Wednesday, April 29, 2009


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I'm doing the Econs assignment 2 which we supposed to submit on last week's Econs tutorial class. ~Well, we were not lazy. Is just we were unable to finish the task on time which was given on that day. @_@~ At the same time, I'm eating sushi which I bought from Jaya Jusco Sunway Pyramid just now. *enjoying* ~Kinda full already actually.~ Sighh, I thought I could finish when decided to buy this, but now I probably wasting. Sorry. T.T Anyway, recently I fall in love with eating Japanese food, don't know why. Just now the taste of sushi appeared on my mind, that's why I went to buy. Maybe the taste don't really satisfy me, that's why I feel full at the moment. *speechless*
Sushi from Jaya Jusco, haha.. ^o^ ~My supper tonight.~
Awww, I went to BB7 and checked e-mail just now. Suddenly so many assignments were given! Oh my god! *shocked* I guess, I gonna be busy soon. The first assignment, Book Review need to be submitted on next Thursday, but I still haven't finish reading the book. "=.= Well, that's me who always burn the midnight oil. Haha.. Like now, still rushing for the assignment. ~Although I have started to do this morning.~ Went to facebook, friendster, hotmail, Gmail and several websites, like what I used to do everytime online. ^_^ *yawning*
Oh yeah, I'm having 'short holiday' this two days, like what I have mentioned at last post. All the lecturers went to a workshop or something like practical training. Guess what I've done these two days? Answer is NOTHING. *laughing* Yesterday, I was just online and surfing the Internet almost the whole day, reading my book, eating and sleeping only. How embarrassed to say about that, like a useless one! Hahahaha.. *hiding face* It's all due to my laziness again! Grrrrr! At night, I was busy chatting with my friends. And I was on call with three friends in a night. Ishhh. ~.~ I slept so late, eyes were soooo tired due to sitting in front of laptop for too long. And yeah, this is the example of one of the consequences. ~I took this in the morning when I just woke up.~
Terrible PANDA EYES and HEAVY EYE BAGS. ~Photo is edited anyway.~
So people, don't follow this bad habit, SLEEP LATE and PLAY TOO MUCH COMPUTER. Because the degree of the short sightedness will be increasing too. *sad*
However, today I had a fun day with my girls. *wink* We celebrated An Na's belated birthday. ~Sorry for this simple late celebration ya, my dear. ^_^~ "Although it isn't a big celebration, but we hope you enjoyed today." I enjoyed today anyway. Hohoho. ^o^ We went to WongKok at Sunway Pyramid at the first, then to Redbox for four hours, lastly we had our memorable photo stickers! ~Playing for the whole day, now only rush for assignments. Zzzzz.~ As what I have promised, I have scanned this into the computer, but I haven't cut into small pieces la. So I can't scan it yet. I will do it later, can? After I have done my assignment. ^@^
"Yo, girls! This is photo you all want!" *peace*
We took a lot of nice photos today, unfortunately I haven't get. I'll post it when I get all, ok? Hehe.. ^o^ Stay tuned! *tired*
I shall continue with my work. Class on 8am tomorrow. Arrrr..
**ChiNcHiN is doing Econs assignment 2 and eating sushi.**

Monday, April 27, 2009


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As usual, a new Monday, another new week. ^_^ But this week is slightly different, because there is NO CLASSES on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY which is just announced recently. ~Maybe, just got the Introduction to Economics class lo.~ If not mistaken, all the lecturers are going to a workshop. Not only SOC, but also TCHT and others I guess. I'm wondering how about main campuses? @_@ However, assignments are still given. And there's still assignments for other subjects. I don't really feel like doing it, haha.. ~Zzzzz, I'm so lazy la! "=.=~
Hmmm, came back just to study for today, then rest for two days, and one more day of classes on Thursday. Walaooo! Then I have no class on Friday due to time table and its labour day too. I'm wondering to go back to hometown or not this weekend. Ummm. On the other hand, when I think about the Genting trip, I'm wondering if you all make it on 28th and 29th but not 29th and 30th, then I can join. *laughing* But impossible la, too rush already. Nevermind, looking forward next time k. "Wish all of you have fun!" ^o^
Last few days was in hometown. Did what I used to do. Saturday night, hanged out with few LLF buddies. And yeah, we rode the motorcycle and went to the park, actually it was kinda scary for me. ~I was pretty afraid that day seriously.~ "Anyway, really had fun with you guys, all the time." Came back with my 'big boss' yesterday, he is really a good joker la. We laughed most of the time all the way back. ^_^
Back to today, it was just an ordinary day. I took these after Moral Studies class in the morning has finished.
I like this but why you say not nice? Haha.. ^@^ So natural pose. *wink*

Three of them busy with their things.

JQ is the most hardworking girl, still asking questions after the class. @_@


My college friends

Me and JQ who has very fair skin. ~Aiyo, so envy leh. Wakakaka. ^o^~
Guess what? Kar Chun from TARC came over to Taylor's PJ campus today! Hahahaha! "Really happy to meet you after a long time!" Had a nice chat with this 'old friend' today. Suppose to be old coursemate too, haha.. ^_^ ~Actually he is at SS15 recently, and he came here to 'support' his friend, then we met up as well.~

Me and Kar Chun

The cakes in blue, haha.. "=.= ~Thanks for spending me some.~
"Hey, Kar Chun. Next time come here to find me again k. Hehe.. ^@^"
After the Social Psychology class of the day, the college day ended. This photo is taken at Seven Eleven near my college while I was waiting for car. And I had red bean potong too. ~Although the people in the shop were laughing at us. Haha.. @_@~
An Na and I with the cute doll
And yeah, today I received a wedding invitation card from my classmate, Nur Izrein. It was so surprising, and it's the first ever wedding invitation I've got so far. "CONGRATULATION IZREIN!" *wink* Her wedding falls on 16th of May, which is during the end of the coming one week holiday. ^o^

That is the map on how to go to the place. Awww, I don't know where is the location la. ~.~ *wondering* ~Actually I'm kinda excited, don't know why.~
It's a special college day after all. Kinda happy. Don't know why. ~Hmmm, I couldn't meet up with someone today huh. See you next week, if you read this.~ Planning what to do on tomorrow. Sighh. ^_^
**ChiNcHiN is in a desperate mood now.**

Saturday, April 25, 2009


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Arrrr.. *yawning* ^O^ I'm at hometown currently, back to here yesterday. ~Yeah! I didn't come back already for three weeks. Miss everyone la.~ What can I say is, hometown is still the BEST! However, the weather is TOO BAD! WHAT A HOT DAY! Zzzzz.. ~.~ I'm sweating, and even feel sleepy. Gonna take a nap after this. Mum is getting better now, happy to see that. ~Because she is willing and energetic to scold me now, muahaha!~
I didn't blog last few days, as I was kinda busy, no even online for quite long. Haha.. ^@^ ~Which was actually just two days."=.=~ Was so happy. Why? Oh well, shhh! *wink* The plan went smoothly on Thursday. I really had fun with you all. And really out of expectation. ^_^ Yesterday, I supposed to back kinda early because I don't have class on every Friday. Since I'm following Keat's car, so we gotta wait for others and back together. Jiun and Poh were having exam until 4pm, so we spent that period for a movie at KLCC. ~Since it is so near to TARC.~
We parked our car at Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju, then walked to the Wangsa Maju Putra LRT station. ~Exercise more la, like what we said.~ We thought like wanted to watch the horror movie 'Coming Soon', but due to the time, we couldn't make it. At the end, we watched the movie, 'Crossing Over'. @_@ ~What a lame movie, haha! ^o^~ *speechless*
We took these photos while on the way back from KLCC in the Putra LRT. *laughing*
This is taken without his attention. ^_^
This is taken with my attention. "=.= *giggling* ~Actually just posing la, but I like.~
Alright, for this movie, I really don't know what can say about. ~.~ Not really nice, and all the way Keat and I were asking each other: "Why this one like this?", "Why that one like that ah?", "Who is this?" and many more questions. In conclusion, this movie was ended up with "WHY?" for us. So many question marks. And we were like wanted to leave during the half way of the movie. Sighh, if not wanted to spend time in rush, we wouldn't choose this movie too. @_@ *shaking head*
Once again, dissapointed for can't join the Genting trip with ex-TARCians due to classes. Then the Seremban trip? Also can't make it I think. Hmmm. "=.= I suppose to be studying now, as I'm having Moral quiz on coming Monday. Don't know how many marks for the assessment. Then for the assignments, lazy to start la. But I have already getting started to read 'Tuesdays With Morrie' recently. *sleepy* Will back to Kota Kemuning tomorrow. Huhu.
Life seems going better recently. Hope it goes on well. ^_^ *peace*
**ChiNcHiN is very hot, ishhh!**

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


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Awww! Finally I'm done with my English Research Proposal. I mean last night. @_@ *round of applause* Once again, the job at the last moment, burnt the midnight oil yesterday. Wakaka, its an unchanged habit. Sighh. This morning went to college, still made some changes onto it at library, as I did some mistakes at the format, and gotta do some correction. Although I have submitted my proposal, now I'm still wondering if I have done it correctly? Hmmm. "=.= Ok, stop thinking about that already la! ~But I really put much effort for this time seriously, haha! ^o^~
Actually many assignments are given to us, but I'm still so relaxing here. Too bad. *shaking head* Because the due date is not that early, so I keep postponing it. Today then say tomorrow do, tomorrow then say the day after tomorrow. Ishhh, I should change this bad habit! ~I MUSTTTTTT?! Say only.~ *laughing* Laziness, going to kill me! Grrr! "Ok la, my girls, let's change our bad habits together k? Wakakaka. ^@^"
English For College Studies 3: English research *in the process*
Media Appreciation: 5 assignments, first with book review *still reading*
Social Psychology: 2 assignments, title will be given out this week
Introduction to Economics: Weekly assignments
Moral Studies: A group assignment on issue study *not yet start*
Sincerly, I like this semester. At least I know what I'm doing, what I actually want. I realized, what is my purpose in life. And I live much better recently. ^_^ ~Yes, is YOU. The one who gave me a BIG LESSON. How are you?~
Alright, this is actually a random post. Yesterday I went to college as usual, so early in the morning. I was alone in the class. Before class started and my friends came, I had some random shoots. For the 'early bird' to college. ~.~
~I'll just post one up here la. See my swollen eyes. @_@~
After classes, Cheryl sent me and QQ to Taylor's main campus library. We wanted to borrow books for the use of our assignments. I was glad that I got all the books I needed. *happy* And thanks to QQ for borrowing me the 'place' to get all the books. Oh ya, it was the first time I went to the library. Seriously, it's sucks! Leisure Commerce Square's library is much better, and the facilities too. *wink* After that, An Na and both of them went to Old Town to drink tea but I didn't join because I wanted to save money and my aunty was already there. ^_^
Besides, yesterday after I took my nap, I accompanied my cousin to the garden nearby to ride bicycle as he requested. That evening, I thought of my childhood. *silent*
My cousin brother Jek Kee
I was sitting at bench, leaving my slippers on the grass, trying to read my book but failed, ended up with taking photos busily. ~.~ Oh well, looked at a group of Malay children playing football, few boys were riding bicycle, an old man was jogging, few ladies were chatting there and a few more, which has made me thought of my previous childhood life. The feeling was great. ~Although the weather was hot that time. "=.=~ Beside that, I just realized actually it was a good destination for photoshooting. ~Next time when I got my camera, let's shoot!~
And yeah, sometimes letting ourselves to RELAX is the BEST WAY to release STRESS! ~Beside than drinking alcohol, wakaka. ^@^~
Opss, I got an assignment to be presented during tomorrow's tutorial class for Media Appreciation! Should start now. Haha..
Last but not least,
which falls on 23rd of April (tomorrow)!
"Sorry for can't join your birthday celebration tonight ya. Wish you have a wondeful and blessed 20 years old! Friendship forever, and heart you always. Mwahh! ^@^"
*with love*
**ChiNcHiN is on call with a friend via MSN.**

Monday, April 20, 2009


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It's the new week, new day. And it's a BUSY and TIRED day. Oh well, it's FUN after all. Haha.. ^o^ *laughing* Today we almost travelled all around the Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya and Damansara area. Wakakaka.. "=.= *joking* Today Cheryl drove to college, she got it from her uncle's house at Ampang and it's a good beginning for all of us because driving really more convenient. ~How I wish I have mine too. T.T~
Let the post this day get started with the beauty of the sky in the morning. Once again, another beautiful sky with pink clouds today. And the sun rose. *serious* At the same position I captured this, and it's pretty awesome. ~I like these sooo much.~
Class started at 8 o'clock in the morning as usual. However, it ended earlier because it was the Moral Studies class. You know, it was almost two hours earlier. *unhappy* ~Hey, we paid soooo much but you always finish class so early, zzzzz. Not worth la!~ Sighh, but although we still continued staying in class, also couldn't learn many things too. @_@
After class, we accompanied Cheryl to go to Shah Alam's pos laju office to collect something. Yeah, our journey has started. Guess what? We spent almost an hour to reach there, and only five minutes to back SS15. *oh my god* We didn't know the road, went here and there until we found the place, at the end we just knew that we actually could go there without PAYING TOL. ~.~ *speechless* But it was fun!
Next, we headed to SS15 for lunch. The food at the cafe we went was sucks, luckily Cheryl and I bought the 'Pan Mee' to there to eat. ^_^ ~Sighh, I miss the taste now.~ After lunch, we went back to college for the next class.

College ended at 3 o'clock in the afternoon after the Social Psychology class. We supposed to be going to Neway Puchong for a karaoke session to celebrate An Na's birthday but failed due to some reasons. T.T First, we went to Summit near Casa Subang to buy crickets for Kazaf's spider. But when we reached there, the shop was closed. Anyway, I got my 'Tuesdays with Morrie'. ^o^ At the end, four of us went to One Utama to look for Qer Xin's high heels as she is going to attend a prom night this Friday at MMU.

~Girls in the car, haha! ^o^~

The reflection? It supposed to be. "=.=
However, at the end, Cheryl bought a pair of new shoes, but Qer Xin didn't. *laughing* After that, we headed to night market at SS2. ~Yeah, it was the purpose for us today! Eating time!~ We were soooo hyper in the car when we found a parking place. ~How lucky we were that time!~

Night market

Food ~Arrr, I want to eat!~ *hungy* ~.~
We had different types of food today, such as prawn mee, asam laksa, keropok, 'mua qi' and many more. Wowww! Took so many delicious food! We really enjoyed! So full! ~What also eat, wondering the next day will grow pimples or not. @_@~ And yeah, what's so surprising was I saw the pure CONFESSION OF SHOPAHOLIC! *laughing* Haiyo, Cheryl turned to be like the 'san gu liu po', sooooo hyper and funny la! Yvonne, Qer Xin and I kept laughing about it.
At the end of the day, let's have some photoshoots!

Four of us

Bought many things ah! Wakakaka. ^o^ ~Actually is just posting!~
I reached home at 10.30pm. Was freaking tired. A busy day I had with you girls. But it's fun laughing all the day. When's the next day? Let's go to eat at other places somemore! *wink*
And yeah, I supposed to be completing the English Research Proposal now. But I'm sooooo tired. How? *yawning*
"Thank you for the day, my girls. Love you all!"

**ChiNcHiN is freaking tired and wants to sleep.**

Sunday, April 19, 2009


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This post is special for someone I heart. ^_^ *smile* Before I start this post, let me begin with a few delicious food I had on today. I just love too much. ~Awww, think of eating again. Zzzzz.. "=.=~
First, that is 'bah kut teh' at Klang! Yeah, I used to come to this shop to eat, and it is soooo TASTY! The name of the shop is call, errr, don't know what 'Nan xxxxx Cha Hang'. ~So careless, I forgot the name!~ I like it soooo badly, and I miss the taste all the time! *hungry* ^@^
Next, it's the Madam Kwan's Nasi Lemak. I have heard about it for quite a long time, but I didn't ever tried it. Finally, I had it at Pavilion KL today. It was NICE. ^o^ *peace* ~Thanks darling. ^_^~

Oh well, I should start the purpose of this post today. ^@^ Someone brought me to eat this, thank you very much! And that's she is. *point at her*

My darling, MICHELLE LAI CHAI YI. *smile* ~Well, I'm just like doing promotion. Haha.. ^o^~ This post is special for you.

We have appointed with each other for this meeting since last week. Haizz, I'm sooo sorry for couldn't make it at the last moment due to something happened in my family suddenly. ~.~ SORRY once again. ~Although you kept telling me that its ok.~ Finally, we made it by today. Yeah, we were going to meet at Pavilion Starbucks on 12pm. *excited*
I arrived earlier than half an hour due to my transportation. As we wished, I brought what we have asked each other to bring. I was walking alone on the street, thought of you and sincerly, I was freaking NERVOUS but JOYFUL. ~Haha.. "=.= Really. Just sooo excited! Can't wait to see you that time!~ I was wondering could you recognize who am I? What would be going on when we met? And so on.
I sat there and sent SMS to you, and yeah, you called me when you arrived. I went to the washroom and tidied up myself. *laughing* ~Hoho, I want to let you to see me in the best condition ma. ^_^~ At the escalator, until I see Starbucks, you know my feeling was sooo.. Arrr, hard to describe in words. I looked inside the shop, but didn't see any shadows of you. After I turned to another position, I saw a familiar person was smiling at me and walking towards me. I was like: "Oh! That's YOU! Finally we MEET!"

"I'm glad to see you after five years. ^_^"
Today was a WONDERFUL and MEMORABLE day for me, how about you? *hoping* We took a lot of photos, chit chat a lot, bought the same shirt, took our photo stickers, ate together, had fun TOGETHER! I didn't expect that even though it was the third time we met each other since we knew, but we could be so close. ^@^
I really appreciate the relationship between us.
You know, before today, I didn't really expect the relationship between us tend to be so much. Now, I know, there's a person really reached me, be in my heart. That's YOU. ^_^ *hug*
I have a lot of things to tell you. I LOVE YOU. ~You know, right? Haha.. ^o^~

Chin and CaiE *peace* ~We took many photos, but these are just some of them. And some are so private and confidential!~ *wink*

*with love*
Special for: Darling Michelle Lai Chai Yi
Our friendship was built using a pen. It was about ten years ago, when I was ten years old, and you were nine years old. It was a MIRACLE between you and me as there's a lot of childish incidents had happened to us while we began to make friends. ~Thanks god, luckily that time you didn't ignore me after I complaint about you. ^_^~ I guess both of us began with hatred, because as you know you're the only one that I dislike the most. Wakakaka. Right? And I'm the one who made you get mad, haha.. ^o^ We started our friendship, from writing one page, two pages, three pages until today, which could be up to twenty pages per letter. Well, it wasn't enough because we just have unfinished things to talk about.
Seriously, I didn't really remember when was the first time I met you already. You came to my place, I was so happy! But I was wondering was it appropriate to meet up? However, I'm glad to see you. The second time, you came without my attention. It was totally a big surprise! I didn't know that you would come for second time. ^@^ ~Yeah, want to see back our photos? Keke..~ This was the third time we have seen each other, aren't we?
From day to day, time to time, we got to know each other better. Even it was just the third time we met, but we could be like old friends for years. Looking back our letters, I have found that the changes between us from age to age. Throughout the process of growing, THANK YOU for being at my side all the time. Thanks for giving me advice and being a good listener, even though in words. *give a bow*
WORDS, can be so meaningful. Just special for both of us. ^o^
After today, I just realized that our relationship tend to be so much. Thanks for your letter, your planning tools to colour up my life, yours and my name chain, your lovely gift, and you YOURSELF. @_@ Thanks for EVERYTHING you have done to me. Sincerly, I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH. But for myself, I found that I didn't really do much for you. Sorry if I have dissapointed you. ~I apologize for being sooo heartless. T.T~
After today, we got to know each other much better. Don't you feel that we got a lot of similarities? That's so funny and coincidence! Perhaps we can guess what each other are thinking. And yeah, you are just like a part of me. YOU HAVE BECOME A PART OF MY LIFE. ^@^
I really hope our relationship will be maintained today, tomorrow and always. I mean, FOREVER. Can we? I want to be with you all the time.

THANK YOU, MY DARLING CHAI YI. I HEART YOU. ~No one can grab away her from me ya! Haha.. Except? Wakakaka. Shhh! ^o^~
Hope to see you again next time. Mwahhh! ^@^ *hug and kiss* ~These are all I want to tell you, truly from my heart. Won't mind that I post it up here?~
At the end, let me show my favourite photos of the day.
Same with yours. Hahaha.. ^o^ *wink* ~I miss you, take care and all the best!~
**ChiNcHiN is trying the best to do English Research Proposal.**

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