Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011

Posted by Cassey at 4:46 PM
time passed like a blink of eye, 2010 has come to the end. another brand new year is coming in less than 12 hours.

the coming of a brand new year is all about acquiring experience from the past to make new things. mistake makes us grow, problem makes us learn, lesson makes us improve, losing makes us appreciate. never forget what we've been through over the years that make us who we are today. :D #that is why every time when end of the year comes, i'll flashback to the things happened throughout the year. *grin* it always feels weird for stepping into a new year, but all of us already get used to it.

there goes my 20 years old? *gasp* :O no way this is so wrong!! it's kinda confusing huh?! i just became officially 20 like 3 months ago, so i'm not 21 yet! hiak hiak hiak.. :P *slap myself* aww, accept the fact please! i'm really turning 21 soon. #okay i know this is lame. stop it! the changing of age doesn't a matter, i think the changing of a person's mindset only makes a real difference. :)

i can't believe that today is already the last day of 2010. perhaps i shall do a recap of the year. ;)

first and foremost, it's about my education. i'm glad that i've proceeded from 1st year to 2nd year of degree very smoothly this year. :) academic performance was okay, not the best one but at least i didn't disappoint my parents and those who concern about me, as well as achieving my own target. 1 and half years more to go from now upon completion of my studies. x) as time goes by, i've been thinking what am i gonna do after i have graduated. do i manage to get a job? how am i going to live in the future? everything is so unpredictable. it sounds scary yet i still gonna face it, probably in less than 2 years. and yeah, there goes my 1 and half years of studying in metro. never forget those days i've spent with my friends there. :')

secondly, i gonna talk about my family. family has always been an important part of me. this year i stick to my parents more frequently compared with before. just don't know why i feel that after this year, there's not much time left for me to accompany them often like how i used to. :( dad and mum always not failed to give the best for us. i have also found that as we grow bigger, we love to mess around with siblings more often. same as every year, we had our family activities that made all of us got along with each other even much closer, went for vacation together which created a remarkable memory for every of us. really grateful and thankful to god for giving them for me as the best gift of my life. ♥

thirdly, i wanna mention about my friendship. people came and left, yet real ones will stay. :) this year i really learned again. thanks to those people who ruined up my life and gave me a lot of shits. thanks to them in letting me to learn about their true colors and taught me how cruel is this society. thanks to them for telling me how dumb i am and forcing me to be more cautious and smarter. i wanna thank to their presence and absence in my life. :X on a brighter side, true friends appeared after the tough times. 'a friend in need is a friend indeed', thanks to all my bff for being with me when i need them. although i didn't contact with some of them often, but they have a specific place in my heart. i treasure them. :') *tears rolling in eyes*

last but not least, it's about my relationship. long distance relationship is what i've chosen since the time i've fallen in love with him, by now it has lasted for more than one year already. seriously, i hate long distance relationship! but anyway, this year is almost over and we've gone through it, i'm glad to say that so far everything is still okay between us. :) undeniably there's ups and downs happened between us throughout this year, he brought me from tears to laughter or even anger. his patience, his carelessness, his humor, his heartlessness, his caring, his cruelness and everything have turned my life upside down. i know after this year we still have a longer, or even tougher journey to go. no matter how is it, i still appreciate what i have with him, at the moment. ♥

after all, 2010 is not an amazing or outstanding one, it's just another ordinary year for me. there's nothing too impressive had happened, or even changed my life or whatsoever. yet, i got a feeling that 2011 will be a great one. xD

"life is short, forgive and forget quickly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile." ♥

new year 2011 seems to be an interesting and challenging year for me. according to the plan, after cny 2011 i gotta move to a totally different place to continue my studies, complete another half of my degree. this is gonna be another turning point of my life? i guess so. i hope everything will be alright. :S yet, we still don't know what is gonna happen in future.. hmm, let's see.. *wonder* from now on, one more month to see him. :) but less than two months to leave home. :(

what are your wishes for the coming of this brand new year? #mmhmmm.. i have mine, but i gonna keep them for myself first. shhh!! ;P

okay, it's time to prepare myself. gotta meet up with the group of friends for the small gathering and countdown party tonight. steamboat maybe? or korean food? i'm pretty sure that we gonna spend a great time together. awww.. i can't wait for it! woooots! :D

a warm welcome to the approaching of 2011.. looking forward it!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 peeps! have a wonderful and prosperous year ahead! may wish all your dreams come true. ;) *wink*

with love,

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