Saturday, November 27, 2010

Goodbye Kota Kemuning

Posted by Cassey at 1:27 PM
yayyy, i've finished my final exam! there goes the end for my 1st semester of 2nd year. :) stressful days n sleepless nights can be left at a side for coming few months. #hopefully i didn't do badly for my final papers. i wanna get through it n also maintain my grade. :( *pray hard*

so currently i'm back to hometown n having my 3 months of summer break. weee! xD btw, i've moved out from kota kemuning. yea it means i'm not longer staying at there anymore after this. :S

time flies. i just realized i've been staying in my uncle's house for 2 n half years already. everything happened was just like a blink of eye.

i remember the time when i first came to uncle's house, i hated the life there so much due to the boredom. i wanna hang out so often, so desperately. n i felt like i've created so much trouble to them, especially when the time i still didn't have a car to drive. anyway, after a long period, i've started to adapt with the life. yea i wonder y since when i've also started to love the moments for just simply staying at home. :)

i lived with uncle, aunty, my 2 little cousins, their grandma as well as my cousin who has moved out from the house early of this year. we r just like a big family. :D

seriously, uncle n aunty r nice enough to treat me like their own daughter throughout these years, i really appreciate it. thank u so much! ♥ i always followed them to hang out during weekends when i didn't go back to hometown, n they brought me to attend some events occasionally, eat famous n delicious food very frequently. *smile widely*

my uncle is a fun person, i never expected that he could do some funny n lame things that really frightened me sometimes. my aunty is a talkative person, she always got lots of interesting stories to share about with me.

uncle's family potrait during 2008. :) #i took this photo but i couldn't remember whose birthday is that already..

sometimes when we got nothing to do, these r what we did..

my little cousin sister is very naughty, sticky n although sometimes is irritating #especially when i was busy with my stuffs while she kept asking me questions repeatedly, but she is really concerning n cute enough to touch my heart. i love her. ♥

my little cousin brother is a good story-teller especially with his funny n constantly changing facial expressions, n i personally think that he is really smart student, obedient n good kid. :)

my cousin's grandma #whom i also call her as 'popo' is a good chef. we talked a lot because most of the time only both of us at home. i like the 'lui cha' she cooked, n she purposely prepared for me again on few weeks before i left. *touched* :') she still asked me to visit her when again when i'm back to there next time. awww.. *tears rolling in eyes*

ahemm! *cough cough* it's not saying that not gonna meet them again after this! *touch wood* but the thing is, i'm not longer staying there so the feeling when we meet next time will be different already. i gonna miss everything n everyone at kota kemuning's home. :) #too bad i forgot to take photos together with uncle n aunty! arghh!

i flipped back many old photos, n found this one!

HAHAHAHA!! i can't stop laughing when look at it!! *inside story* xD

here it is! uncle's house in kota kemuning, the place i've been staying. emmm i took this picture like 2 years ago. ;D

there's still plenty of photos we took, it's gonna take me a long time if wanna upload all up to here. i really had many sweet memories together throughout the period living with them.. *grin* i attended my little cousin sister's kindergarten graduation, fetched her back from school on the first day she entered standard 1 in primary school, went to uncle's company hari raya dinner at kl for 2 years continuously #the food there r so nice, went to sepang beach for picnic n many more.. now thinking back these r quite memorable. xD

ahh! something is missing out! :( my uncle n aunty promised to bring me to ulu yam for the 'loh mee' but until now still can't make it.. but it's okay, nevermind. ;)


goodbye n take care everyone. miss all of u. thanks for everything. :')

with love,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Support Her

Posted by Cassey at 11:14 PM
hi peeps! nothing special happened recently n actually i got nothing to blog about. these few days have been studying n preparing for my final papers. *stress out* frankly, i've been slacking most of the time before this while last 2 days i didn't even touch my books n notes at all. thus i really need to speed up already now! =( oh well, final exam has actually started this week but my first paper falls on next tuesday whereas the last paper is on next wednesday. zzzzz.. =/ even though i'm not well-prepared yet but i still wish the exam will end faster. can't wait for my holidays to come!! arghhhh!! D=

btw.. below is my main purpose of this post today.

i support KIM WEI WEI on


till then,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let's Move On

Posted by Cassey at 3:11 PM
ahemm! *cough cough* is there anyone still reading this? ;P

if u notice about it, i have a totally new layout for my blog. =) i got no idea y suddenly i went to change, just had the urge to do so few days ago.. i love it so much n hope u like it too.

nothing special about this post actually.. just randomly feel like sharing this..

when i study or do assignments, i'll feel extremely stress! then i turn out to behave abnormally. i know this is too bad but sometimes i just can't control. =( i don't know what to do n how to move on after that. but now i realize, the best thing to do at the moment, is calm down myself, find something to do that can make me feel better, then only continue with what i'm doing. =)

just do anything as long as it can cheer up ourselves. *grin*

like eating favourite food..

or chit chat with some close friends.. n many more!!

i'm not emo, i'm just self-discovering. XD

life is good, isn't it?

haha okay.. so i'm currently having my study week. HUHHH?! *gasp* it's already wednesday today but i haven't started to study anything.. that's too bad okay! i guess everyone is already studying hard like nerd but i'm still totally not in the mood yet. =( #maybe because i got only 2 papers, n both of them also fall on 2nd week of exam.. just finished my both of my final assignments last 2 days n i thought i supposed to rest enough first. therefore i'm still slacking around.. *slap my face* haha alright, i seriously gonna start after completing this post okay..

my internal marks for most of the subjects have come out #some r pretty satisfied but some r not, so it's time to work harder for final exam. =) can't wait to go home next week, i miss my family n everything at home, i bet that they miss me too! HAHA! XD

after final exam, gotta start to pack my stuffs n going back hometown. n yea.. this time is moving out, because i'm not longer staying here anymore. i'm gonna miss here.. ='/ it's time to say goodbye to subang jaya n kota kemuning. awww.. the feeling is like.. i don't know how to describe!! =S

on a happier note, 3 months of summer break is coming! =DDDDD

okay i shall stop here. i don't know when's my next post gonna be but for now i need to concentrate on my revision first. let's move on!! hehe.. XP

for anyone who is also having final exam soon, wish u GOOD LUCK n ALL THE BEST too! =) #especially for curtin students, other australian uni students n local uni students.

till then,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Once In A Blue Moon

Posted by Cassey at 11:48 PM
hello peeps! it's NOVEMBER! =D time flies n it is coming to the end of the year. #i mean 2 more months to go kay, it's very soon. don't u agree? now i really wish time will slow down. =/

so i've mentioned that i gonna post about the korean cuisine i took last night in my previous post.

as what we've planned, 5 of us #which was actually 3 person at first, but later on add on 2 more after non-stop inducing them. went for this korean food, daorae korean bbq restaurant which is located at usj 10, or so called taipan after they finished their classes in the evening. this restaurant is located at 2nd floor, which is just above affin bank, n the opposite of mcdonald's. oh ya, there's lots of branches around kl area, so i actually heard my friends said that other branches r not that nice, this one is better.

frankly, korean food isn't the top one on my favourite food list so i didn't really craving for it throughout these days. i never love seaweed, until i went to korea during form 4 that year n i fell in love with their seaweed soup. that taste was so different with what i've tried before that! *thumbs up* i miss it! XD after i came back, i was seeking for it but i couldn't find the taste again! it was so disappointing. =( so i ended up with not really searching for korean food anymore until recently, a friend randomly asked me to go for it n she kept persuading me that it's nice. =P n very randomly, we went for it.

let's take a glance at their menu.. =)

oh well, this is my group of college mates that went together! XP

after 'scanning' through the whole menu, each of us decided to order one set of rice with soup, n also 1 set of barbecue pork n 1 set of barbecue chicken for us to share. then the myanmar waiter told us that it wouldn't be enough for us, but guess what.. we were extremely FULL after the dinner! #i was wondering y did he said that, maybe those women in his country r big eaters?! LOL! XD

what can i say is, i was making a right choice to get a try at this restaurant. out of 10 marks, i'm gonna rate 9 marks for their food n services! nearly perfect! =)


these r the side dishes that served with the barbecue pork n chicken. #FYI, we could keep add on those dishes with free of charge.

okay i'm sorry that i've actually forgotten the exact name for each dish. teeheee.. *blush*

barbecue chicken *cooking in progress*

barbecue pork *ready to be served*

spot the 'DAORAE'? *drool* #i love this photo!

i ordered this! the kimchi soup with rice! XP

SEAWEED SOUP! #OMG now i'm missing the taste already.. i wanna have it again! <3

awww.. this is kind of kimchi fried rice ordered by my friend that was eaten half way so.. haha, but it's still so tempting right?

n yea, there's still some sort of pancake n fruits were served at the last part, which were free of charge too. =) guess what? each of us only spent like rm30+ for this meal. at first i thought it would be like rm50+. so i think it's quite affordable n worth paying! X)

seriously, i love this dinner! it's incredibility AWESOME! it has made me thought of the time i went to korea last time! finally i've found back the taste! *touched* ='D thanks for recommending this restaurant to me!!

while i was busy taking photos..

they were busy eating already.. =D n kept yelling at me: "stop taking photos! come to eat ur rice! if not we gonna finish it.."

after dinner, it's time for camwhoring..

shirley n siew fang..

mei kwan n 38 soo hua.. #she is really 38 n i've never seen such 38 person like her.. XP

happy n satisfied us. =)

it's like.. we went to korea! XD

we looked like already finished our final exam n went out for relaxing. but actually it's not! there's 3 more weeks to go! hahaha.. *fake laugh* D= okay money spent.. going for such meal like this is just once in a blue moon, i actually saved money for few days first only came for this! now have to eat 'grass' again. *just kidding* LOL but it's okay, i'm willing to spend for delicious food. OMG i really can't stand for tempting tasty food! stop attracting me! XP

n there's some problems with my atm card recently so i have to get back my money!! i need it urgently. =(

anyway, here goes the last photo for this post..

can't see my eyes? i think i seriously need a haircut AGAIN..

mmm just need to cut off my fringe n make it back to short one, i think long one doesn't suit me. =) err maybe wait until that time i'm going back to hometown only cut because it's much more cheaper. *smile widely*

so many friends have quitted blogging, but i'm still here.. haha i won't delete my blog but i'll just neglect it sometimes. my blog has left too many memories for me.. X) #even though there r some parts that i don't feel like looking back. i've been blogging for several years n it has become part of my life. it has been a best companion for me out of all the social networking sites. maybe many people think that blogging is just silly enough or whatever, but that's our own choices. i simply just wanna share, n jot down as a part of my memories, no offence. =)

ahhh.. like today, posting like this is really once in a blue moon. it has been a long time didn't blog that long already. i feel satisfied now. #i hope i won't be so careless to delete off the whole post later. zzz..

oh shit! i just realized that i got a 10am class tomorrow. n it's my last day of classes for this semester in college. =/

feel free to get a try on DAORAE KOREAN BBQ RESTAURANT. i hope u'll love it!

good night peeps! =)


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

High Heels Fever

Posted by Cassey at 11:27 PM
first of all, i'm gonna show u a photo! TADAAAA! =D

yes, i know this is ugly but my main purpose is just to show u that this is my FIRST n ONLY high heels #kind of medium one right? from charles & keith i had in my entire life. =) #err i mean, it's the only one since i was born. it's not a pretty one #but i love it, that's my taste. n i used to wear it only during presentations. i don't wear heels, no matter it's high, medium or low because it's so irritating #which i actually almost fell down in the toilet for several times! shhh! =X n made me even taller, then i would feel like i'm such a 'weird tall creature' among my group of friends. =/

however, due to my black shoes have spoilt recently, i'm forced to wear it to classes as well as other occasions. after wearing like for a week, i've started to adapt with it n my perception has changed. XD

i've fallen in love with high heels recently. <3

n i'm so inspired to go for shopping now!

i wanna buy high heels! so many high heels!

MORE n MORE high heels! AHHHHH! XD

but WAIT! save money first! =P

ehhh.. ignore the four bottom one because i just realized they r not high heels after uploading this picture. =/ *scratch my head*

but yea, i used to wear flat shoes like what have shown there. #i don't know what do they call, lousy me. no i don't mean i gonna throw them or leave them aside #i'm not such a waster. XP, i'll still wearing them.. n it's just i'm a little bit too hyper right now. friends said that i'm tall enough #but i don't think so. n don't wear will be okay already but i don't care, there r still many taller girls out there yet they still wearing. i wanna wear too. X)

arghhhh!! i'm gonna get more pretty high heels for myself soon. weee! <3

okay, STOP! i'm not supposed to be thinking so many craps right now because final exam is just around the corner. i should keep back my mood! =S *feel stress again* can't wait for the 3 months of summer break to come! =) tralalalala.. okay i'll back to u but now concentrate on my final assignments n exam first!

uh oh! i'm so keen to blog recently so i think i'll blog again tomorrow #if i'm having same mood as today, about the korean cuisine i went just now. just submitted an assignment today n waiting for another one coming out on friday. so i'm FREE at the moment..

'PIAK!!' *slap my face* okay okay, STUDY.. u r running out of time, no last minute again okay please thank u. =(


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