Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Randomly Say

Posted by Cassey at 6:59 PM
Out of a sudden, I feel like blogging these. ;D

1.) So I actually just recovered from sick yesterday, I guess. =P Emm but I'm not dare to simply eat yet because I scare my stomach will feel upset again, yet I did start to eat food normally today. Awww.. At least now is better than last few days that I couldn't eat and sleep due to vomit and diarrhea, pity me.. ='( *sniff sniff* Ahhh! I can smell the aroma of soup, can't wait for the dinner later since my appetite is back! Weee! XD

2.) I'm 'proudly' to say that.. To be frank, I didn't really care to bother about my body health until I got sick. Sleeping late, facing laptop continuously, eating unhealthy food, not doing exercise, don't care about my panda eyes and pale face.. I gotta take care of myself seriously, from now on.. Yea maybe, I'm not kidding. =( Previously I have been so disobedient, and made everyone who concerned me worried for me!! Maybe what they said was true.. I'm really giving myself a promise. Thank you for loving me, I should love myself more, I mean it genuinely. ♥

3.) Just decided that I'm going back hometown with my sister this weekend! I miss my parents and siblings! ♥ Need to settle up some stuffs as well.. Anyway.. Woohooo! I'm so excited! =DDDD *jump around*

4.) Group project for CB is okay I think, but IM feasibility study got a bit slow progress because everyone has been busy with many other assignments.. =/ Eee.. Need to catch up already!! After this I gotta do my CB tutorial and then try to complete my parts by tonight. *set a target* Tsk tsk tsk..

5.) My schedule will be packed on coming days!! =S Still got three assignments to submit during end of the month, but at the same time gotta start with take home final test for two subjects already. After that, gonna prepare for final exam that falls on end of the November. Something I'm gonna be stress out is, the only two papers exam's date falls on 23rd November 5.30pm and 24th November 8.30am respectively. *speechless* =/

6.) I feel happy today. Yea, the first time ever in my college/uni life. XD I scored good marks for both of my mid-terms, and the highest in the whole unit for this subject. Really unexpected.. =))) At least, I didn't disappoint myself, because I did work hard for it. In fact I thought I did wrongly after completed my paper that time, I was so emo, but thanks God I didn't! Awww! This is the best encouragement for myself to work harder for coming subjects.. especially during final exam. ='D

7.) Time flies.. It's almost the middle of October now. I will be staying at Kota Kemuning until end of next month. OMG I don't know how to describe my feeling.. D= I have been living with my uncle's family like two and half years already. I gonna miss them.. =(

8.) Recently I flipped through the old 'histories' and found many interesting parts. *giggle* =DDD Somebody had actually said something like this to me before.. Emm yea it's quoted during the year of 2005, when I was Form 3 and he was Form 4. "I like to see you, because when you smile you're so sweet, then I'll be very happy." *laugh loudly* Weee!! I feel happy, I really mean it. Just don't know why this sentence keep appearing on my mind lately.. Whenever I think of it, I will just smile. The smile comes out from my heart. *grin* =))) Sometimes, a small thing can mean everything. ♥ I gonna force him to say this AGAIN! *evil laugh*

9.) I love going to college today. Errr I love my uni life! In fact I enjoyed the process of studying and doing assignments, but just sometimes of course. Arrr the most satisfying part is after completing an assignment, presentation or an exam!! But the best is getting good marks! =) Yet.. Sometimes I will feel so pissed off! *inside story* =S Okay ignoring those workloads, I'm enjoying my college days with my babes and dudes! That's the most important part.. I love my awesome college mates. ;D Sighh but I think I gonna miss them badly after this semester.. ='( *tears rolling in eyes*

And this is my look today.

10.) Spot the 'zebra' on my body?! I like it so much! LOL! XD It's a surprise birthday gift from my girls last week. Thanks to all of you! Weee! I love that outing, it has made us find back the feeling of those foundation days. Can't wait to hang out with you all again next time, if we can make it ASAP. =)

11.) Hi Papa! Hi Mama! Hi Ah Gor! Hi Ah Yuen! Hi Ah Eng! ♥

12.) I miss my ji mui's. How's life going on? Take care. Thanks Li for the birthday post, I love it so much! ♥ You made me miss all of you so badly right now.

13.) I miss crazying around with LLF gang. Qian you are so random for asking us to go for picnic.. XD

14.) I miss eating satays with my brothers.

15.) I can't wait for the three months summer holidays to come, because I think I got planning already. Heee! =)))) Plans are as below:
- Vacation with family is a MUST! XP
- Meeting up/Gathering with old friends
- Preparation for next year's CNY
- Wish to have a vacation with my college mates.. =(
- etc *secret missions*

16.) I don't love my boyfriend because he doesn't say he loves me. ='DDDD

17.) I'm inspired to speak Hakka right now, just don't know why. *scratch head* ma ngin dek han zoh dek tong ngai gong kak fa? loi twitter wui ying bun ngai! em goi sai!! =P

18.) Million of thanks for the belated birthday gifts! They mean a lot to me!! =) *touched* Really appreciate it! Especially for the gift from Bangkok, and the quote.. "ngo dei gong sam mm gong gam gehh.." It's really a pleasure for me! Weee!! ;D

19.) I'm not lame, sometimes human just need to release their feeling, it's just another way to express myself. I love writing though I'm not a journalist or good writer. I love my blog. My blog is my space, my own thing. I can use in anyway I want, I like to write whatever I want. Please respect my freedom and privacy. This is my life, not yours. Stop judging so much. Thank you. Okay I better stop now, gotta get back on track after this.

20.) I think I'm a happy girl today. =D

Till then,
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