Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 Begins Here

Posted by Cassey at 10:12 PM
greetings for the new year of 2011! :)))

hello peeps, this is my first post of the year! #even though today is already the last day of the month. ;) i know i'm kinda late for this, sorry for neglecting my blog again and again. to whoever that is reading this, i wanna say million of thanks for still viewing, supporting and following my page throughout these days. i really appreciate your concern towards me. :'D

so let's talk about how's everything going on recently.

i'm still having my summer break at the moment. xD chinese new year is just around the corner, almost every day we're busy with cleaning up the house, going to market, making biscuits, basically it's doing the preparation for the coming celebration. although it's quite tiring sometimes but every moment is worthwhile. i spent my time wisely with my family, especially dad and mum. ♥

not forgetting to meet up with plenty of friends, as many of them are already back to hometown! i like the feeling when special occasion like this is drawing near, we can meet up with a lot of familiar faces. old friends gathering is another thing that can't be missed out. last night was awesome, and thanks a lot for the unexpected surprise. :) #i really appreciate it.

as we grow older, many things have changed. somehow this is a good thing isn't it.. :)

by now, i don't like rainy days. the weather like this has lasted for more than one week already. it makes all the clothes at home hard to get dry. it's so inconvenient for us to get out from the house to shop for chinese new year. sigh! anyway, according to weather forecast, tomorrow the weather will turn back to sunny day. i really hope so. :( *pray hardly*

tomorrow is gonna be another good day for me, as my both beloved ones are coming back!! can't wait to see them! ♥

now i just realized i'm leaving home soon. i really hope the time can slow down. :(((

okay i think i'm not gonna blog again until after chinese new year, after my departure, after i settle down there perhaps.. i still got plenty of stuffs need to be done! :X

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE! may you are blessed with joy, health and wealth. have a blissful, wonderful and prosperous rabbit year. GONG XI FA CAI!! xD

with love,

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