Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Travel Down To South

Posted by Cassey at 4:24 PM
Hey peeps! How's your holidays so far? ^_^ To be frank, my holidays were kinda fully utilized. Hmmm.. After I have recovered from dental surgery, my holiday's plans can continue to move on. But still.. this surgery has already taken away half of my holidays! Ishhh.. @_@ Other than that, due to the renovation in my shop lately, it was quite inconvenient for me to do so many things.. Errr, basically is.. Life is kinda ruined up and more time is needed to adapt with it. LOL. ^O^

I always wanna go for vacation, but always FAILED because of many reasons.. Time not match, this one cannot and that one cannot, many lame excuses.. Damn bored with it!! "=.= And now, I'm able to go for a trip at last!! It's like FINALLY!!

So last weekend, we travelled down to several states in south part of Malaysia. Our purpose was to eat, eat and just EAT. Haha! ^o^ Three of us travelled from Pahang to KL, Selangor, Melaka, Johor, Negeri Sembilan and back to Pahang. Didn't really take many photos during the trip for this time. Nothing too special throughout this four days three nights trip but I had fun eating nice food and meeting new friends. Most importantly is spent a great time with my dearest one!! ♥ BTW, I was quite dissapointed for unable to meet up some old friends.

I think I have gained weight now..

The happy 'ME'. ^_^

Here are just some of the photos of the food we have taken..

Satay celup from Melaka.

I think this is some kind of nyonya kuih, is it? It's delicious anyway!! *thumbs up* ^_^

Durian cendol, my favourite. ^o^

Nyonya laksa. Yum yum yum.. ^@^ *drool*

Otak-otak from Muar.

Tasty asam fish! I like the soup!! @v@

The beautiful sunset, a memorable one. ♥

Million of thanks for whoever involved in the trip!! Really nice to meet you all! THANKS A LOT!!

Time flies, this is already the last week of my holidays. Sighh.. I want to extend my holidays, I don't want to start my holidays that fast yet. I'M LAZY!! o.O

My elder brother, Seng's 22nd birthday falls on this Thursday. But according to lunar calendar, today is his birthday too so we gonna celebrate for him tonight since he will be busy on coming days. ~_~ And I just realized that I don't have a recent photo with him!! Hmphh..

HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY AH GOR!! I like the way you scold me that often, I always do. Because I know the more you scold, the more you care. HAHAHAHA.. ♥ *evil laugh*

Till then,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eng's 14th Birthday

Posted by Cassey at 12:23 PM
As I have mentioned in my previous post, last Saturday was my youngest sister, Eng's birthday. We planned to take steamboat as dinner but ended up with unable to make it. Well it's okay, anything is good as long as whole family eating together. ^@^

After having our dinner, we had a simple and small celebration at home. Hope she enjoyed it, because we did.

Fruit cake from RT Subang. Hehe.. ^o^ My brother bought it back for her, awesome enough.

My beloved sister and I. ♥

Once again, HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY FAT CHICK ENG!! ^_^ You always get mad for anything, get mad for small things and get mad for nothing! LOL.. That's you but you know what.. We still love you!! *big hug*

Yesterday I went to remove off the stitches of my mouth. Awww.. Finally I have no more 'broken teeth'!! LOL.. ^O^ That's why yesterday I kept smiling and showing my teeth. Mmm.. Finally this problem has been solved. I don't have to worry anymore. Regarding to put braces or not, maybe I gotta consider about it in the future.. After I have completed my studies, I guess. o.O It might be quite late to do that time. But.. Okay, perhaps I should have done it earlier during high school, listened to my sister's advice. However, I can't do anything already by now. Hmmm.. Ishhh, don't think about it first!! *wonder*

BTW, I spent a really great time yesterday. Thanks for the companion!! ♥

Till then,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beach Day Out

Posted by Cassey at 4:49 PM
Hey peeps! As you know that, I have been so desperate to go for a vacation. Okay, maybe I shouldn't say a vacation. Emmm.. I wanna go to beach so badly before this. And finally, we made it!! ^o^ Three weeks of holidays were over, at least I have done something as what I have planned for relaxation. Not that pity right? Awww.. =.= In fact, I wanna go to Redang, Perhentian or maybe some other islands for vacation, but ended up with unable to make it due to many reasons. Quite dissapointed with it. Well, it's okay because at least I went to beach now!! ^@^ *peace out*

Million of thanks to my lovely hometown old buddies for fulfilling my 'beach dream'! HAHAHAHA! You guys are awesome and guess we had spent a great time with each other together, aren't we?! ^O^ It was a memorable first time we went out for one day trip together like this, and now I don't know when will be the second time again.. @_@

On Wednesday night when we went out to yumcha, I was yelling for a trip to any beach and so we decided to drive down to Kuantan which is two hours away from Temerloh on the next day. It was a crazy but exciting last minute decision. We planned for picnic but too bad that we were running out of time. On Thursday early in the morning, after picked up everyone and filled the petrol tank, we headed to our destination. I missed the moments we crapped and laughed along the journey. ^_^

Glad that the weather was good on that beautiful morning.

Yayyy!! It's BEACH!! Finally I was there! Even though it isn't that beautiful but that's good enough for me. I love stepping into the sea water, listening to the sound of sea waves. ♥

That's the best feeling for relaxation!!




Four of us! ^o^

McD Sausage McMuffin with egg, harsh brown and hot milo that have made my day! *grin*

Breakfast chilling session with the awesome people like them. ♥

After our breakfast, we walked and played around the beach. Fortunately the weather wasn't that hot, if not our skin will be very dark due to sunburn right now. I have forgotten when was the last time I came to Teluk Cempedak, but before this, I always thought that this beach was very dirty and crowded. After this time, I knew that my perception was wrong. Maybe due to weekdays and not in public holidays, there were less visitors have made changed my opinions toward it! o_O

We found some nice places for photoshooting. Therefore, we didn't miss the opportunity for the camwhoring session!!

Hoorayyy! I'm here!! ^@^ *jump around*

The 'Miss Russian' and I. Hia hia hia!! ^o^

'Beauties at the beach'! LMAO!! *blush* Just kidding.. HA! ^O^

To be frank, I didn't expect that the beach could look that good when it is not crowded with people. Here's some photos I wanna share. ^_^

Not too bad, right? o.O

When I was busy preparing the set up for jumping shoot..

The feeling was good to sit, chill and relax there. ^3^

HAHAHAHA! My another favourite jumping shoot!! =.= Look at their face expression.. It's like.. "Urghh.. No eyes to see.." @_@ LMAO!

Favourite picture of the day. The successful one! ♥

I call them my brothers.

I appreciate the moments we have spent together. Weee! ^o^

The day ended with the lunch at Kuantan market.

Yum yum yum.. *drool* ^@^ Delicious Taiping char kuey tiow!! I have been craving for it during the whole morning..

After taking the meal, we went to settle up some stuffs then headed back to hometown. Ahhaa! I love the time we were singing like mad in the car along the journey back home. It was fun after all and this has marked the end of our small and simple trip. ♥

The day was awesome because finally I have fulfilled my photoshooting desire.

Thanks to my dear sister Yee Li for being the model of the day.

And here goes my favourite shoot of the day. ♥

More photos will be uploaded in facebook! Stay tuned!! Sorry for the late.. Hmm, I'm still waiting to get all the photos.

Today is the 14th birthday of my youngest sister, gonna celebrate for her tonight. Our siblings bought a wallet for her and hope she likes it. Can't wait for the time to come as everyone is coming back and we gonna have family dinner! ^_^ *smile widely*

Till then,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh My Result

Posted by Cassey at 12:16 AM
Half an hour ago, I was sitting in front of my laptop, moving my cursor around clicking here and there. I did nothing because I just wanted to let the time passes and wait until 12 o'clock. I was so nervous when I logged in to the uni student portal. Just when the result page appeared in front of me, I felt much relief. ^@^

Awww.. Although it isn't an excellent result, but I'm pretty satisfied with it already. It is better than what I have expected. Phewww!! o_O


Now I'm officially announcing that I have completed all the subjects for my second semester and first year!! Gonna proceed to the second year, in few more weeks. Woohooo!! ^o^ *jump around*

BTW, congrats to friends that score with flying colours whereas good luck to friends that have to retake paper. @_@

HAHAHAHAHAHA.. I can continue to watch my movie now! Yippieeeeeee!! ^O^

Oppss.. Wait!! Before that, I wanna talk about how's my holidays going on so far. One word to describe, NOTHING!! Hahaha.. I have no idea why I'm saying so because it's not fun but not boring too.

FIFA World Cup has come to the end. No more staying up late for football, HA! ^o^ My shop has started the renovation few days ago and we're living under dust recently. Almost every night need to clean up because the whole shop is so dirty and messy!! Ishhh.. =.= And as usual, hang out with my friends during days or nights and of course meet up with my boyfriend so often. Gonna appreciate this month very much since he is back. ♥ Other than that, not forgetting to spend my time wisely with my precious family members.

No vacations, no beaches so far as what I have been so desperate for before this!! But we gonna make it real soon! WE MUST!! ^_^

The dental surgery has ruined up my holiday's planning! Gahhh.. Nevermind, at least one big problem for me is solved now. And my teeth are recovering soon.. Gonna remove off the stitches on next Monday. Weee!! ^o^

Okay so.. This is just a random big head photo I wanna share.. Because I actually left this post uploaded with this picture at a side for few days already.

Hahahahaha.. I like it!! ^3^

Less than three more weeks to go to the end of my holidays. I DON'T WANT!! Anyone can please extend my holidays? Arghhh!! "=.= Okay anyway, I still gonna relax and enjoy first.. Hope the coming up plans will go on smoothly. *peace out*

Ouchh.. My stomach is not feeling well. *rub my tummy* Gotta get into bed now. GOOD NIGHT and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! ^O^

Till then,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Friday, July 9, 2010

Miss Multiple Teeth

Posted by Cassey at 9:52 PM
This is gonna be a disgusting post, with this ugly picture. Ha! ^o^ But this is definitely a highlight of my holidays so far.

Before I start my topic, talking about football, to be frank, other than the losing of Argentina team defeated by Germany and excitement of seeing how it is beaten by Spain later on, nothing really interests me that much. ^_^ The final match falls on this Sunday, Netherlands vs Spain which marks the end of FIFA World Cup 2010. So.. I'm supporting Spain for this last time!! ♥

However, this big event has given me a good opportunity to spend great time with my family, friends and loved ones. Thank you FIFA World Cup and see you again after four years!! ^@^

Back to the topic.. Uhmmm, now you can call me 'Miss Multiple Teeth'!! HA! A cute name isn't it? Let me tell you why..

I did X-ray earlier, which showed that I have some extraordinary condition in the growth of my teeth. Well.. There's a few extra teeth were growing at the left upper part of my mouth, and these have caused the canine unable to grow properly, ended up with improper arrangement of my teeth. Awww.. That's so-not-good!! @o@ If you noticed my physical appearance before this, you would spot an extra tooth came out on top of my teeth since early of this year.

Anyway, I hope everything is over now. On the past Wednesday, I went to a dental surgery which I have been considering about it for a few months. I was so afraid of the consequences or side effects after doing the surgery, because according to the dental surgery specialist, it sounds scaryyy! "=.= For them, this is just a small case but for us, this could be a big case. The specialist was emphasizing that it shouldn't be a problem, this and that.. And I even visited several dentists after that, which were totally ruined up my mind!! The probability of my condition, is like.. Emmm.. Out of hundred people, only one person might get into this situation. LOL! So that's mean I'm the lucky one.. =_=

Okay, that's not the main point at the moment.. I was worried too much before this. To be frank, after the surgery, the condition is much better than what I have been expecting..

I thought the surgery part would be very painful or my face would be swelling very seriously. Hahaha.. In fact, it's not! But it's true that I gotta take a good rest after the surgery. Now, I can only eat soft food, means those are more easily to bite, like porridge, mee sua, kuey tiow and so on.. Now, please don't make me laugh and I don't wanna get caught into flu because if I pulled the stitches, it might injure the wound. Ha! =o=

I could hardly forget every step has been taken throughout the surgery. From they gave me the antibiotic and pain killer capsules to consume, to the dental surgery specialist injected anesthetic into my body, staying half conscious over the process until the completion of surgery. My mouth was bleeding and I was lying on my mum's leg all the way back to home from KL. ~_~ Million of thanks to my parents for taking care and being with me on the whole morning during the surgery. The way I love them deeply is hard to be explained. ♥

Guess what.. The funny thing is.. The number of teeth is more than what everyone has assumed! LMAO! I got NINE big and small extra unnecessary teeth grown out which have blocked the growing of canine. Even the dental surgery specialist also laughed that they looked like rambutans.. =.= Awww.. I can't imagine if I don't settle this problem, how it is gonna grow like in the future..

Now the multiple teeth and canine have been removed off. No more worries! ^@^ As for putting braces or not, I think I can't think of it again because of the wrong timing. Uhmmm.. Guess I should do this during my high school time? It's too late already now.. @_@

Anyway, I want to get myself recover ASAP! This surgery has messed up my holiday's planning! Urghhh! o.O

My face is pale like a piece of white paper now. I am so unhealthy. I wonder is it the effects of consuming the medicines.. Sighh.. "=.= I miss those yummylicious food. Ha! Slap me pleaseee.. I always demand for some inappropriate things when I'm not encouraged to do so!!

Alright, I gonna stop here and sleep early tonight. I was having insomnia last few nights due to sleeping too much in the evening. I'm not gonna let this happen again tonight so this afternoon, I didn't take any nap because I really wanna get a good rest later. Okay, GOOD NIGHT. ^_^

Till then,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Thursday, July 1, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

Posted by Cassey at 12:32 PM
I'm not a soccer fan. Yet, this FIFA World Cup has made a change onto me. Football fever is spreading like a serious disease around all of us recently. o_O

BTW, I'm totally addicted with the official theme songs for this World Cup. They are sooooo nice! 'Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)' and 'Waving Flag'!! ^_^

Who says only boys will watch football? Ohh please.. Some girls love it too, okay? I am one of them, I guess. And many people will choose to support a specific team, because of the hot guys in that team! LOL! ^O^ Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Torres, David Villa and many more..

Yuppp.. My favourite team is ARGENTINA!! I'm so in love with the team! In fact, I like that country. I'm very curious with Argentina because from what I know, not many people have been to there. There's no flight from our country to the countries in South America like Brazil, Venezuela and so on, because they are too far away, which are located further than United States. Thus, if we wanna go there, we have to reach US first, then take another few hours flight only can reach. Uhhh.. more than 24 hours of flight!! @_@ Furthermore, it is costly if really wanna travel to these countries!!

Awww.. One day I gonna go to that country!! From now on, Argentina has become one of my dream countries. ^_^

But of course I'm not that kind of crazy supporter, I just hope they can win in every match and get into the final match! I like LIONEL MESSI!! He is hot but too short. =.= Damn hate my friends for teasing me that he is just 1cm taller than me.. Ishhh.. HAHAHAHA! Ehh I just adore his skills in playing soccer okay, he is a GOOD PLAYER!! ^O^

Argentina is a strong football team!! They won't be defeated easily!!

I like their jersey. Blue and white stripes are looking good. Errr.. But I don't have money, so, just take a look. ^_^

Hush hush hush.. Support Argentina!!

Hia hia hia.. I copied the way of editing this photo from my darling. It's nice. Hope you won't mind yea! ^@^

All the football fans are having break for these three days. The next match falls on tomorrow night. Hmmm.. Guess Brazil gonna enter the final game whereas for another group.. Errr, I have no idea. Argentina? Germany? Spain? Ahhhh! Many possibilities! "=.= Football is 'round' so anything might happen. But of course, I hope my favourite team will win the cup for this time!

Arghhhh! I'm very nervous!! @o@

Looking forward for the match between Argentina and Germany this coming Saturday. Ahhh! Go! Go! Go! GO ARGENTINA!! ♥

Till then,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

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