Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stay Or Leave

Posted by Cassey at 10:57 PM
I like to go to the airport when if I'm going for a vacation but I don't like to go to the airport to send off a friend or whatever. =.= Yeaaa.. I don't really like the feeling of separating. But one day when we met, we should know that one day we're going to separate with each other. Anyhow, I think now I can handle this kind of situation much better than previously, I guess. *wondering* @_@

I wonder why recently there are getting more and more friends of my age are going to study abroad. Coming up will be more I think. Seems like very few people are going to stay back in Malaysia, LMAO. ^O^

Few days ago, we went to KLIA to send off Seah who was going to study in Taiwan. And I just realized there was a good spot for photoshooting the airport. @o@

I'm not going to write craps, just straight to the main point. Teeheee! ^o^

See this..

It's her temporary name tag, so that they can easily recognize each other among their group of students. And now she has to study everything in traditional Chinese words. I think it might be a bit difficult for students who weren't from Chinese independent high school like us because we used to study simplified Chinese. Hmmm.. ^_^ Good luck and do your best aights!

And here's the group photo of the day.

Thanks to the camera man, Macro.

I miss her.

Hope everything is doing well at there. Goodbye Seah.. Do take care yourself and all the best for your studies! See you again when you're back next time! *warm hugs*

Here with a random photo taken on that day.

*like this very much*

As well as our farewell photo..

Tadaaaa! I miss the days schooling together, going for tuition classes together, hanging out together, talking craps together, 'kepo' together, playing together, shopping together, being crazy together, partying together, sleeping together, cooking together and all the things we did together. I miss you my dear friend.

Ahhh.. As well as your randomness and the way you talk. *giggling* ^@^

Everyone has their dream. We go around to seek for our right destiny. Hope you can find out what you want exactly at the right place. ^_^ If you have chosen to leave, I'll not ask you to stay because I'll always support what decision you have made.

And it's a right choice for me not being at LCCT now, or else I will be a crying baby? I bet, LOL. =o=

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Tiger Year

Posted by Cassey at 12:22 PM
First of all, it's already almost the end of CNY. Yeaaa, if not mistaken, I think should be two more days to go not including today. =.= I'm already not in the CNY mood since this Monday. College is starting in few more days, thus I'm returning back to Kota Kemuning this weekend. Sighhh.. Seriously, I don't have the mood to study yet. @_@ *yawning*

Before the CNY ends, let me wish all of you HAPPY TIGER YEAR and GONG XI FA CAI once again. ^_^ *smile widely*

So how's your CNY celebration? I guess most of us are just the same, like what we used to do every year. LMAO. ^O^ Taking reunion dinner on 'nian 30' night, visiting around relative's home during CNY days, getting angpaus, visiting friends and sitting together for gambling, friends gathering and parties, staying at home to eat, watch TV and so on. Am I right? In fact, CNY is effin BOREDDD! I prefer the great feeling while waiting for CNY to come rather than stuck at home for doing nothing during CNY days. @_@

However, this year's CNY is slightly different. Very coincidentally valentine's day falls on the first day of CNY. Yeaaa I guess many people feel so bad for these two celebrations fall on the same day. But luckily, my boyfriend and I are from the same hometown. Thus, we could celebrate it. ^_^ I had a memorable and lovely first ever valentine's celebration with my first boyfriend on 'nian 30' night and 'chu 1' respectively. *inside story* This is the first time I received a bouquet of roses in my entire life! And a lot of meaningful gifts from you! LMAO! Thank you soooooo much!

But I'm not going to post about that. =o=

BTW, here are some of the photos during CNY I would love to share.

Reunion dinner on 'nian 30' night. Awww.. My face looks so fat in this photo. Yes, it's a fact, I know that too. ~_~ *pinch my face*

I love CNY because it's the precious chance to spend our time and gathering with all the family members. As well as all the relatives.

My cute cousins. I didn't really take many photos this time because I was not really in the mood. LOL. ^@^

Met up with old classmates and hometown friends almost everyday. Hanged out together.

And we had gathering.

Party night at home which was totally insane. Phewww.. "=.= *inside story*

Outstation friends came to visit. Hope to see you all again next time. ^_^

And this CNY's trend..


My dad bought a set of new mahjung few days before CNY. Yeaaa it's a random decision. After all of us learnt how to play, we were so addicted into it. We spent our time playing mahjung almost everyday. Haha.. ^o^ In conclusion, mahjung is funnnnnn!

Last but not least..

We spent our time with each other wisely throughout these days. Wheeee.. ^O^

As time goes by, he is leaving Malaysia tomorrow. Holidays are coming to the end. But anyway, I will SMILE and say GOODBYE. I'll do my best in my life, on the coming days. Hmmm. ^_^ *grins*

Thanks for everything during this period. I appreciate every single moment we've spent together. When you're not here, I know I'm going to miss you. ❤ Take care and all the best in your studies and works over there!

Keep back the mood, return back to the previous life.

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today I Say

Posted by Cassey at 1:39 PM
Time flies. It's already Saturday today. Emmm.. Many friends have left hometown because holidays are going to end soon. Same goes to me, after next week, new semester is going to start. Awww.. I don't really feel like going back to study because I love this summer break. I don't want it ends that fast but still it is coming. Tsk tsk tsk. =.=

It's still CNY but it is coming to the end? Even though there's still one more week to go. No much CNY mood anymore, it's almost over. @_@ *yawning*

And yeaaa.. Today is 'chu 7', that's 'ren ri' and here I would like to wish everyone HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOL. ^O^

Today is a special day as well.. HAPPY 5 MONTHS ANNIVERSARY!

In fact, I don't really feel good now. Hmmm. *inside story* ~_~

Anyway folks, how's your CNY celebration? As usual, I went to visit friend's house, friends came to my house, gambling, watching TV, drinking or whatever like what we used to do every year. Arghhh, actually it is quite BORINGGG! "=.= However, CNY celebration for this year is slightly different with the previous years because some special occasions come together at the same time. ^_^ I had much funnn throughout these few days and really thanks a lottt!

Beside that, I had a lovely and memorable valentine's day. I treasure it. ❤

No photos in this post but will share about it in my upcoming posts.

Now, I really appreciate every single moment I'm having now. I don't want to leave anything to regret for before the day comes. Forgive my tears because I can't stop myself from being afraid about it. PLEASE BELIEVE ME THAT I CAN DO IT.

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Friday, February 12, 2010

Three Ladies

Posted by Cassey at 3:31 PM
Few days ago, we had a simple and sweet gathering at my shop. LOL, it's not really a gathering, because three of us used to hang out like this. ~.~ Mmmm it's just a our random and last minute plan since last week. We wanted to make sushi together but couldn't find the ingredients. So ended up we decided to cook bolognaise spaghetti. Haha.. ^O^ Seah even told me if we couldn't able to make a meal like this, that would be a BIG JOKE! Ohh well, I think it isn't that tough job aights? Even for the people like me that don't enter kitchen that often! LMAO! =.=

And of course, we did a good job and we had a delicious meal together. ^_^ *grins*

It's really the first time few of us 'playing' like this. That's definitely a memorable day for us, I guess. I wonder when can we gather like this again in the future..

No matter how is it, we won't forget to camwhore and smile to the camera! Haha! ^O^

The food is ready to be served! *drools* ^@^

Smile to the camera again! Weheeee.. ^o^

I love all the photos taken together. These are just part of them.

Oppssss.. =.=

*revenge back* ^@^

Good posers we are. LOL! ^O^ And do you realize that all of us are wearing similar specs? What a trend..

Yeaaa.. I used to spend my time with two of them in hometown throughout these few years, after graduated from Form 5. I know we're going to separate very soon. Mmmm, I guess we won't hang out that frequent like this already in the future. Next time we are not only at different places in same country, but all in different countries. ~.~

Glad to have you girls to stay by my side when I need you. Although there are ups and downs, but we still came to be good friends for each other. Maybe that's our FATE. ^_^ *smile widely* Thanks for being a good listener and advisor throughout these days. Thanks for 'bullying' me. Thanks for doing crazy things together with me. Thanks for crapping with me. Thanks for caring about me. Thanks for being able to share about anything. Thanks for EVERYTHING. *bigggg hugs*

I don't know when is the next time we can gather like that again.. Still, I always spent good times with you girls.


BTW, I'm totally in the CNY mood now. This morning went to fetch my sister back from her national service camp with my brother. All my family members are back to home! Wohoooo! ^o^

Tomorrow is already CNY eve, and it's time to take reunion dinner. Yayyy! I'll be kinda busy on coming days so I'm not going to update my blog. So to all of you who are going back to hometown to celebrate CNY, wish you all have a safe journey aights?

I can't wait for all the relatives to come back.. I can't wait for all the friends to come back.. Can't wait to see all of you. ^@^

Hey folks, HAPPY CNY! HAPPY TIGER YEAR! GONG XI FA CAI! Have a prosperous, wonderful new year and a great year ahead!

Ohh ya.. Not forgetting to wish all of you HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! It is just around the corner. *wink*

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Title

Posted by Cassey at 5:15 PM
The weather is effin hotttttttttt recently. Arghhh! "=.= *yelling*

Tsk tsk tsk.. I feel like taking some cold drinks but too bad I'm still having a little bit flu and cough. Sighhh.. I want to recover as soon as possible, tried various ways but still FAILED. @_@ But I'm already much better than few days before. Something touched me which was out of my expectation had happened and really thanks a lot! ❤

LOL, I don't know what should I do now. This kind of weather makes me feel so lazy to do ANYTHING! There are still things need to be done in my to-do-list but the hot day really freaks me outtttttt! #$%^&*()(*&^%$#!$%^&*()(*&^%!!! @o@

CNY is coming in less than one week, few more days to go. My elder brother came home today, younger sister is coming back from national service this Friday whereas all the relatives and friends are coming back soon too! Can't wait to see them. Yayyy! ^O^ CNY mood is ACTIVATEDDD! *excited*

BTW, few friends are leaving to study abroad before and after this CNY, I mean by this month. Good luck and all the best to you guys aights? Gonna miss you all very much when you guys are not here. ^_^

These few days were busy hanging out with friends, preparation for CNY and of course outing with him. ❤

In fact, nothing special had happened. So I got nothing to blog about.

And I'm so lazy to update my NZ posts. Sorry for still keep delaying. I guess I probably will not updating anymore later on. You know I'm a lazy girl. LMAO. ~o~

Wee wang wang wee wang wang..

As well as the recent me. ^_< *wink*

Time flies.. Everything just like happened in a short while. How I wish the time will just stop at the moment, but it won't. Thus, I will appreciate what I'm having now, I really do.

As what I used to say, life still goes on..

Let bygones be bygones, I know there are some changes I need to make, time and actions will prove everything. Sorry if I have ever done anything that made you unhappy or uncomfortable with me before. ^_^ *inside story*

Things will turn out differently, don't worry. TRUST ME.

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hey Folks

Posted by Cassey at 9:54 PM
Hellooooooo I'm here! LOL. ^O^

Time flies. It's the new month February now. HAPPY NEW MONTH folks! I know I'm late. Sorry for that. ~.~ Anyway, this will be a happening month I guess. Ahemm! *coughing* It's Chinese New Year celebration, Valentine's day, last month of my summer holidays and many friends are leaving for further studies soon! @_@

Errr.. Roughly three more weeks to go, he is leaving Malaysia for his new semester too. =_=

I'm having flu now, haizz.. Seems like going to sick soon. Awww.. I don't want! CNY is just around the corner and I must recover before it comes! Urghhh! I don't want to be a sick person during such special celebration! =_= *yelling* I must rest more, drink more water and bla bla bla.. Arghhh! I WANT TO RECOVER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! @o@

BTW, I'm in the process of updating the post of NZ trip day 4. Editing photos really takes time because I don't know which one to post or don't. Haha! Soooo many photos I would love to share. ^_^ Stay tuned!

I've been busy with preparation for CNY recently. Helping my mum to prepare some biscuits, shopping to buy food and drinks for CNY and we're going to clean up the house this weekend. You know what, we used to feel very excited for the coming of CNY, especially the preparation process. But normally during exact CNY that time, it will be very boringgggg. Don't you agree with that? ^@^ *wondering* That's why I enjoy the days before the coming of CNY!

I'm enjoying my recent life hanging out so frequent with you. How I wish the time will just stop here..

I'm not going out tonight, because I'm going to bed after this. Want to go for jogging tomorrow morning because my mum has started to complain that I'm getting fat now! Arghhh! I want to keep fit! And I want to be a good girl. LMAO. ~_~

Eeee.. I don't know what's the main point of this post, just updating this to keep my blog alive! Hehehe! I'm so random one. ^o^ *peace out*

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

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