Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My new college life..^_^

Posted by Cassey at 8:06 PM
This is the first day I've started my college life. I have enter Tunku Abdul Rahman College in Setapak, taking Diploma in Advertising.^_^ I'm a freshman of this college, a totally new student. This should be the time that I'm really leaving my family, my sweet home, my hometown and everything. At there, everything is totally new to me.^o^ I can't explain my feeling, feel like excited, but also a bit upset. I don't know why, very weird."=.=

However, I must be happy with it. This is a new life for me.>o< I wish what I hope will get it here. Not forcing, but just let it goes smoothly.~.~ I have already met some new friends. Hope I will get to know more next time in this new environment.^_^

Well, I wish I could adapt with the new environment as soon as possible. College life, is totally different with what I had during secondary school.^o^ Some people said that it is fun, and is better than what we had in secondary school. Em.. Don't know, just wait and see..~.~ I will start my course next week, lecturer, tutorial, this and that. Actually I still not very clear about it. Just wait and see, I will get the answer soon.^_^

Hm..~.~ This is a new life, new experience for me. Everything is new at here, and I'm starting a new life. I hope this will be a good and wonderful life for me. I don't want what had fallen to me during secondary school that time falls to me again at here.T.T I will try my best anyway. I must take care at everywhere, no matter inside or outside the college. Family, thanks for the concern and don't too worry about me. I will take care myself.^o^

All the best of luck, Chin! For the new life in TARC.. Many new challenges are waiting for me..^_^

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An incident will change everything!T.T

Posted by Cassey at 10:31 PM
Recently, I heard a news about my cousin's friend who is also my friend too.>o< I was shocked and sad when I heard about it yesterday, she was involved in an accident that morning at the town where she was studying, Melaka."=.= In my mind, she was a normal and healthy girl, and also a pretty cute girl. When I heard the news that moment, my heart really dropped down. I was very very upset when I knew about it yesterday.T.T

That accident occurred when 6 of her friends were sitting in a Kancil drove by a boy friend early in the morning. What I heard is the boy was playing tricks on the road.~.~ And suddenly out of control and an accident happened. Everyone in the car was alright, only her was injured seriously.@_@ Why? Why this thing will happen on her? Why such thing will happen at the person around me? I really couldn't accept this thing when I heard about it. How come?T.T I can't imagine how is her feeling. I'm wondering how is her mind.

What I heard is her condition is not very good. She might lie on the bed for half of a year.>o<>o< Let say if she become paralyze, what can you do? The rest of her life she need to sit on the wheel chair? She can't give birth in the future?T.T I'm very very sorry to hear about this. She is still young, only 19 years old, still got long way to go.~.~ If she really that unlucky, what will the boy do? What can he pay?@_@

We can't do anything now. We are helpless. We won't know how the pain she is having in her body.T.T I know, I can only pray for her. Hopefully she will recover soon. Wish to see her like last time I met her. Walking normally, looked pretty.^_^ Now? I don't know. God will bless her, everyone beside her will support her. Don't give up! It might be the toughest moment in her whole life, but don't worry! She'll be fine! I'm sure and I hope that!>o<

Even though we are not very close friends, but at least we know each other. SHY, good luck..^o^

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

They will be back soon..>o<

Posted by Cassey at 12:02 PM
This morning I was overslept again."=.= My younger sister woke me up. Hm.. It's Wednesday, 7th of May.^_^ Dad and mum, they are coming back tomorrow, 8th of May! Yeah! They are coming back soon. Two weeks, we don't see them. I admit that I miss them very much.T.T Finally, they will be back very soon.

I think they must have a happy journey in Switzerland. Wow, a fantastic tour I think!>o< How I wish next time I will same like my parents, go to my dream country with my beloved. Lol..^o^ Dad must be extremely excited, I can imagine his face after he is back from his journey. He loves travelling, I can see his happiness and enjoyment during every journey. Mum, she must be very happy too. But I'm quite worry with her body's health. But I think should be alright.^_^

Yesterday I dreamed of them, haha..^o^ Maybe I'm too missing them. I can't wait to see their photos took in that country. I can't wait to share all about their journey. Tomorrow, I can see them already.~.~ They will depart from Zurich today 10.15pm, and arriving KL at 9.10pm. Arriving home should be at midnight 1am like that. Phew.. They must be very tired."=.= But I think they are happy.

Hm.. I wondering when they are back, and see the chicken pox on my sister, what is their reaction? Keke..^o^ They must be very surprise and blame us. I think we will get scolded, but nevermind, we can explain to them. And they will understand. Hohoho.. Can't wait until they are back!>o<

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Welcome to my blog!^o^

Posted by Cassey at 12:47 PM
Hello everybody!^_^ This is my new created account in "Blogspot". Actually I'm already have a few blogging website, including MSN, Wretch and this is the third one.^@^ Well, all are using different methods. MSN is I'm just typing it based on my feeling. Wretch is writing in Chinese. While this one, em.. I also not sure yet!^o^ I think I will use proper English and Chinese, haha..>o< Another way for me to improve my language. I'm too boring recently, so I created this. And I would like to share many things with everyone here. Hopefully you all will drop me some comments after viewing my blog.^_^

This is the first article I dropped here. Next time I will spend more time to update my blog. I would like to share a lot of interesting articles if I see it from somewhere.@_@ Em.. Not only these I think, still got many more. Haha..^o^ Wow.. I don't know what can I write now. Nothing special and no new things.>o< Just here to wish you all have a nice day everyday!

Take care.^_^

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