Sunday, January 31, 2010

Visiting Kem PLKN Gambang

Posted by Cassey at 10:08 PM
I came back from Kuantan, Gambang, Srijaya and few more places just now. Ahhh.. I didn't go to these places for quite sometime already. Should be few years I guess? LOL! ^O^ Anyway, it's a family day outing and we went to visit my sister who has chosen to join national service at Kem Gambang as well. ^_^ We had a great great day, and I feel quite tired now. Yet I still want to finish blogging about it first. *yawning*

I can't wait to share some of the photos. ^o^

Ahhh.. Before I forget, I have changed my hairstyle. LMAO. Not at all but I just cut back to short fringe, which I used to have since I was a baby. I miss this hairstyle and I seriously love this hairstyle. Haha.. ^o^ It is more suitable for me instead of keeping my long fringe which looks much more mature.


Back to the main point of this post, I'm going to talk about our visit to my sister's national service camp. Well.. We're so lucky because among our siblings, three of us were chosen to join national service. First, is my elder brother, after two years was my turn and now is my younger sister's turn. We're wondering that my youngest sister will be chosen to national service as well few years later? LOL. ^O^ *no comment* Just wait and see..

In fact, I miss my sister sooooo much! The house seems to be so quiet without her voice. LMAO. It's about one month already. ^_^ She looks darker and much more healthier now.

When we visited their camp, I thought of the time when I went to national service two years ago. Time fliesss.. =.=

Me and my dear Camry Bob Bob

Weheeeee! ^o^

Sister and her friends *like this photo*

It made me thought of the time I went to national service that time. LMAO. ^O^ Here I got some photos to share with.

I was a wirawati in Alpha company.

I miss all of you.. @_@ Didn't see most of them after that three months. How are you all? When will be our next gathering again? Take care my friendddssss.. *bigggggg hugs*

Sweet memory of PLKN Siri 5/2008, Kumpulan 1 at Kem Summerset Resort, Kuala Rompin, Pahang

Suddenly not-in-the-mood to blog already. I shall stop here!

This year's first day of CNY is exactly the same day with Valentine's day, what a coincidence.. =_= I'll continue to update about NZ trip after this, I guess.. LOL. ^O^ *thinking*
And it's time to sleep now.. I'M TIREDDDDDDD!

Stay tuned for my coming up posts! Toodlesss!
Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Best Time I Had

Posted by Cassey at 3:23 PM
I think I'm not going to repeat the same opening sentence for this post, such as: "Hello folks!", "Hey folks!" or whatever! LOL! I'm boredddddd with it! @_@ Ignore my craps.. Mmmm.

Finally, now I can shout out loudly: "I'M TOTALLY HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!" Due to some reasons, I couldn't tell out but now I don't care, because I really can't wait to share my happiness here. ^_^ *smile widely*

It's not only I spent great times with my sweet and lovely hometown friends at KL, Subang, PJ and Damansara area for shopping, sing k, partying, gathering, playing and much more fun. Wowww.. It has been a longggggg time we didn't gather like this. Yes, it's so-called Princess Club gang when we were still in high school. Time flies, four of us, me, Seah, Ah Li and Kai Yee gather again when we're twenty. "=.= Anyway, I really had fun with all of you throughout these days. I appreciate the moments we've spent together because I know it's hard to gather like this again next time. *warm hugsssssss*

Not forgetting to thanks a lottttt to the bestie Ah Keat who let us stayed in his place for few days. Haha.. Sorry if we brought inconvenience to you but still THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! You always not failed to help us when we needed so, glad to have you as my best friend. ^_^ And also thanks to his housemates in everything, especially Wahson! Hahaha!

And most importantly.. REALLY SORRY and THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN to all my friends for that night. Awww.. I guess I really brought much inconvenience to all of you due to some reasons. *inside story* You know what I mean if you're involved in it. With you all, we had insane and unforgettable moments spent together. LMAO! ^O^ *million of thanks*

Also thank with lots of love to my dear Yvonne to let me for a short stay in Suriamas! Thank you to her housemates as well! *biggggggggg hugs* You've always been treating me very well and kind, and helped me a lottttt. I really appreciate it! Happy to meet up with you that day. Don't know when will the next time of our sisters' gathering again.. =_=

Yeahhh.. I bought lots of new stuffs especially clothes for coming CNY these few days. Shopping plan is SUCCESSFUL! Hoorayyyyy! ^@^ *shouting+jumping* But I haven't bought new shoes.. LOL. I guess I'm already out of time, so not going to buy I think.

Here I got lots of photos to share about, but not all of them of course. *wink*

Me and Prawniie Yinseah

Beautiful CNY decoration at Pavilion KL

Three of us *like this*

Weng Keat, me and Wahson Seng


Happy CNY in Fullhouse

This plant is nice and cute, it's ROUND.

Me and YeeLi Tang

Me and Veronica Wong Kai Yee

Sweet memory of our gathering

Sing k moments

Before I continue with my post, I would like to say that this is my way of blogging. I like to share, this is my own way to express myself. If you feel uncomfortable to read it, so just ignore it.

I've never been that happy before, until that day I met up with him. Yes indeed, the HIM that I always mention about in my blog. I didn't write out clearly before, because it wasn't the right time yet. But now, I think it isn't something need to be hidden anymore. I just want to share my happiness to you guys, nothing much. ^@^

Did I ever mention that I had never been in an official relationship before since I was in high school? But things have turned out differently until the day we were together. Yeahhh.. It's true that I've been in a long distance relationship for more than four months until today. And now, HE IS BACKKKKKKKKKKK! I've been counting down the day to come and at last it's here! Finally we met up and my feeling was sooooo.. Mmmm, it's hard to be described. *wondering* ^O^

I'm not going to talk about our stories in details because it's too longggggggg if I really want to write it. *inside story* No matter how is it, I just want to say.. Thanks for coming into my life. I'M GLAD TO HAVE YOU TODAY. ^_^

I know what we're having today, is what we have paid for throughout these four years.. I didn't expect that after turning a big round, we still came to each other.

Thanks for treating me like a princess for that few days. I didn't feel that joyful before until you appeared. I miss the moments we've spent together. I appreciate you. I miss you. And, I LOVE YOU.

Meeting a right person at the right time is the best thing ever. I always thought of distance will be a biggest problem for me in a relationship, but now I know I'm wrong. Last time, I sweared and never wanted to get involved in a long distance relationship but now I do. As you said that, distance is not the end of the world in a relationship. ^_^

Although we might be miles apart, no distance is too far..

The time you will be spending in Malaysia is very short and limited. I know I'm going to cry like hell when you're going to leave that time. You know me, don't you? @_@ But don't worry I will stay tough, as always.

Ohh sorry.. I shouldn't think about that first. And NOW, I truly enjoy every single moment to be spent together with you. Life seems to be so wonderful when you're together with me. ^_^ *biggggg hugs*

I think I'm already totally in love with YOU.
Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Here

Posted by Cassey at 2:39 PM
Heyyy folks! I'm backkkkkkkkkk! ^_^

I had lots of funnnnnnnnnnnnnn within this week. Is seriously much funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! I can say that, I'm HAPPY. It's truly full of joyyyyyyy! *inside story*

If you're related to it, you know what I mean.

I'll update more about it. Now I have to tidy up all the photos first. Hia hia hia! ^_< *wink*

Stay tuned for my coming up posts! BTW, I'm going to continue update about NZ trip! It takes time..

And.. I MISS HIM. ^@^

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moments To Come

Posted by Cassey at 10:33 PM
Ahemm.. *coughing* I'm now webcam with the one, whom I know he will be coming back soon. Few months ago, I've been counting down for the day to come. And now, it's less than a month. *peace out*

I'm going to KL tomorrow, for a short stay in several friends' house, according to the plan, and hope everything goes on smoothly! It's time for us to have funnnnnnnnnnn! ^o^ Yeahhh, time for SHOPPING for the coming of CNY! *excited*

But the best part is, spending the great time with my lovely friendsss! Can't wait for ittttt! Yuhuuu! ^o^

I'm happy. I'm sooooooooooo happy. HAHAHAHAHA! ^O^ *laughing loudly*

The only sad thing is.. Pocket will be empty after that! Zzzzz. Nevermind, once in a year, as long as we're satisfy with it. Really looking forward it!

I probably will be MIA for a week.. So, I'll continue to update about my NZ trip once I'm back.. Have a great time folks! Toodlesss! ^@^

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Zealand Trip Day 3

Posted by Cassey at 8:53 PM
Hey folksss! Thanks for reading my blog, I'm happy if you enjoy viewing the photos. Really thank you sooooo much for bothering my posts! *big hugs* In fact, I have taken a lottttt but I just post some of them right here. I'll upload more photos in my facebook, CLICK HERE if you want to see it. ^_^ But of course, not all of them, LOL. I just uploaded my favourite ones.

Actually I have started to type this post since last Saturday but ended up with couldn't complete it. Sorry for the late as I've been quite busy these few days.

BTW, I would like to apologize for all the grammar errors in my posts. My English grammar isn't that good but I'll try my best to improve better alright?! ~.~

Ok.. I shall continue with my post. The third day of the trip is visiting Christchurch. No matter the city area, countryside or whatever. Basically, it's all the tourist's spots. Hehe.. And yeah, we had a great day with full of excitement because we were still so fresh with everything there!

That morning, we had homecook breakfast. You know what, everytime when we planned to prepare homecook meal, it would be like organizing a party or what. Many of us gathered in a house and prepared this n that, turned to be like a war. And most importantly, it would be very tiring. =_= At the beginning of the trip, everyone was still so energetic thus it doesn't a matter for all of us. But after that, we would rather go to eat outside, LMAO. In fact, homecooking really saves up a big amount of money. It is much cheaper compared to eat outside!

I had a thickkkkk sandwich and a cup of milk as my breakfast of the day.

I love the bread, I love the sausage, I love the milk! Awww.. *drools* I REALLY MISS THE MILK FROM NEW ZEALAND! And I took some spaghetti but I don't post the photo of it at there. I'm sorry. ^_^

Before I forget, this is the place we stayed for the first few nights in Christchurch at Addington City Motel.

After everyone and everything was ready, we started our city tour.

With the help of the GPS, we really saved up lots of efforts and time no matter where we went. At first, we were so confused with the traffic rules and basically all the things there, especially parking the car and payment for it. You know, the maximum parking time is only 1 hour. After that, you had to pay again, or you would get summon. =o=

After settled down everything, we went for a walk around. We passed through a don't-know-call-what garden, then I took this cute cuteeeee photo! ^@^

Ahhhh.. The fat FAT FAT ducks! *giggling*

All the way along the journey, we enjoyed eating these..

CHERRIES! I like and miss it sooooo much! The freshness and sweetness of the fruit, which we can't eat it here! @_@

Our first spot was Cathedral Square Christchurch.

A group photo without me and Ee Wen, I guess. LOL. ^O^

*like this photo*

My uncle said that he is still young, and he wants to take photo with the young ones. But must be about 20 years old. "=.= This photo looks cute, especially Shen Shen at in front. LOL!

Finally, here's my family photo.

Our first family photo took in New Zealand.

Coming up we went for the tram ride in the city.

And we visited Christchurch Botanic Garden before punting in Avon River.

Photo by Ee Wen.

My dad and mum. ^_^

Next, we headed to Avon River for punting. It's quite relaxing under such a nice weather. And we could listen to the sailor singing some oldies.

They look so enjoy. Haha.. ^o^

The photo I like it very much too..

And then..

Is me again! With the greenish tram.

Here comes the most 'memorable' part of the day. WTH it was the most disgusting food I've ever taken! =_= *feel like vomit* We went to another Food Court around Christchurch city centre. Ahhh.. I wonder why we went to that place, all the food there wasn't nice at all.

I felt like eating Indian food so I ordered this Tandoori Chicken but ended up with couldn't finish it. The taste was like.. Ewww! Very very very BADDD! "=.=

After that, we went to take the ride of Skyline Gondola. It is located quite a distance away from the city area. At the top of the mountain, we could see the beautiful whole view of the Christchurch city. ^_^

Me and cute Shen Shen, before going for the ride.

The 'nyiong taufu', Ee Wen and I in the gondola. LMAO! ^O^

From this photo, you can imagine how windy it is on top of the mountain.

My two lovely sisters.

As well as all the kids in our group of relatives.

Another family photo. ^_^ *smile happily*

WUHUUUUUUUU! *shouting+jumping* ^O^

That was the place I bought and delivered postcards to some of my friends. Hoho! After spent a whole evening at there, we headed to Lyttelton Harbour for camwhoring session because we heard that it was a beautiful spot in Christchurch. You know what, all the way along the journey we were busy taking photos. One of the purposes we visited New Zealand was to take photos?! Haha! It's trueee! I'm not joking anyway. *wink*

We passed through this place..

And here it is!

Lyttelton Harbour, and actually I was a little bit dissapointed with it. LOL. =o=

That time was already quite late, I think it's about 8pm to 9pm. But you see, the sky is still that bright..

And we had homecook dinner at night from the things we bought from the market on the night before.

It's simple but delicious. I miss it so much. Especially during the so-called 'war' before and after the meal. ^@^
Due to insuffecient time, we couldn't able to finish visit all the places according to our actual plan. Well, it's alright. We still can visit because Christchurch was our last destination too.

That was the third day.. On the next day, we left Christchurch. My dad told me: "The sceneries for coming few days will be getting more beautiful because it's out of the city."

I was so looking forward it that time. And I really enjoyed the coming few days. ^_^ *peace out*
Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Zealand Trip Day 2

Posted by Cassey at 4:55 PM
It has been a long time I didn't blog in this way. Since I'm so in-the-mood to blog now, why not I continue with my second post? Haha.. ^o^ *peace out*

I remember I just slept for a short while then woke up already. I wonder why this time I was in really good appetitite and able to finish up every meals served in the flight. LMAO. We arrived Christchurch on the next morning. Emmm.. It's 11am at New Zealand whereas 6am at Malaysia. Its quite big time difference.. ~.~ We were so tired but due to our excitement, we forgot everything. We couldn't wait to step into the land, feel the weather and basically EVERYTHING! Hohoho!

Ohh yeah.. Before I forget, it's summer season at New Zealand now. We can see different views during different seasons. Ahhh.. It's more worth to go for a vacation during summer because you can play for a longer time. You know what, the day time is longer while the night time is shorter during summer. It's like the sky brights around 5am, and the sky darks around 10pm. It was same with my Europe trip when I was Form 2. *wink* I love to visit western countries seriously, LOL.

Looked outside the window from the flight, we could see the beautiful snow mountains. That's totally awesomeee!

Finally we arrived this beautiful country, New Zealand.

When we reached Christchurch Riccarton Airport, my aunty and cousin came to airport and met up with us. Wow, last time we met was three years ago, during their trip to Malaysia. And now, it's our turn to visit their place. ^_^

Saying 'hello' to Aunty Mee Ling and my cousin Hanan. ^@^

Even though it's summer, but the weather still that cooling, especially when the wind blows. In fact, it wasn't that big matter to me. Unless the weather is less than 10'C, I guess. =.= *wondering* I enjoyed the windy days with the hot sun, but that is the fastest way to get our skin turns dark! OMG! I have become slightly darker now. And most importantly is, my hand's skin has turned to be like an old lady's one. Urghhh.. But no worries, it is recovering now. ^_^

After we settled down everything, the first thing we did was getting our car. Hohoho! We have rented Toyota Estima for our family use. This car is called as 'Privia' over there, and it isn't an expensive car or what, unlike our country. @_@

First time driving in a foreign country! Finally our dreams come trueee!

Our first stop was the Christchurch city centre. We have to settled down everything such as taking money out from bank, buy SIM card and so on. And of course, we have to find something to eat first.

The carriage we saw. I don't know what it is used for. "=.=

It's just a small part of the city centre, but I love this photo.

And we had our first meal in a food court with varieties of food. I was so desperate for western food, so I ordered a pasta from a stall.

This don't-know-call-what-name pasta. It's nice but too cheesy, ended up with unable to finish it. ~@~

Everyone was busy with own stuffs And of course, some relaxation we had under this nice weather.

Then we headed to our first accomodation place in New Zealand. It's Addington City Motel. It was small but quite comfortable to stay. After settled down everything, we spent our time to camwhore and play around. ^o^

We enjoyed playing this, and I don't know what does it call already. Most of the motels are have these at their playgrounds. ~.~

My sister Eng. ^_^ And I like the flowers, the colour of this photos. It looks great, isn't it. *grins*

My uncle and her daughter. They look alike each other in this photo, with the same smile. Ahhh.. So cuteee! ^@^

At night, we went out for a walk. Ahhaaa.. It's actually we wanted to go to the market to buy some food, because we actually planned to cook on the next morning. Of course, we would love to take a look at their hypermarkets. With the help of GPS, we managed to reach our destination from place to place so smoothly. Million of thanks to my uncle for the bigggggg help! It really saved a lot of time! ^o^

PaknSave as our first choice. According to local residents, this market sells things cheaper although the choices not as much as others. But for me, it's already good enough. LOL. ^O^

In fact, I took this photo accidentally. Haha.. With the man pushing the trolleys right in the middle. =_= *laughing*

Everyone was wondering the things bought were enough or not for all of us. Mmmm. *_*

Wowww, see this! What a XXXXXXXL size pizza! LMAO!

And I seriously miss these..

The fruits

The vegetables

Ahhh! They are just sooooo fresh, crispy and nice! Unlike the fruits that imported into our country, and even the vegetables.. LOL! How could I compare?! =.=

After shopping, we went to take our dinner at McDonalds, because it's already very late. Only McDonalds is opened. FYI, 'ang mohs' really stop doing business very early everyday. Their life is just like so relaxing. Therefore, there's no night life right there. You'll get bored to the death if you're someone that is so desperate for night outings. @_@
Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕


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