Monday, August 31, 2009


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Time flies. Today is already the last day of August. @o@ Happy National Day to all the Malaysian! Happy 52nd Birthday Malaysia! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! ^o^ *cheers*

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Compare to previous years, this year don't really have many celebrations and even the national day's atmosphere, due to the seriousness of H1N1 swine flu, and respect to the fasting month for Muslims. "=.= Same goes to me, because I don't really look forward or care about any activities on this day. LOL. ~Hmm, what a 'Malaysian'..~ *wondering*

I'm in the exam mood. *feeling stress* Business Law test is coming in 2 days, Accounting mid-term in three days and Economics mid-term in 4 days (include today). >.<"

September is just around the corner. This might be a hectic and happening month for me. Going to sit for four exams and submit three assignments. A bestie in hometown leaving to Moscow, Russia soon. T.T And the last month of being 18 years old. ~26 days to go from today.~

New month, new hope. Another new begin? ^_^ *grins*

Shall continue with the case studies now. Stay tuned for my coming up post! Toodles! ~I want to change my blogging style again.. Awww, I'm so random. "=.=~

Saturday, August 29, 2009


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Hmmm, I'm supposed to study now, but I'm not! ~See, still remain the same bad habit. My laziness really my big weakness!~ @_@ I feel much better now, after releasing my anger by typing the post just now. Alright, I wanted to blog about this since last few days, but now only able to post it. Since I'm so 'free'. "=.= *yawning*

I said I didn't go for movies for quite sometime. But after I went once, then watched again and again. I went to cinema twice in this week. LOL. ^O^ ~Thanks to the friends who have accompanied me, and accompanied you as well.~ On Wednesday after classes, I went to Sunway Pyramid with my coursemates for the movie 'Turning Point - Laughing Gor 2'.

Well, this movie is quite confusing me. "=.= I watched the drama before, but I have forgotten the story. They said it can be said as the front story of the drama. I was quite surprised when there are actually many of the people in the organization are the undercover of another group, and even the police. Then, I was wondering whether Laughing Gor is actually the police? Or the gangster? Until my friend told and explained to me, I just understand. What a dumb person.. LMAO. ~.~

From my view, this movie is still ok la. My friend loves the movie very much, because she says they are really 'yeng'. For me, I personally feel that actually Anthony Wong who is the big boss man number 1 in the organization is quite 'yeng' lo. Haha.. ^o^

Finally, I went to watch 'Orphan' on yesterday, a movie which I have been waiting for a long time. *excited*

Credits to this movie! I like it. It is not a horror movie actually, but should be a violent and brutal movie! Wakakaka! ^o^ *giggling* ~Although throughout the movie, I was quite afraid with their sound effects and some scenes.~ While watching this movie, I was like wanted to whack the Esther. How could a small girl willing to do such crazy things?! OMG! And she was actually not a small girl..

You are strongly recommended to watch this. It is nice. ^_^

Here with the purplish photos of my collegemates and I. We camwhored like nobody's business after finished our classes on Friday. LOL. ^o^

Last but not least, thanks to the companion on Friday for KimGary, movie and steamboat. Had a great and 'zheng' day after all. LMAO. *grins* ^_^ By the way, I'm still much comfortable with my previous blogging style, I need is just WORDS and PHOTOS. ~I don't care whether is there anyone reading this, but I really enjoy typing.~ Coming up next week of Business Law test, Accounting mid-term and Economics mid-term. OMG! OMG! OMG! Aza aza fighting! @o@


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Shit! Shit! Shit! So unlucky! WTH! Arrrr! @o@ *releasing madness* I'm so so so so so angry now! Totally pissed off with my this little pinky 'creature', Sony Ericsson Z610i which is 3 years old now! "=.= *throw it away*

Alright, guess what had happened? Well, I'm now still at my aunty's home. Aunty's family has gone out today for a vacation, so I'm home alone today. ~.~ My collegemate might be coming over to my place to stay tonight. ~We haven't contact up, time and place to meet.~ Not going back hometown this weekend as I'm having several mid-terms and test on next week. So basically, this is a study weekend. ~I know if I go back, I sure won't study.~ In addition, I want to go to the Book Festival in KLCC which I have been waiting for so long. @_@ And I actually have planned to go just now. Why I'm still at home to online? Well, here's what had happened.. *sighing*

When I have prepared everything and wanted to go out, I removed my phone from the plug which was charging battery. ~Same problem has occurred because when I saw the battery status appeared with 0% but still able to use?~ Then, I tried to switch off the phone and switch on again. OMG! I couldn't switch on it. I tried and tried again! Still failed! I removed the battery and put into in, tried many different ways repeatingly, still couldn't switch on the phone! I was like.. SHIT! I couldn't use it already! I was totally mad on that time! =.= *angry*

I was MAD because..
First, I'm staying alone at home. How if when I drive out the car, and either my family or aunty's family want to contact me but can't, and make them worry with what is going on to me? And the house? Let's say how IF in case any emergency when I'm driving the car and need to contact people? ~With my not-so-stable driving skills, people around always worry about me. @_@~ *touch wood*

Second, I have appointed with friend who might be staying over tonight. However, we haven't contacted with each other about when and where to meet. According to the plan, we are going to meet after I come back from KLCC. As you know, Kota Kemuning is so far away from the busy area, and the roads here are complicated! ~It's all about ROUNDABOUTS!~ Somemore her parents kinda worried about her, so they are going to fetch her here. I need to meet up with them, so how can I do all these without a phone with me? How can we contact? "=.=

Third, I'm supposed to go to KLCC alone today. But during the last moment, a friend also wants to go to KLCC too. ^_^ Thus, I have appointed with him to meet in KLCC. ~And he is already on the way now, I'm so sorry.~ *apologize* So, where can we meet there? We haven't mentioned where to meet and what time to meet, I just said that I might be arriving at 2pm. But how? ~Tell me, how can I do this without a phone?~

Fourth, a friend working in the Book Festival has helped me to pick the several books that I have 'reserved' for my friend yesterday. As what has happened, I'm going to collect from him and meet up with him today. @_@ ~Actually I have delayed the time to the Book Festival for many days. Sorry too.~ I need to contact up with him, where to meet and so on. ~Do I need to expect the Book Festival will not be 'crowded' and 'big'?~ *totally speechless*

Fifth, the most important is, my contacts numbers ALL in the stupid phone. OMG! How can I remember all the friends contact numbers? How can I contact with them? Even I have phone at home, but how am I able to call them? I don't have their numbers! ~.~ At the end, I have called several friends to get those people I need to contact urgently. Thanks a lot for helping. ~Luckily still have phone at home, and Internet.~ I managed to call and complained to my mum just now, LOL. ^O^

Sixth, I'm thinking that I can borrow phone from nearest friends. 'Nearest'? LMAO. "=.= Seriously, I don't know many people staying in Kota Kemuning, even neighbours. Impossible suddenly I go to ask them to borrow me a mobile phone? *laughing* Well, the nearest to me, is already just Subang or PJ area. Those friends name first appeared on my mind, all have gone back to hometown. Inti friends, Taylor's friends and even Metro's friends, but those I know are staying far away. >.<"

Seventh, then, I think like I might can get any mobile phone from the house?! ~Means, borrow from my aunty them. They may have extra phone? It might be the best solution. ^_^~ But when I called my aunty just now, she didn't pick up my phone. Oh well, what should I do.. *wondering*

Eighth, bringing the phone to mobile phone shop to fix? I don't think I will do so. my phone is 'well-guaranteed' from the seller. ~Hmmm, even though not really at all but I used to for his help who is in hometown with cheaper price.~ I don't know many people at this not-so-familiar place, how if they cheat me with the high price? And waste my time somemore? @o@ *feeling bad* Wait until the phone is fixed, it's already late?! ~Mmm, by the way, I don't think I need to bring it to the shop to fix, because my phone is 'crazy' one! Maybe later then recovered?~

Ninth, it is not functioning at the incorrect time, and makes me feel sooooo BAD! ANGRY! WORRIED! Grrrr! >o<

Tenth, since morning until now, I haven't consumed any food. I'm HUNGRY! I have planned to have breakfast + lunch with my friend but now failed! Arghhh! I need to eat alone at home already now. *shouting*

Sighh, you know how bad is the feeling when you are ready for everything just because of this small incident that has made a big changes, and need to rearrange everything? =.= Alright, it's time for me to get a new phone. I don't want to face such thing again. ~Errr, I need to spend my money on my phone instead of DSLR camera already, arrrr! Might delay it again! T.T~ *dissapointed* At the end, I'm going to KLCC only on tomorrow with my family.

And NOW.. Guess what again?! I went to try on my handphone again, and IT IS WORKING NOW! Arghhhhh! Walao wehhhh! @o@ You this stupid little 'creature', are you KIDDING with me? *screaming*

In conclusion, I really can't survive without a phone. "=.=

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DAY 250809

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I feel like want to blog, but I have no ideas on what to blog about.
Hmmm. Life is just as usual, nothing special had happened.
Every week's schedule is repeating.
~Sighh, life is just pretty bored. When it is lack of entertainment, haha..~
And it's already week 5 now. @o@
I can't believe that I'm already in this college for more than one month.
Homeworks, tests, assignments and everything is coming to me one by one. *stressful*
I'm supposed to work on my Accounting homework.
According to my personal schedule, I have lots of works and revisions need to be done by this week.
~I hope it really works.~ =.=

This morning after finished Business Info System lecture, Christine and I went to Starbucks SS15 to spend our break time of two hours.
Just because I brought my laptop to college today.
At the end, we have decided to bring our laptops to college every Tuesday. LOL. ^O^
~Actually I bring my laptop today with another purpose.~
By the way, thanks a lot to Jaysea and Calvin in helping me to install the Business Law tutorial.

Great time accompanied with the cute, funny friend and favourite Frappuccino chocolate cream chip. ^@^ *thumbs up*
And yeah, not forget to post the photo of my another dear friend and I in college. Her name is Maxim, nice to meet her.

Awww, it's already almost to the end of August.
September is coming soon. *wink* ^_<

I miss Kitschen, I miss Forever 21, I miss MNG,
I miss and I want shopping,
anyone? ^_^

Monday, August 24, 2009

DAY 240809

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Ello peeps! ^_^ *grins*
I'm right now in front of my laptop.
Staying online with my hotmail, twitter, facebook and blogspot.
~Follow me in twitter if you have an account too can?~
MSN as well but I'm just appearing offline for the whole day. @_@
Seeking for more information about DSLR camera.
Reading today's newspaper at the same time.
And I just finished taking my shower. Hmmm. ^_< *wink*
~Ok ok, it's just a random report of what I'm doing.~

As usual, came back to Kota Kemuning today.
Classes start on tomorrow.
Several mid-terms and test coming in two weeks. Arghhh! T.T
I HATE EXAMS. *cross fingers*
~Have lots of things to study! Revision in progress, ummm..~

Celebrated Yuen's birthday last Saturday. Just a simple dinner with beloved family.
And she had a great time with all her friends.
I guess she had a wonderful and blessful 17th birthday. Mmmm. ^_^

That's all for today, have a great day peeps!
I gotta prepare the materials for tomorrow's classes.
Toodles! *packing stuffs*

Things should turn out differently,
I will be the person who makes the change.
Time and action will prove everything. ~.~

Thursday, August 20, 2009


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Late of the night, I'm still so awake now, unable to fall asleep. ~.~ Just now I took too LONG NAP, after came back from movie, I slept from 5.30pm to 9pm. Urghh! What a sleeping pig.. LOL. *laughing* I was freaking tired that time! @o@ I didn't get really enough sleep last night, as I was on call with someone until 4am. ~Really had a nice chat with you and seriously miss you. Glad to hear from you.~ WOW! Anyway, I was still able to attend class punctually at 8.20am. *thumbs up* ^_^ Although it was quite torturing to wake up from bed this morning.
I was feeling bad since last night after got scolded. Haizz.. =.= Thanks for everyone who concerns about me, thanks for caring! I appreciate it soooo much. *heart you all* For YOU and YOU, thanks a lot. *warm hug* Sorry for being emo the whole day. Hmmm. I will be fine. Don't worry.
Got a bad and surprising news from my mum this evening, it really made me worried! Ishhh! TAKE CARE PLEASE, HKY! @o@
Just a very random shoots while I was driving back home. ~The purpose was to send it to disturb someone, wakakaka! Crazy meee..~ @_@
It has been 'centuries' since I last watched a movie in cinema. And yeah, finally I had a movie 'The Proposal' with a buddy today. ~See la, I'm your boss, still fetched you somemore! NO SALARY!~ >.<"

This movie is FUNNY. At first, I was like 'where got such kind of lady..'. I thought at the end they will really fall in love with each other but I was quite confused la? *wondering* Hmmm. This movie is just a material to laugh for, but heard my friend said that at least this movie got some points, not just laughing blindly. =.= Have you watched this? It is not strongly recommended but still can watch la. ^_^ *grins*

Aiyo, see.. I'm being lazy again. I haven't finished my homework for tomorrow. Haven't done anything for the Business Law case studies as required by lecturer on last tutorial, haven't found any suitable articles for Econs assignment. @_@ Thursday is the day of college that I hate the most because the classes are from 8am to 4pm! ~But there is a short break on 10am to 12pm la.~ Somemore I need to carry 3 text books. Arghh! *mad*
Ok enough here! Zzzzz. ~And I just realized, it has been a long time I didn't take photos like what I used to do before. Hmmm.~
I WANT MY DSLR CAMERA BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY! *shouting and dreaming* ~Ignore my craps, don't know whether can make it or not.~

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


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You know when you go to Google, then you click on 'Image', and you type your name to search it, you'll find something interesting. Haha.. ^o^ Just now while me and Wahson waiting for Yong Ming who was busy with his enrolment thing to take lunch, we did this lame thing using the computer in INTI's AUP office. ~Do I spell correctly? Unsure with it.~ Using the computer don't need student ID or what, and no one knows I'm not INTI's student. LOL. "=.= I typed my name and searched it, I just realized that the importance of the copyright of my own photos posted in my blog. *coughing*
And we even went to search for the images of Bora-Bora Island and Hokkaido's photos, to fulfill my satisfaction on imagining I was there. ~.~ Bora-Bora Island is one of the 100 romantic places in the world. ~I saw this from a travelling book in a book shop before.~ And Hokkaido is one of my dream place, urghhh! @_@ I want to bring my camera, and go to these places. Ok, not only these I want, because I WANT TO TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD when I got a lot of money, in the future. ^_^ *making a wish*
Then we took our lunch at KimGary Sunway Pyramid. Had nice chat with the buddies. ~Seriously, glad to know you guys anyway. Hehe..~ By the way, two of them went to my hometown last weekend for a short stay. They stayed in Keat's house and the group was crazy enough. Went to Genting for twice in 24 hours time. =.= ~Ok, if I was free that time, I would join too. Wakaka!~ And yeah, going to meet up with another buddy for a movie after classes tomorrow.
A random photo we took in SMK Hwa Lian on Sunday as they were having event in the school. ~I forgot what was it about already, haha..~
Ah Keat, Kar Ming, Wahson, me and Ah Yuen in the photo. Yong Ming captured this. @o@
Oh oh, I'm not in a good mood now. Sighh. T.T *tears rolling in eyes*

Sunday, August 16, 2009


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I'm totally in love with the song in my blog. Just don't know why. I opened another new tab and left my blog there, let it to play itself. @_@ I have repeated listening to this song for times already, still won't get bored. Haha.. "=.= ~Later the people around me will start to hate this song, because I keep listening it, as what my sister said.~ *speechless*
Ishhhh.. I have no idea why I'm typing this post. Yuen is sitting behind me reading newspaper, she still read it out. ~So irritating, shhh! No la, I'm just typing this for fun. =.=~ *joking* I'm eating 'bai tang gao', brought back by my parents just now. Mmm, the sugar is very fine, so delicious! *thumbs up* Arrr.. I'm eating again. LOL. I feel that this whole day I was eating non-stop, later going for dinner and maybe yumcha too. ~.~ Hmm, I don't feel full. Still want to eat more and more food. I'm getting fatter now, many of my friends teasing me about this. Oh well, I don't care, I LOVE EATING! ^_^
Chatting with two buddies through MSN now. SMS with another friend since yesterday morning. Wakaka.. ^o^ Hmm.. See, I really can't do anything when I'm back hometown. I'm sure LAZY! ~Just an excuse, I'm lazy most of the time.~ *shaking head* Anyway, this weekend is well-spent. Yesterday my parents went to Kuantan, left the car at home so I had the 'official permission' to drive out whenever I want. Wohooo! ^o^ ~But they are back now, 'queen' moments was over.~ Going back to Kota Kemuning tomorrow. Aihh, time to work out for my studies, as I've promised. >@<
I feel sleepy, want to take a nap first. *yawning* See you people!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


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Arrrrr.. So cute! Muahaha! ^@^ ~Ignore my laziness here, blogging instead of doing my homework.~ Alright, it's just a random and short post. After this, seriously going to continue with my work. I mean, I'm not joking this time. So 'palia' la me. *crapping with serious look*
That day my little cousin Vik Kee's mama gave her a pretty purple flower dress. It looks sweet. Something special here is the dress came along with another mini dress. ~It is something exactly the same but just very small size.~ It is sooooo CUTE! I like it! ^_^ And the cutest part is, the size is totally suitable for my dearest DOU DOU! So it becomes Dou Dou's new clothes now! Weheee! *appreciate it* ~My Dou Dou got a dress now. No need to be naked already. "=.=~
Ngek ngek ngek! I like! I like! I like! How sweet it is! ^O^
Ok ok, have to stop here.. *wink* ^_<
By the way, I have listed down what should I do. There is really quite a number of things need to be done on time. Alright, I will do my best. ^_^ I'm not in the mood to do Accounting homework, because I seriously don't know how to do. Guess what? I'm so DUMB in calculating. *sigh of embarrassing* ~I think wanna give up to Accounting, LOL.~ Just kidding by the way. I won't. There is no unsolved problems in the world. Alright, shall continue with my work now. Pack up my things after this, sleep early tonight is high possibility, and back to hometown after classes tomorrow! Leaving my laptop again. =.=
Have a blessful weekend to ya all first! Toodles!


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Time flies. I have entered my college for degree programme almost 1 month already. =.= ~Oh well, this is week 3, next time will be week 4, so it is 1 month. Errr, is considered university life as well?~ Hmmm. *freaking tired*
Talk about how are my studies so far, I don't know what should I say. Not that fine, but not that bad too. The course I'm taking for my degree in this college now is what I want exactly. So far, I'm happy with my choice. My parents are glad with my decision too. ^_^ By the way, sometimes I feel like this college is kinda sucks, especially the management. And even some of the lecturers. ~Shhh! Just complaining here! What an ex-Taylorian. I don't mean any other things k.~ Haha.. If not this university is offering this course, after I seeking the courses from other universities that I want with nothing, I won't come to this college. ^@^ And all the conditions are totally consistent with what I want since early of this year when my parents and I were planning about this. *grins* ~Hope everything will go smoothly.~
Alright, this semester I'm taking four subjects, like all other Australian universities do for degree tertiary level. ~I guess so, right?~ Time table is arranged by ourselves, so it is flexible. ~.~ Anyway, four subjects are already killing me. Before this, I was still in a holiday mood. I know I should stop this, because IT'S TIME TO STUDY. Anyway, I'm back to the college mood because tonnes of homework, assignments, tests are coming to me from day to day. College life is getting hectic. @_@
Haizzz! Just ignore my post because I just want to release my stress! Suddenly I feel like many things haven't done yet and I seriously need to catch up my studies. I don't want last moment work anymore. I NEED TO CHANGE MY HABIT. ~Please support me although I know I can't promise that I will do so. I have repeated this for uncountable times already. It is all craps.~ T.T *shouting for help* My LAZINESS is always my WEAKNESS! Arghhh!
My subjects for this semester:
BUSINESS LAW 100 *thumbs up*
ACCOUNTING 100 *cross fingers* ~I hate calculation, luckily just for this semester.~
ECONOMICS 100 *cross fingers too* ~It's so complicated and calculation somemore.~
Nevermind, just work hard for this semester because my favourite subjects are coming to me on the following 5 semesters. Weheee! ^O^ ~I know sometimes it won't be like what I expect but as long as I'm satisfy with it.~ Anyway, I will still go back to my hometown this weekend. I know I won't be working much on my college stuffs by this week. Just let me relax for coming days first ok? ~All the way is still myself crapping. Say already but still don't start.~ *wink* ^_<

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


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The greatest time for me, instead of spending it with my family, it is my friends. ^_^ I enjoyed every single moment with them, like LLF and especially my girls. *missing them* ~Wondering when will be the next time all of us sitting together and have fun together like how we did pass a year.~ As I mentioned in previous post, we had celebrated Keat's birthday at hometown. It supposed to be a surprise party but it was failed. ~Haizz, so sorry but hope you had fun. And I guess you did? ^_^~
I didn't want to write out the whole process, something interesting was we had mix flavoured of cakes from Secret Recipe, sang birthday song at the garden and enjoyed it on top of car. Then, we went to hang around and ended up at Keat's home. =.= ~I went home so early that night because actually I just arrived hometown, I was freaking tired. And it was the consequence of last Thursday's night.~
LLF a crazy and playful gang. Glad to be a part of you guys. *warm hug to all of you*
Monday night's outing was a last minute decision and I guess it was my suggestion. Since dear An Na was leaving on the next day, we had our 'official farewell' with her. "=.= ~That Thursday night wasn't good enough, I mean, it wasn't a farewell. Inside story, shhhh!~ We went to take steamboat at 'Qiang Qiang Gun' in Bandar Puteri Puchong. ~Easy word la, is actually 'Shabu-Shabu'.~ We enjoyed our steamboat, we enjoyed every single moment spending with each other!

After steamboat, we headed to somewhere called Restaurant Rokaro in PJ for a beer session. ^_^ Of course, camwhored as usual as the sweet memories! By the way, thanks to Keat and Wahson for fetching us, and spending the whole night with us. ~I know someone is willing to do so! Wakakaka! ^@^~ *evil giggling*

Really had much fun with the group of crazy girls. *grins* You girls are just that awesome, you know?! Flashback to the past, we met each other more than one year ago. I have forgotten since when we started to stick together and became close friends. We did many things together throughout this year. Although some unhappy things have happened during this period, but it has become a past and it has made our friendship became stronger until today!
I'm wondering would that night be the last time for all of us sitting together, being crazy together? I'm thinking when is the next time we meet again? With the same feeling to each other? Because things will change, life is going on and we won't know what will happen in the future. ~I know this will happen, and we must have preparation for this.~ Friends come and go, although we will not longer staying side by side, but since we met, we knew that it's our fate, one day becoming friends, we will be friends forever. That is what friendship means to me. I truly love all my friends too much. ^_^
Seriously, that night I almost cried when we were taking photos. T.T We are not going to study together, eat together, play together that frequent like how we did before. Anyway, thanks for ever coming into my life and being a part of my college life. You made me cried, you made me smiled! You made me changed in many ways! You have coloured my life!
All the best of luck for our future dear girls. And keep in touch always k? Because from you all, I'm able to know what is THE MEANING OF TRUE FRIENDS. Friends mean a lot to me, and you all are the most worthy person I've met so far. ~I knew these from everything we have done together.~ THANK YOU.
I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL ALWAYS. *hug and kiss for you all*

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Posted by Cassey at 3:27 PM
Attention please! @_@ There are 7 more confirmed H1N1 deaths in newspaper today! Arghh! The total of swine flu cases is increasing from day to day, and it is getting SERIOUS. Previously it was happening in other countries, but now, it is in our country, and coming to all of us. Hey people, it is just around us! This is definitely not a joke! Please be more alert! ~.~ *warning*
Today I heard my coursemate said that the first case of swine flu was found in my college. ~Alright, Subang area here is getting serious now. Especially in the colleges, for college students in area SS15! =.=~ Students are notified to wear mask after the first case was confirmed yesterday. Thus, both of us went to the office and to get free masks. ~Seriously, we just wanted to 'lan yao yeng' la. And for protection also. Wearing mask, wanna bring up the trend? Haaa..~ *LMAO-ing*
Ok ok, serious now..
Everyone, this is a serious matter and it is affecting our BODY HEALTH and might be harmful to our LIFE. So everyone who is reading this, please take care of yourself!
What are the symptoms of swine flu?
Swine Flu is a viral infection and its most common symptoms are fever, running or blocked nose, nausea, chills, cough, soar throat, body ache, weakness and fatigue.
What are the safety precautions for prevention of swine flu?
Click here for more information. ^_^
Anyway, I still had fun with the mask in college. "=.= *giggling*
The new face in my blog, her name is Christine. And yeah, she captured the photo at the top and said that I looked like an old lady. Ahemm. *LOL-ing* ^O^
Take care people. ~I gotta take a nap now, and continue with my revision for Business Law test on tomorrow! Wish me luck!~ Toodles!


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Hello! The lazy blogger is back! Hmmm. "=.= ~Alright, I just realized that I have turned to become so lazy. No mood and idea to blog.~ My last post was last week, but I have forgotten which day. Well, here's some simple updates of mine. Weheee.. ^_^ *grins*
Life has been so happening recently. Many things had happened and I had much fun yet it still affected me in some ways. ~It was forbidden. Inside story, you know I know la. ^o^~ Just finished taking my shower. Ok, I know it's already so late now as just now I went out with my dearest girl friends for steamboat at Puchong and a short drink beer session at PJ as the 'official farewell' for An Na. *LOL-ing* Many photos are taken but I will update it later, not now. I'm freaking tired anyway. Gonna sleep soon. =.= *yawning*
Back to what had happened last week, as usual I went back to hometown and came back on today. Last weekend we celebrated Keat's birthday but the actual plan was failed. ~Hmm, couldn't do anything because the coincidence and someone revealed our plan! Haizz..~ Nevermind, as long as we had fun.
Seriously, I always had a lot of fun with my dearest friends all the time! LLF my crazy and awesome gang! MY GIRLS, You all always being that perfect to me, and so care about me no matter in what situations. I LOVE YOU ALL TO THE MAX! ^@^ ~Gonna miss you all very very much in the future.. We must keep in touch k!~
I got to prepare my notes for tomorrow's class at 8am. ~Aikss, it's so late now. Stop this!~ Will post in details with photos soon. Stay tuned! *wink* ^_<

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


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After finished editing the photos just now, I realized that the black lines of the photos were too thick. Hmmm, they don't look nice la. So palia la me. =.= Hmm, I'm lazy to reedit everything so I just post it. ~Oh well, I will change it to thinner next time.~
I'm so tired here, just don't know why. Feel sleepy but I don't want to take a nap because I'm seriously going to sleep early tonight so I can sleep easier and faster. No need to struggle with sleepless nightmare again. ^_^ *grins*
Yesterday had much fun. An awesome day was spent with awesome people. Met up with some of my girls after classes. ~By the way, met some new friends in college anyway. Nice to meet ya.~ Stupid me who took the wrong bus and wasted half an hour. @_@ What a surprise when met them because I thought I would only meet An Na. Sweet chat, talked craps, played around and camwhored in Pasta Zanmai Sunway Pyramid, enjoyed the food as well. ~I enjoy every single moment with all of you girls seriously. I miss you all so badly.~ Looking forward to our farewell party. ^@^
As usual, photos tell everything.
Second round for dinner was to One Utama with my 'father' Keat and his friends. Had lots of fun too because finally I have the chance to drink the BIG CUP MILK TEA in Wongkok! And even two big cups! ~In fact, I didn't drink due to certain reasons.~
As I promised, I have posted the photos of both of you in my blog. See..

The two birthday boys on 1st of August and 3rd of August respectively.
Here, I would like to wish TAN WENG KEAT and WAHSON SENG ~I don't know what is your actual full name la. Sorryyy..~ a HAPPY BELATED 19TH BIRTHDAY! ~Sorry for ffk last Saturday.~ *apologize with a bow*

Weheee.. Finally I tried this!
Awww, gonna get all the notes from Curtin Blackboard first. Doing preparation for classees tomorrow. Continue with packing up my stuffs, as I gonna stay over at my girls' place tomorrow after classes. ~Really looking forward it! Huhuuu!~ Wanna do the payment of fees and try to get the books for my subjects on tomorrow as well. ~.~
Going back hometown on Friday. Gonna have much fun! Yuhuuu! Oh my god, before I forget, I'm having test for Business Law 100 on next Wednesday! Arrrr! @o@

Monday, August 3, 2009


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Testing.. Testing.. Testing.. ^_^ *grins*
Hello, call me CASSEY, CHIN CHIN, KCHINHO, KC or KAI CHIN. ~Or like what you used to call me.~
Finally I have changed the layout of my blog. Hmmm. I wanted to change it long ago but couldn't make it at last, due to some errors like what XML elements regarding to HTML code bla bla blaaa.. "=.= ~I have no idea about it at all.~ At the end, I changed the layout to simple white, mix with my favourite colour and font of words. I guess it is much better than the layout before this which was very pink. @_@ ~I don't really love pink that much actually.~
By the way, I will make some changes on my style of blogging. I will edit my photos first before I post it here due to COPYRIGHTED ISSUE! *giggling* ~Someone you know what I mean! Hmphh!~
New life has just started a week ago, everything will go differently from now onwards. I really need sometime to adapt with current life. I'm looking forward to the future.
At least I know what I want now, and I'm on the way which I KNOW I'M RIGHT. I don't wanna get lost anymore. I don't feel regret with what I have chosen to go on. I'm still moving forward, towards my future which is waving hand to me.
Thanks for everyone who gives me lots of support, include my family and friends. I LOVE ALL OF YOU. *a big warm hug*
I hope it is a new start, a significant of a better life. ^@^
I will still blog all the way, because it is a part of my life. Stay tuned for my coming up posts! Weheee.. *fingers show peace*


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Hey all! I'm back to Kota Kemuning again. "=.= Went back hometown as usual on last few days. People always ask me why I will go back that frequent, almost every week. Zzzzz. ~.~ No reasons, I just like to go back to my home. I wanna meet my dearest family and friends. In addition, nothing to do for just staying at here. I prefer spending time at home instead of staying here, seriously. Or else, I love staying at my friend's place more than here. ^_^ *grins* As you know that, I've spent my new and first week in the new college on last week. Not longer in Petaling Jaya area, but in Subang Jaya now. ~I didn't ever expect that I could come here to study, although I prefer this place much more since long time ago.~ First week was only lectures, and I just met several new friends. Anyway, I hope everything will turn out better when tutorial classes start on this week. ^o^ So far everything was ok. ~Thanks for everyone who concerns, I'm fine. ^@^~ By the way, I have classes only from Tuesday to Friday. That's why I'm able to come back here on every Monday instead of leaving hometown on the lovely Sunday. Anyway, I met up with several friends on last week during for breakfast and lunch at Subang Jaya area. Had many types of delicious food. Thanks for the friends who accompanied me. ~And I accompanied you as well.~ *wink* After finished classes and had the meal everyday, I went back home directly. I spent most of my time online only. Hmmm. =.= ~What a good girl I was during the last Tuesday to Thursday.~ Arghh, I really couldn't stand for too bored and loneliness, somemore in 'this place'. Alright! Stop it! T.T ~I'm sure I can overcome it! I have been through this for the past one year, didn't I?~ No special photos have been taken, just for the food. I'm a food blogger anyway. ^@^

From Pappa Rich

From The Street Cafe

From Ah Seng's Noodle Shop ~Special taken for someone, you know who you are, haha!~ *evil giggling*
On Friday, after I have finished classes, I met up with dearest Qer Xin and Yvonne at Starbucks Coffee! ~Weheee! Glad to meet them! Arrr! ^o^~ We headed to Mid Valley for the movie 'Transformer - Revenge of The Fallen'. I have seen the movie actually, but they didn't so I accompanied them to watch, and they were having voucher somemore for 'buy 2 free 1'. I just realized that it has been a long time I didn't catch up a movie, there are so many movies in the cinema that I haven't seen yet. ~.~ After movie, we went back to Leisure Commerce Square because QQ wanna do some PTPTN things. ~Wow, it was the day returning back to previous college. Seriously, gonna miss everything from there.~ Vonn and I bought waffles because I wanna eat it, maybe for the last time? Haha! @_@ Then we went to Media Hub and I logged on to my account using the Apple iMac as the last day of Taylor's student. ~The expiry date of my student ID was on that day.~ At night, we went to meet up with Hui Ling, Kyron, Pui Sze and Denice at Restaurant Yuen for steamboat. ~Did I spell the names correctly? Haha.. Sorry.~ Finally I have been there to have a try. I really see many people are grabbing for the chicken wings. "=.= Anyway, all of us had a fun and enjoyable night. I was super duper full although I didn't eat much, I wondered what's going on with my stomach on that night. The night I stayed over at their girl's place in Suriamas. Something interesting was there was no electricity in their house that night although they have paid the electric bill. ~Stupid TNB! Wakakaka! ^o^~ Anyway, the day and night was well-spent with my dear Taylorians although it was quite torturing because the mosquitoes kept biting me. Grrr! @o@
The next morning, I went home directly after preparing myself in the morning because I was freaking tired. At here, I would like to apologize to Ah Keat and Watson for not attending your birthday celebration on that night. =.= I wanted to join at first but changed decision at the last minute. Hope both of you can forgive me, haha.. ^O^ SORRY!
Last weekend was happy. Met up with the best old friends for McDonalds, satay and drink tea session on last night. ~It has been a long time I didn't hang out with them like this already.~ I saw a surprise because I met one of the brother's girlfriend! Ohh, see parents already la. Wakakaka! Really feel glad for seeing them getting in couple life one by one from day to day. ~I'm wondering when will be my turn? When my fate will come? Ummm.~ *thinking*
I really love spending my time at hometown, being with family and friends. I LOVE THEM! ^@^
Well, this is a new week, hope it will be a better week. I guess, my college life will start officially on tomorrow. Having test on Week 3, so fast.. Sighh. *forced to smile* @_@
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