Cassey at 5:01 PM
alright, it is coming to the end of the month..
awwwww.. i'm going to finish my first semester in this college..

however, recently i'm still stuck in my assignments.. presentations.."=.=
after this week, then going to revise lorrrr..
exam, exam, exam!!!!!!!!

life just as usual recently..
not many photos i have taken..
nothing too special..>o<

i'm going to tidy up MY BLOGGGGGGGSSSSSSS..
there is some people asking me:" waaaaa.. you have so many blogs?"
it has become a part of my life..


Friday, October 24, 2008


Posted by Cassey at 10:17 PM
hehe.. it is my day with my family..^o^
because pahang sultan's birthday..
then there was public holiday in my hometown..
and my family came to meet me in my cousin's house yesterday..
after breakfast today, we go for shopping!!!

our destination..

there is no mega sales..
therefore, we are just window shopping around..


however, my sister and me go to the padini concept store..
and take some clothes to the fitting room..
just for our camwhore session..

many poses..
many photos we take..@_@
these are just a few..


is ME..
i find that my hair in front is long already right?
blocking my view.."=.=
ok, it's time for a haircut again!!!
hmmmm.. if not mistaken..
last time i cut was one month ago..
time really passes soooooo fast..>o<


i like these photos..
but i'm not using my own mobile phone to capture..
is my sister's sony ericsson k850i i think..
aiyo.. i have forgotten what is the model.."=.=
but do this exist? i think so..

*blur blur*

next, we go to take photo stickers together..
is the first time our sisters take this..
actually we are planning to take four of our siblings..
but already times.. my brother can't make it with us..
so, we take first luhhhh.."=.=


i'm just playing around..
if you notice this, can you see two of me inside?
the reflection of my face and pink handphone..^_^

alright, so there is our products of the day..

in the process of editing..^_^
well, this is the fifthteenth time i play with photo sticker machine in this year..
awwwww.. how much i have spent?@_@
but i still love..


after that, we go for our lunch at WONG KOK..
ummm.. varieties of food right there!!!
that time jiat yeen brought me..
then i remember until now..

this is for sharing.. keke..^o^

but it seems like not that interesting.."=.=

ummmm.. quite big big bowl..@_@

ENG's dessert..



arrrrr.. when think about eat, i will be..
i'm crazy of eating!!!
i want to eat the food all around the world!!!^o^
but.. i'm worrying is..
will become FATTTTTTTTTT..T.T
recently increased 3kg.. OH MY GODDDDDDDDD!!!

i'm enjoying the noodle..
big big big bowl..~.~
i have forgotten what is the name larrr..

she is trying mine..
alright, that's our culture..^_^


after lunch, we just walk around..
ahemmmm.. nothing to buy..
haiz.. now i'm waiting for chinese new year to come..
year end sales to come..>o<


we buy sushi back home.. wheeeeeee..@_@


lastly, before we leave..
we take "guai ling gou"..


camwhore while eating..
we love to do that..
actually, dad and mum are together throughout the day..
but they are not in photos.. keke..>o<

back to hometown for a short break until tuesday..
is deepavali holiday..
i can stay at home.. eat my mum's cooking..
enjoy my bed.. my sleep.. everything!!!^_^
home sweet home..

for the indians..

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