Monday, May 25, 2009


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"Theory of Teleological Theories.. Utilitarianism.." *studying* ~So stupid, how can blog at the same time? Zzzzz. I'm not studying at all.~ Arghh, although it's Moral Studies mid-term tomorrow, but I don't have the mood to study. Why? Haizz. "=.= It's already 1.30am now, but nothing much up to my mind yet. And I don't even feel sleepy. WHAT AM I DOING NOW? I CAN'T EVEN CONCENTRATE! Ishhh! T.T
I have been ignoring my blog for almost a week. I was busy, life has been so hectic. This will also not be a relaxing week because almost everyday we have assignments to be submitted. I will be going to Malacca with the group members for the Media Appreciation's food documentary on coming Thursday. ~Kinda looking forward it, yuhuuu! ^@^~ Eh eh.. Alright, I shall concentrate with what I suppose to do at the moment first!
As what I've mentioned in previous post, I was going to change my hairstyle AGAIN on that week. And yeah, I dyed and cut my hair. My hair is in reddish purple now. I took this photo when I came back from Saloon on Thursday night after back to hometown. A surprise! ^_^
Hahahaha.. ^o^ This is IF I'm in short hair. *evil laughing* I still remain long hair anyway, as you know that I'm so unwilling to cut it short. Unless one day I really feel bored with it. Hmmm. When came back that time, I wasn't feel satisfy lo. I kept complaining to a friend. ~You know who you are. The one I'm mentioning. Keke.. ^@^~ "Thanks for willing to listen my nonsense." Emm, I miss the length of my hair. It is cut too much. Sob sob.. T.T It takes a long time to grow. Maybe on next year, I can only get back the same length like before. Arrrrr.. *crying*
However, after that night, I let myself adapt with the hairstyle slowly. ^o^
At home, I use to be a temporary driver. But then this journey back hometown, I didn't do many things though I have spent my time online by doing NOTHING. *embarrassed*
Another important was my mum's birthday on 24th of May, Sunday. And we were planning how to celebrate for her. At first, we wanted to cook a meal for her. After discussion for sometimes, the plan was totally changed. As Yuen was having tuition on Saturday whole afternoon, so she couldn't join us. At the end, left me and Eng who wanted to make 'alphabet doughnuts' for mum. ^_^
Ready for the 'war'! ^o^ ~Ok, sincerly last time I made doughnuts was 5 years ago. Now, I totally don't know how to do! What a 'girl' I am. Kitchen not my place. "=.=~

With the flour. @_@ Eng says I looked like a vampire in this photo, zzzzz. ~Ignore my very messy hair.~

These are mine.


Although it was a failure, but we have tried our best la. The most important was truly from us. We made it using our heart. ^_^ *grins* We enjoyed the whole process of making it. Haha..

Eng and mummy

Me and mummy
That night, we went out for dinner at mum's favourite place, 'Long Xiang Yuan' in Mentakab. ~We used to go there, the familiar customers.~ We enjoyed our dinner together. Next, we headed to The Store for a short shopping to buy some daily use. ^@^ And yeah, it has been a long time our whole didn't come out for a walk like this. Most of the time we were busy, and we couldn't make it to be free at the same time.
Here got the very random shoots. ^_^ *wink*
~I like so much.~

My dear sisters and I with the almost same style of specs. @_@
I hate my panda eyes, wanted to try to let it dissapear from my eyes. Unfortunately, I can't make it because it's so hard to me to SLEEP EARLY. I have adapted with the lifestyle, which I use to sleep late, wake up so early. Like my type who don't know how to use those cosmetic stuffs, really don't know there is something can cover my panda eyes, that's concealer. ~Thanks to Bibi who taught me. Haha.. ^o^~ Aiyo, so lousy la me. I really didn't touch any cosmetic products, didn't know at all before that. And I'm LAZY. "=.=

See my eyes without panda eyes! Wow! ^@^ *giggling*
This is also my actual new hairstyle. The real one already, no more changes. Can see the colour? Hmmm. ~Maybe it will turn brighter after washing for few more times.~
Ok, I don't know what to type anymore. Just feel very stress at the moment. T.T Mid-term will over after the last paper, but ASSIGNMENTS are 'KILLING' ME soon! *screaming*
And yeah, I won't forget to wish my special one for her special day.
"Stay pretty, happy and healthy always. Thanks for being a part of my life. I'll always be with you whenever you need me. I'll appreciate the relationship between us. And, I LOVE YOU. ^_^"
~Upcoming belated celebration when both of us are free, ok? As what I have promised.~ *big hug*
Opss.. One more here!
HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY to my classmate TEOH on 25th of May! ~Arrr, if not mistaken. I mean the age. Sorry ya if it's true.~
Toodles! Enjoy your day people!
**ChiNcHiN is trying her best to revise Moral Studies.**

Monday, May 18, 2009


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I have been LOST from my blog for quite sometime. Miss me? Haha.. *joking* Oh well, I was kinda busy with my recent life. ASSIGNMENTS, MID-TERM, all in the same time. T.T ~Although holiday was just over.~ Holiday wasn't a holiday at all. I was cracking my brain for only the Social Psychology assignment for four days, but at the end, I still made a lot of mistakes. ~After Vonn asked Mr Philip to check today. Sighh, need to do corrections.~ I haven't touch other assignments! Due after this week! Oh my god! *shouting* Had Social Psychology paper today. However it wasn't go well actually, because I really put much effort to study since last week. *dissapointed* Anyway, it was over. Wondering how is the result? ~Better don't think of it.~ @_@
And, I suppose to be studying now, but not blogging here. Still, I came to blog. Something I really wanna share about today. ~.~
I knocked Ee Wen's car accidentally. When I was going to leave Suriamas. So SORRY. Forgive for my carelessness. T.T *apologize* It was first time I did something like this. Not going to type out the long story. Haizz. It was due to myself that didn't pay attention on it. Nothing proud with this. Hmmm. ~My feeling was soooo bad that time. Ok, and I even cried.~ Anyway, everything has settled down. Money has spent. Aikss.
After picked up Ee Wen, then she drove. How unlucky we were because we knocked a car when we were leaving the petrol station. Oh shit! Haizz. We didn't even know we should laugh for what had happened to both of us today, or cry. *speechless*
That's why it was an UNLUCKY and BAD day for us. Get away from us! These bad lucks! *touch wood*
When bad things were over, hope better day will come to us. ^_^
And yeah, my previous post wrote that I was going to change to a new hairstyle, right? Ok, now I've got my new hairstyle! *grins* But still an incomplete one. I wanna cut and dye it somemore, by this weekend. Huhu! ~Can't wait for it la!~

"Friends, I have posted up my look with new hairstyle here. ^o^"

I got many positive and negative feedbacks from people around. They say I'm not suitable with this hairstyle, curly long hair is still better. Some say that this looks nice, I look younger. And also bla bla bla.. ~Even back to my high school times. And first they knew me. "=.=~
Anyway, I think that it might be a sudden change, and maybe still not adapt with it yet. Even myself, still miss my previous hairstyle. Zzzzz. ~.~ I need time to adapt with it too. It will be fine very soon.
What I want is try different things, include hairstyle. Young people, try more new things, as you like. *wink* ^@^
Alright, so sad to say that I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING tonight. Not studying, not doing assignments, nothing on my mind. I'm so sleepy now. Gonna offline after this. Good day people! ^_^
Toodles! ~Awww, a short post today. No time and energy for it, seriously.~
**ChiNcHiN is yawning.**

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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Arghh, I have been cracking my brain the whole day just for this assignment! ~.~ Social Psychology Individual Essay, writing about Self-Esteem, it's not an easy task la! *shouting* ~Ok, calm down calm down, take a break. ^_^~ My brain totally blank at the moment, so I came across my blog. And of course, I visit others blogs as well. I found this, I've been tagged by June. And I was given a name, 'Tags Queen' by her. *laughing* ^@^ ~I admit so, because I always answer tags, whenever I'm free.~ Anyway, thanks for tagging me. It's my time to give my brain a short break.
Here's the direction:
Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you.
At last, choose seven people to be tagged, listing their names and why you choose them.
1.) I'm doing this assignment the whole day, but I still stuck at 'Introduction', so stupid la! "=.= *sad*
2.) My panda eyes are getting serious from day to day. But still hard for me to change this bad habit of online addiction. T.T ~I even feel sleepy now. Zzzzz.~
3.) There's my college planner, a 'Course Outline' and a set of Social Psychology lecture notes on my leg. @_@
4.) Mid-term next week! I scare not enough time to study. I still got several assignments. I don't want to burn the midnight oil again. ~.~ *promise* ~That's why I get myself started with it this holidays. ^_^~
5.) Gonna change my hairstyle on tomorrow night. Goodbye my curly long hair. ^o^
6.) I use my hair pin on my hair after I've taken my shower just now. So don't have fringe at the moment. ~.~
7.) I'm thinking about which road I should choose to go after finishing my foundation so badly today. *struggling*
8.) My mobile phone is almost out of battery. Gotta charge it tonight. Keke.. ^@^
9.) I'm looking forward the coming trip for food documentary to Melaka during end of the month. ~Although something maybe will be changed. Haizz..~
10.) I'm listening to Lee Hom's song. It is nice! ^_^
11.) I feel thirsty now. Go to drink a cup of water first. Continue after this. "=.= *away*
12.) *back* Saw an unbelievable thing from the TV. And dad, mum and youngest sister were eating biscuits outside. ~I feel like eating too, but still full. Ishhh!~
13.) Chatting with Kar Chun, Lian Jyh, Yvonne, Yew Siong in MSN. Haha.. ^o^
14.) Happy when think of mum has promised me will sponsor partly of the payment for DSLR camera which I'm going to buy soon! Yuhuuu! ~Yes! I can save more now!~ *shouting and jumping*
15.) Aikss, MSN sign out itself suddenly. What's going on? *troubleshooting*
16.) Yes, the last random thing to write. I gonna say 'byebye'! ^_^
SEVEN people to be tagged:
~Ok la, I'm not going to tag any TARCians because all of you have been tagged! "=.=~
1.) Yvonne Tay - You are chatting with me in MSN. And you made my thought of you. Miss you. ~Chatting with me turn to be a fault! Ngek ngek!~
2.) Qer Xin - As a reminder for you. *blowing* Faster do assignments and study for mid-term ya! ^o^
3.) Cheryl Charmain Bainon - You might be 'busy' being with someone recently. Just want you not to forget me, hia hia hia! And, don't do 'wrong things'! ~You know what I mean.~ *evil laughing*
4.) Nicole Connelly Yeoh - I missed yours for last tag, sorry! Now do back! For this one! Wakaka.. ^@^
5.) Wendy Soh - Since you're having semester break now, come do this to fulfill your time. If you're free. *wink* ~Wondering if you read this? Hope so. ^_^~
6.) Ruth Ming Chuo - You online always. And you might be free at home now? Hohoho.. Do this, don't wait! Keke.. ~.~
7.) Jian Quin - You're smart! You're lucky! That's why I choose to tag you! Hehe.. ^o^
So unbelievable! I've finished this tag! ~Awww, not funny. so lame.~ *speechless* Alright, I shall continue with my work. My individual essay, zzzzz. *typing*
No photos recently, don't want to show my stupid look. And yeah, new hairstyle is coming soon! TOMORROW! Stay tuned! *excited*
**ChiNcHiN is continuing with essay about 'self-esteem'.**

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


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Hoho, it has been a long didn't answer tagging questions. Haha.. ^o^ Thanks to Sheau Pey for tagging me, since I'm so bored at here too. *wink*
I was writing letters to my pen-pals before this. ~Oh, many people wondering that why now there's still people writing letters.~ Well, I knew pen-pals since primary school, and we contact with each other until now. Really glad to have them. Thanks. ^_^
Let's start:
1. Besides your lips, where is the favourite spot to get kissed?
Forehead? I think so. "=.=
2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
Lazy to wake up from the bed. ~Even now still feel sleepy. Zzzzz.~
3. Who was the last person/people you took a photo with?
Self-taken photos? Haha.. ^o^ Emm, yesterday with my sisters. Hoho.
4. Would you consider yourself spoiled?
Probably. In what way? Hmmm. *wondering*
5. Will you ever donate blood?
Never. But I will if my physical condition allows me to. ~.~
6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
Yes I do. ^@^
7. Do you want someone to be dead?
No. As long as you don't do something sorry or hurt me TOO MUCH! *evil laughing*
8. What does your last text message say?
~I have deleted all messages in 'Sent Message' la. And I have forgotten. "=.=~
9. What are you thinking right now?
When I'm able to complete my things? ~.~
1o. Do you want someone to be with you right now?
I hope so. T.T ~I miss 'him' suddenly. Why? And you don't ask me who I miss, because that's you.~
11. What was the time you went to bed last night?
Forgot. Should be 12.30am something. @_@
12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?
Taipei Xi Men Ding, Taiwan. *grins*
13. Is someone on your mind right now?
Yes or not? But 'he' appears. Why? ^_^
14. Who was the last person who text you?
Sir Charles Ng. *laughing*
TEN Lucky Person to do this quiz ~Congratulation! You are tagged!~
1. Chai Yi
2. Qer Xin
3. Yvonne Tay
4. Cheryl Charmain Bainon
5. Joanne Choo
6. Michelle Lau
7. Jacqueline Bibi
8. Kimz Wei Wei
9. Desmond Siew
10. Kar Chun
15. Who is no.2 having a relationship with?
Ho Kai Chin. Hahahaha.. ^o^ *joking*
16. Is no.3 a male or a female?
Definitely a pretty and sweet girl.
17. If no.7 and no.1 get together, would it be a good?
Hehe.. ^@^ Not sure, but I think should be alright.
18. What is no.1 studying about?
A-levels at ATC College. A future lawyer I think. *wink*
19. When was the last time you chatted with them?
Huh? Who? @_@
20.Is no.4 single?
Nopes. She is always in love. ^_^
21. Say something about no.2.
A best collegemates of mine. ~Heart you, muahaha! ^@^~
22. What do you think about no.3 & no.6 being together?
They can. But no.3 will get 'killed' by someone. *giggling*
23. Describe no.9.
He is the one who just fall in love. ~Ok, so sweet that new couple!~
24. What will you do if no.6 and no.7 fight?
Ishhh, no comment. Keke.. ^o^
25. Do you like 8?
Of course. She is my ex-collegemate.
Alright, that's all until now. Happy tagging! And have a great day! ~Arrr, I shall continue on my work due to the schedule this week. ^_^~
**ChiNcHiN just taken her lunch.**

Monday, May 11, 2009


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I did online last few days but didn't update my blog. Awww. ^o^ *lazy* Alright, back to what had happened last weekend. I was back to Temerloh on Friday, as what we have planned. Seng and I were planning to give mum a SURPRISE. And luckily, we were SUCCESSFUL! *happy* That day I bought mum's favourite green tea cake from RT Subang, then met up with my brother. We were chatting all the way back home. When we arrived, we parked our car in front of the shop. Mum was sitting there and chatting with her friend. Her face was like: "Hmphh! Say not coming back? Joking with me again la! "=.=" But guess what, she kept smiling all the time after we met. ~I knew she was very happy. Wasn't she? Ngek ngek! ^@^~ She has already expecting brother would come back but she never knew that I would come back too! Wow, I was so proud with myself that I acted so well! *peace*
We gave a purple carnation and a cake to her. ~This year not a bouquet, but only one. @_@~

Green tea cake ~This is very delicious! Yummy!~ *hungry*
"HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, DEAREST MUMMY! Heart you always! Muack! ^@^"

Friday night, I went out with LLF buddies for steamboat. We were talking craps all the time, took dinner and laughed until so full. ^_^ ~Really happy being with you all every time.~
On Saturday, mum got the excitement to prepare a special lunch for us. ~Since all her children is back, huhu.. ^@^~ She saw it from the Ah Xian's TV program during the previous week, which is introducing some food from somewhere at Cheras Taman Connaught. It is the dishes like 'curry spicy pan mee'. ~I'm not very sure about it, it is something like that la.~ And yeah, it was DELICIOUS! I like soooo much! The taste was so special. ~Maybe it isn't like the actual taste of that shop promoted, or even the appearance? Keke..~

Know what? We named it as "Mother's Day Pan Mee". *giggling*

Dad enjoyed the lunch. Wheee.. ^@^
Mum even complained that: "Sighh, mother's day should be my children cook for me. But now I cook for them. Aiyo." ~Hmm, sorry la mama, hohoho.. You know what, your birthday is coming soon. ^_^~
At night, we went to Restaurant Princess at Mentakab for dinner as celebration. We had western food. Although it was just a simple celebration, but we really enjoyed. ~However, we waited for so long in the restaurant and the problems with the food served! Oh my god!~ *sad* Not many photos we have taken for the celebration this time. Hmmm. Stay tuned for coming celebration! Emm, should be mother's birthday end of this month! ~I hope so. It is under planning.~ *wink*
On that night, Li came to my house. ~We supposed to out for tea, but due to some reasons, we couldn't make it.~ Well, it's alright. It has been a long time we didn't meet up with each other. Sincerly, I miss her soooo much. @_@ And finally, I heard the news, from she said herself.
We were fooling around with the webcam in my laptop.
We were chatting until the late midnight. Had fun time with her. I enjoyed spending my time with her. Really hard to imagine that the decision has made. "=.= ~You know what, I have many things to tell you. But not now. The right time will come.~ *silent*
"Congratulation, Li! Because you have made your decision. You know what you want, and you have chosen the road for the sake of your brighter future. Yeah, smart girl! You always made me proud of you! ^o^"
There's still few more months to go. I will appreciate all the moments being with you until that time. Won't because of my selfishness and want you to stayback. Leave all the best memories being together from now to me ok? I wish so. *hug* I will never forget you in the future, I PROMISE. Because you mean too much to me, is more than an ordinary friend.
What I really wish is a GATHERING FOR PRINCESS CLUB before the time comes, shall we? T.T
We're on our own journey throughout our lives. Friends come and leave, not everyone will be staying by your side all the time. We have our own dreams, and all of us are trying our best to reach it. Appreciate all the moments we're being together, at least we've left sweet memories for each other.

The latest look of mine

And I gonna change hairstyle soon. Not going to mention how I will change it to. Haha.. ^o^ *laughing* Just look forward it, hehe.. ~Or maybe you don't? Arhaha, whatever.~

Byebye my curly long hair. *waving hands*


MIN JIE on 8th May and NICOLE on 10th May! *peace*

**ChiNcHiN is disturbing her younger sister.**

Thursday, May 7, 2009


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I have been busy last few days, for the ASSIGNMENTS and PRESENTATION. Anyway, it's over. Yuhuuu! ^o^ A week of short break has started after today. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL MY CLASSMATES! Ahemm.. *relaxing* ~Don't know why I feel like gonna miss you all very much, especially you girls, even though just not going to see for a week. "=.=~ I took a short nap just now, as I was freaking tired. Now feel much better. Arrrr! Don't know why I feel like so hyper today! Especially after submitting the assignments and done the presentation. Huhu! ~Even though I know after holidays it might be more torturing, because of mid-term, then every week need to submit 2 to 3 assignments until semester ends.~ Break for just a week, but its the precious time for us to 'charge back the power'. ~Like what Laura told me in facebook! Haha! ^@^~
Hohohoho.. I slept sooo early at 4am yesterday and woke up at 5.45am, as usual. @_@ ~Awww, my face was so pale, and the panda eyes.~ Alright, I admit that it was my own fault. I was doing my assignments at the last moment. *shy* Rushing for assignments for the last moment, has become a habit. My aunty told me this morning: "Last time you already said you wanted to change this habit, but still you do it at the end. ~.~" Oh yeah, I do. Haizz. I DON'T WANT TO MAINTAIN THIS HABIT OF BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OIL ANYMORE! ~Wish me luck, let's change our bad habits together, girls!~ *promise* So, for this holidays, we already said to each other that we have to 'blow' each other to STUDY FOR MID-TERM and COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENTS! Ok? ~Say is easy, but do is hard.~ ^_^
Umm, I'm actually not in the blogging mood, but don't know why I still come to blog. *crapping* Facing in front of laptop, don't know what can I do. Being lazy AGAIN. ~Well, its alright la. Since holiday has started. What a good excuse for myself.~ Assignments were over for temporary. And during Media Appreciation class today, had a debate session about 'The Freedom of Press in Malaysia'. It was an interesting debate, both groups are trying their best to present their points. However, 'for' group is really performing well instead of 'against' group. They gave many good and supportive points, and arguing well, even the audience performed well. ^o^
Before the debate get started, and with our lecturer Miss Thaera. ^@^ Back to last few days, nothing special had happened as I was just busy with assignments everyday. After back from college, I was just staying in front of my laptop online. ~That's why I feel that the degree of my short-sightedness is increasing.~ *sad* This Tuesday after we have finished our class, we headed to the girls' place in Suriamas to do our Powerpoint for Econs' globalization presentation. However, it was ended up with doing 2 slides only as we were too tired. "=.= At here, I would like to say: "Thank you very much, Yvonne!" for finishing the slides. ~I was so helpless. Feel so sorry to the group. Aikss. Very sorry ya.~ *apologize*
That day we camwhored using Vonn's webcam in her laptop. Muahaha! ^@^ Funny photos we had. *grins*

It is called 'Ah Bu'. *cute*

It is called 'Fan Tuan'. ~Look at its eyes. @_@~

Sooooo random photos we have taken. ~.~ I'm going back hometown tomorrow. ~Shhh, it's a secret!~ MOTHER'S DAY is just around the corner, how am I willing to forget this special day of my dearest mum? *smile* And yeah, it's a plan for our siblings. We act like we don't realize the day is coming. Besides, my brother and I cheated mum that we are not going back hometown this weekend. ~We guess she is so dissapointed. And she does.~ Like what we have planned, brother drove car came to KL this week, so I'm following him to go back to give parents a surprise. She'll be happy, we hope so. ^_^ *wondering* For how's the celebration, still under planning. Ahemm.
Can't wait to go back to hometown on tomorrow la. Many things need to be done by this holiday. ^@^ *wink*
**ChiNcHiN is on video call with a hometown friend.**

Monday, May 4, 2009


Posted by Cassey at 5:03 PM
Wow yeah! ^o^ Finally I'm done with uploading all the photos! Yuhuuu! *shouting and jumping* Well, this will be a pretty long post, and with kinda lots of photos. I took a whole afternoon just to upload the photos, while reading my book. Eventually, I'm done with reading 'Tuesdays with Morrie', hooray! Oh well, the ending of the story made me almost cried. ~But tears didn't flow out la, just felt like wanna.~ Overall, this is a nice non-fiction novel. What it is about I'll just let you all discover yourself. "Hey people, I strongly recommending this book!" Gonna do the review after this. I hope it can be done by today. ^_^ ~Hope only, but don't know can make it or not.~
Just now a friend asked to out for the horror movie 'Coming Soon' tonight. Hmmm, I'm still thinking whether going or not. Wait for his call only make decision will be fine. ^o^ I'm supposed to do the assignment by today, but suddenly this 'invitation of entertainment' attracted me. Umm, I'm making CHOICES on going to stay at home for assignment? Or out for the movie later? *thinking* My ICENTIVE towards the movie more than doing assignment because I've been looking forward this movie for quite sometime. ~.~ Yet, I need to sacrifice my precious time for assignment and it will be the OPPORTUNITY COST. Oh my god! What an ECONOMIC DECISION I've made! Hahahaha.. *laughing* Is it correct? I'm not too sure also. ~At least I really concentrated in Econs class, wakakaka.. ^@^~
Alright, I shall stop crapping here. Back to the main purpose for this post. As I've mentioned in my previous post, I was going to post about An Na's belated birthday celebration, dinner at Restaurant Windmill and what happened on Saturday. Now here it goes. ^o^ *peace*
WEDNESDAY (29-4-09)
An Na's belated birthday celebration at Restaurant Wongkok, Redbox Sunway Pyramid and around the shopping mall. ~Let the photos tell everything.~

The birthday girl: Tai An Na *hug*

Yvonne Tay Wei Min

Pang Qer Xin

Ruth Ting Ming Chuo

Cheryl Charmain Bainon

Ho Kai Chin ~That's me la, with heavy eye bags, zzzzz.. ~.~~
Oh yeah, and maybe you all already get familiar with these faces in my blog. We used to stick with each other already. ^_^ *wink*

We were snapping the photos of the milk tea at the same time. "=.= ~I still smiled, ishhh.~

I was like: "Huh? 'Maggi'?" ~I ordered myself la. I like but I really didn't know is maggi type of noodles.~ *speechless*

Birthday girl busy taking photos. ^o^

Me and her ~I like these lo. ^@^~

Our group photos

The beauty of reflection

My three 'xiao za bo'
After taken our lunch at Restaurant Wongkok, we headed to Redbox. And here comes the favourite photos of the day. ^_^

*like so much*

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7! ^o^

~Opss, see my hair colour. It's time to dye it again? Probably. ^_^~

Capturing photos non-stop. Zzzzz. ~.~
Nice memory

An Na with her dear friend Abby ~Oh ya, she joined us for singing karaoke on that day too. New friend I met. ^@^~


Me *grins*

Me and QQ

Me and Abby ~Nice to meet you ya, keke.. ^o^~

And the most important session has come! Deng deng deng deng! ^@^

"Happy birthday to you, An Na! ^o^"

Friendship forever

"Wish your dreams come true ok? Heart you always!" *kiss*

A handmade birthday card and mini cakes just for YOU ~Hope you like it. Mwahh! ^@^~

The girls ~It's fun to be with you all in college. Thanks! ^_^~
And these are the photos taken by my phone.

Very random one

After 4 hours of singing, we went to take photo stickers as requested by An Na. ^_^
We were fooling around at the machine. @_@
Na's birthday

Most of us like this ~But evil me and Qer Xin have chosen first, ngek ngek. ^o^~ *giggling*

I like the rose bouquet, but is not mine. It belongs to An Na. ^_^

"Cheryl what your emotion is trying to tell? "=.="
Then we were trying to teach An Na how to make sexy poses by carrying the roses. *evil*

At last, it is ended with like this:
Hahahahaha.. ^o^ Until the end of the day.
"Huhu, dear AN NA. Once again happy belated 20th birthday to you. Although its just a small and simple birthday celebration, but we hope you did enjoy the day with us. Glad to meet you in college, you colour my life in college until being that wonderful. Take care. Heart you to the max! ^@^" *wink*
Went to Restaurant Windmill at AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang for western food with uncle's family. Their maid who has been working five years was going to leave on the next day. ~What a good 'majikan' leh! ^_^~
My aunty and my cousins

Jek Kee and I ~Smile until without eyes.~

Vik Kee and I *kissing*

We used to call her: "Kakak."
Photos of the food and 'romantic' night.

That day, my uncle asked me: "Chin, why always like to take photos of these food har?" Since everytime we go out to eat, I also will request to take photos first before eating if there's something special. And they already adapted with my habit of taking photos at first. Haha.. ^o^ *peace* And I replied: "Oh, because when I feel hungry, then I look at these photos, and I will feel satisfy lo!" ~Ishhh, I think of eating again. Oh my god.~
We enjoyed the meal that night but spent too much time on waiting. Grrrr. ~.~
SATURDAY (2-5-09)
As planned at the last moment, after sending the maid to the airport, I followed them and we went to Pantai Bagan Lalang at Sepang for picnic. ~It's kinda far from here, about an hour.~
Cute family

Enjoyed stepping in the sea water

Nothing to comment. *speechless*

"Yuhuuuu! Fly!"


Me again ~I'm glad that my hair is growing longer now. Yeah! But its time to make a change. Hmmm. ^_^~
My favourite shoots of the day:
Then, we went to a place but didn't know what place it was called to buy some fruits. ~As I was sleeping in the car, I couldn't recognize, though I've been there once.~ And my cousins were plucking the fruits from the farm, so fresh! ^_^ Here with the photos of the fruits and farm.

I was so tired after back from picnic. Anyway, I went out after an hour being at home as I've appointed with Kenneth for the movie, 'The Sniper' at Mid Valley with his friend. So I went to McDonalds for a sundae cone and waited for him to fetch me. "It has been a long time didn't meet up with you this good friend. Glad to see you!" And yeah, we had fun that day. ^@^ *wink*
Kenneth and I ~Ishhh, he looks like forced to take this photo la. Hohoho.~
Dinner at food court. Catched up the movie and we headed to Look Up Point at Cheras. It was a sudden decision. ^_^ But I was happy because it was the first time I've been there after heard many people said about it. "Thanks a lot Kenneth!" Really had a nice chat with you throughout the day.

The night view of KL ~It's beautiful, really enjoyed the scenery and the good weather. Kinda windy. @_@~ *grins*

Lastly, that's the new friend I met.

Pretty Jocelyn who Kenneth known as 'kai jie'.
"Really nice to meet you that day. Hope to see you again and take care. All the best for your studies in the future in Kampar!" *hug*
That's the end of my post. A post for certain activities for three days. Awww, finally! @_@ I should be continue doing my assignment. Class on 8am tomorrow. Not going to sleep early tonight. And not going for the movie already after I finished this post. ~This decision has changed at the end.~
Arrrrr! Say NO to ASSIGNMENTS! *yawning*
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