Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Late Of The Night

Posted by Cassey at 11:37 PM
Before the day ends, before the month ends, before I sleep, let me have a short update about myself first! ~.~

Ahhaaa.. I haven't posted about my birthday, but I have finished editing the photos. Stay tuned for my post! In fact, nothing too special with my birthday. Haha.. No any special celebrations, it was simple yet I enjoyed it. BTW, thanks for the day. ^@^ *laughing*

Oh well, I supposed to sleep early. I should change this bad habit as what I have promised myself, what I have promised to him. But.. I can't fall asleep. I'M FAILED TODAY. T.T *tears rolling in eyes* Late of the night, I'm still sitting in front of my laptop. Listening to the song repeatingly. Thinking of him all the time. Just don't know why, feel like waiting him to online.. *waiting* Feel like many things to share with him..


I received an air post today, something that melts my heart.. >.<"

Last but not least,

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm Nineteen Now

Posted by Cassey at 2:29 PM
It's 26th September today, it's a SPECIAL and BIG day of mine in my life, on every year. ^_^ *grins* Because it is my BIRTHDAY.

FYI, this year is a special year for all the 1990 babies, if not mistaken. ~.~ My western calendar's birthday which is 26th of September is EXACTLY same with my lunar calendar's birthday which is 8th of August. It happens once in nineteen years. Do you notice this? Check it out!

HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY to myself. *wink* ^_<

Special THANKS to my dearest family, cousins and all my lovely friends for the wishes and blessings to me. Thanks for the celebrations and gifts from all. You guys are so lovely and sweet.. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! That's more than enough, I really appreciate it. ^@^

Will update more about it after today. Weheee! @o@

I feel so happy. I feel so blissful. *shouting and jumping*

*make a wish*

I'm turning OFFICIALLY NINETEEN today. OMG, it's the last year of being a TEENager. Haha.. ^O^ *giggling*

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Posted by Cassey at 11:21 AM
Wee wang wang! Wee wang wang! "=.= *lame* So stupid here spamming my own blog. Zzzzz. Sighh, crapping again. Haha.. Really lame. ~.~

I'm currently at college lab, not having class but waiting for the time of econs class to come, 12.10pm later. *yawning* Going to get the econs mid-term result later, I guess. Mmmm. *feeling nervous* I came to college early today due to transportation. LOL! Just now I went to take breakfast ALONE at McD, the feeling was great. I really enjoyed every single moment being alone. @_@ Ok, what a weird person I am.. I simply love it!

Because I just want him to stay by my side, nothing else. The place beside me is already 'reserved' just FOR YOU! T.T I'm missing you again. *tears rolling in eyes*

Hey.. I can't imagine that it's already 24th of September now. Time flies. My day is just around the corner. =.= Hmm, thought back to the past, I used to be very excited for the coming of birthday. Countdowning all the time. I wonder why, this year I don't. Sighh, going to be officially 19 soon. Last year of being a TEENager. @o@

Nothing much. I really hope you are here, especially on this day. >.<"

Yeah, I'm going back hometown tomorrow. Going to stay at there for a week of mid semester break. ^o^ I'm already in the mood for holidays, zzzzz. Really sorry to the group members for not putting much effort onto this group assignment, I haven't done with my part. Even though just a small and easy task. I'M REALLY SORRY. Forgive my laziness and irresponsibility. T.T *shy*

Til then, toodles! *waving hands*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Morning

Posted by Cassey at 9:17 AM
GOOD MORNING readers, it's 9.17am when I start this post. LOL! Awww.. How random! ^O^ *laughing*

I'm in college lab 2 now. Supposed to work on Microsoft Access lab work, but I don't. Hehe.. I'm LAZY. =.= I want to go back to sleep. I don't want to attend classes so fast. Haizz.. I want holidays to come! I WANT TO REST! I WANT TO PLAY! *yelling* >.<"

I don't want to do assignments. And presentations come after the holidays. Ahhh! ~.~

Alright, just ignore my craps.. Christine is at my right side, but she is chatting with me in MSN. LMAO.. And I just realized that she is reading my blog! And now, you read this! OMG! Haha! ^@^ So few people in class today, as usual. @o@

Hmmm.. What to eat for breakfast and lunch later? *wondering* I'm hungry la.

BTW, I miss him, so badly. What are you doing now? Take care alright? Really hope to see you soon. But don't know when the time will come.. T.T *thinking of you*

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tired Yet Happy

Posted by Cassey at 8:32 PM
Hehe.. I'm webcaming with a friend through Skype now. ^_^ At the same time, I'm typing this post. Well, I'm procrastinating again. I'm updating my blog instead of doing the assignment here. Zzzzz. ~.~ Sighh, how can I change this bad habit?! *wondering*

The more you ask me to work, the more I don't. LOL! Alright, I'm just joking alright? I will continue on it, after completing this post. You know who you are. *wink* ^_<

As what I've mentioned in previous post, my holidays not only fulfilled with movies, but also some outings. Let's talk about last Saturday, I went out with the good friend, J to Pavilion for a whole day. We had a great time chatting and shopping together. ^o^ Thanks for the meal in T.G.I Fridays and the movie. Thanks for listening me to complain about the high heels for the whole day, LMAO! *non-stop laughing*

And of course, the main purpose for that day was the early celebration for my birthday. BTW really thanks a lot! ^@^ I'm glad that you still remember my birthday, that's more than enough. Have a wonderful trip to Rome on this Thursday!

Here I got some photos to share.

Yeah.. Finally I've been to T.G.I Fridays! Weheee! *shouting and jumping*

*drools* ^O^

Haha.. Before I forget, I bought my first pair of high heels from Charles & Keith on that day! It was not cheap but I like it soooo much. Yeah! I saw it a week ago, so I saved up my money for last week and just to buy that pair of high heels! Keke.. ^@^ And I got it now! I'm sooooooo happy! Hmm.. And wearing high heels is not an easy task. I need more practice la. Wakaka.. What an embarrassing thing?! *giggling*

On last Sunday, I met up with my family and cousins at Bukit Tinggi. We had a day trip. That day was fun and memorable because it has been a long time our family didn't go for a vacation together. Normally my brother won't join us, but this time he did. What a precious and memorable one.. ~.~ I went to Bukit Tinggi with TARCians last year, and now everything at there is still the same, not much changes. Still, I enjoyed capturing photos, and spending the awesome moments with the family members! ^o^

My photos will tell everything.

After that trip, my family came to Kota Kemuning and stayed in my uncle's house, the place which I used to stay at. The next day we went for shopping and had a movie together. I was so glad because it was the really FIRST TIME our whole family went for a movie! ^O^ Ahhh.. I really enjoyed time spending with them! I love and miss my family sooooo much! *hugs to all of them*

Mmmm, that was how I spent my raya holidays. It was simple but memorable. Haha.. Anyway, I got to continue with my work now. Someone is 'WARNING' me! Toodles! ^@^

Movie Reviews

Posted by Cassey at 4:16 PM
Hey hey, readers! How's your holidays? ^_^ *grins* I guess some of you might have gone back hometown, and spent your time to gather with old friends do you? LOL. I will have certain kind of feeling because for us like whose hometown is far away, when you get back during these public holidays, it is the most precious time for you to meet up with your high school's friends, beside than your family. ^o^ BTW, for those who are not, how did you all spend it? Wish all of you have happy holidays!

For me, I didn't go back to my hometown. I'm staying here for these few days. First, it's because my college got only two days of break for us. Sighh.. I need to get back to college on tomorrow unlike other colleges that have a week of raya break! Ahhh.. So nice. =.= Beside that, I still have assignment need to be submitted on Friday! Awww.. Nevermind, after this week, I'm going to have a week of break! Weheee! *clapping hands* So, I'm going back on Friday! Yeah! Hey brothers, I'm looking forward to meet up with you guys ok?! Secondly, my family came here last Sunday and we had fun trip to Bukit Tinggi with some of the relatives. Well, I will post more about it later. ^O^

Beside that, LLF is planning to come to KL on coming Thursday and will be back on Friday. So I got to complete my Accounting group assignment part before Thursday, if possible. ^@^ LOL! Really can't wait for my holidays to come! Even though it's just a week. *wink*

Alright, back to the main purpose of my post. As you know that, I have not been to watch a movie for almost one month. And after the hectic period, I got my life back to 'normal' again! LMAO! Busy for assignments and exams sounds to be abnormal? Zzzzz. Hehe.. Ignore my craps! @_@ I went for three movies within these few days, I got my life is fulfilled and I'm so happy. Hoho! *excited* I got some comments onto these movies.

Ahhaaa.. I thought of previously when I was still a mass comm foundation student in Taylor's, we did an assignment for subject Media Appreciation during the third semester about movie review. Hehe.. ^@^

Ignore the briefing of synopsis for the movies.

Last Saturday, I watched the movie 'The Ugly Truth'.
My rating: 7/10
I like this movie because it tells the 'true colours' of the thinking of different sexes for people at this age. This is so real but I have no idea on whether is it all the men in this world is having the same mind. Somehow, the characters are portraying the common characteristics with me. Seriously, I have realized some facts after watching this movie. Thanks to the movie. =.= I feel that this movie is worth-watching but then it is kind of 18sx movie, full of jokes which have made me laugh continuosly throughout it. ^O^

Yesterday, I watched the movie 'Tsunami at Haeundae'.
My rating: 6/10
Hmm, this movie has made me cried and laughed. There were some scenes that let me felt that we really should appreciate the closest person around us now. How will it be if one day we are going to lost them? And what will we do when we are facing death? "=.= However, I think if this is angmo's movie instead of Korean, it might be more interesting. LOL. I personally like this category of movies, which is all about those natural disaster and so on. Recently, there are lots of movies about 'the coming of the end for the world'. Well, it seems to be so real and getting nearer. @_@ I have been looking forward this movie 2012 since early of this year after I saw the trailer in the cinema which is coming soon on this November! *waiting for it*

Today, I watched 'G-Force'.
My rating: 5/10

This is not a good movie, haha.. The story seemed to be so fake, as it is impossible for guinea pigs tend to be smarter than human. @_@ However, the animation and sound effects are still nice. *thumbs up* And the animals in the movie are so cute and modern because they listen to the latest songs, playing facebook and even clubbing.. They do what human used to do nowadays. LMAO. "=.= I like all the guinea pigs in it, and the hamsters, they are sooooo CUTE! Muahaha!

Ok, I will stop here. Stay tuned for my next post! ^o^

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Short Break

Posted by Cassey at 7:45 PM
Phewww! FINALLY! I have submitted my econs assignment today! Weeee! ^O^ That's the ending for three weeks of hectic life, ahhh! Although I'm still having another Accounting group assignment to be submitted on next Friday. LOL! Well, let's have a short break during this weekend first ok? Don't think about it first! Keke.. I feel GOOD now, don't know why. Even though I'm so tired. *wink* ^_< *speechless* My laziness always want me to procrastinate.. Alright, I really should stop this! Now, I got to know the effects for behaving like this!

All the assessment of different subjects come in a same time.. Seriously, I have messed up everything! ~.~ I didn't do well for some exam papers, I didn't do well for some assignments. My mood has turned weird, I behaved differently for the past few weeks. Hmm, I would like to apologize to all the friends. I did things in an improper ways using bad attitude, please forgive my swing mood. @_@

However, everything seemed was over.. I really need to manage my time and myself properly. Please la me.. not only thinking, but take action! I have to do so, but I always failed! T.T *sigh of dissapointment*

Anyway, I would like to thanks a lot for someone who holds me tightly when I fall throughout this period. Someone who helps me a lot in completing my work, gives me good advice, warns and cares about me. I appreciate it. You know who you are, and thank you very much! Mmmm. ^@^ *hugs*

Awww, everyone is going back to their hometown, but I'm not. LMAO! Well well, I'm not going back as my family is coming here this Sunday. And the traffic out there is really bad now I guess! Somemore I only have two days of Hari Raya's break which means I can rest until next Tuesday only, whereas Wednesday still going to continue to study. =.= Hmm, guess I'm unable to meet up with some old friends in hometown. However, after next week, I'm having a one week mid semester break. Yuhuuu! Going to enjoy in my hometown. Ohh ya, I can meet up with some friends on that time. Yeah! BTW, I'm having an appointment with a friend tomorrow. I hope it will be a great day. *grins* ^_^ Guess my weekend will be spent wisely.

Eeeee.. Suddenly feel like NOTHING TO DO?! Crazy me.. OMG! Opss, I think I should go to take my dinner now, before I forget. Hehe.. ^o^ *bored*

Before that I thought after today, I would be like hanging out and playing crazily like nobody's business, who knows it could turn out to be like this. Haha! No 'kaki', what to do.. *yawning* Wanted to go to Sunway Pyramid with some coursemates after submitting assignment but ended up with turning a big round in their parking centre, and stuck in the jam for an hour. Haha.. "=.=

Crapping in front of my laptop, in my blog again.. LOL. ^O^

And with my favourite recent photo. *showing peace*

I look happy in the photo. He says he likes it. ^@^

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Assignment Mood

Posted by Cassey at 3:11 AM
Hello, I'm here again. Good morning! LOL. =.= It supposed to be good night. I haven't gone to bed yet, but I'm going to wake up at 5.45am later, as usual. Ahhh.. *yawning* I'm doing my assignment, to the half way. Sighh.. AGAIN, I'm burning the midnight oil. Maybe you will think that I'm quite 'crazy' and 'tough' enough to stand until like what I'm doing at the moment. How am I willing to stay up until so late, don't need to sleep? And even doing this continously for a few days?! *wondering*

As you know that, there's sometime ago, I DON'T LOVE TO SLEEP. Phewww, what a silly-minded person. Sleeping is a sort of enjoyment, but I disagreed. I felf that sleeping was wasting my time, because I guess I would spend those time to do more meaningful things. But now, I've changed my point of view. Maybe I'm turning to become a homestaying girl. My life is all about studying in college, doing assignments, studying for exam, going online, eating and repeating these activities everyday recently instead of hanging out frequently like what I used to do?! @o@ *thinking* SLEEP IS IMPORTANT. I had a longgggg nap this afternoon, that's why I have turned out to be so energetic now. =.=

I'm working on econs assignment.. Demand and supply.. Elasticity.. Equity and efficiency.. Bla bla bla.. *busy typing* I don't know when only I will able to complete all of these. Seriously, I don't really understand the concept. How I'm going to apply it? Blur me.. ~.~

Seriously if I don't work it out today, I'm going to face a BIG PROBLEM tomorrow night.. Just wait to see. "=.=

BTW, this might be the last individual assignment for this torturing period, I mean for these three weeks of mid-terms, test and individual assignments that came in the same time. Weheee! ^o^ Aikss, what for so excited?! After this, still got another group assignment to be submitted on next friday. OMG, really unfinished assignments.. Errrr.. *yelling*

Alright, I'm in assignment mood.. Shall continue with my work after finish crapping here! LMAO! *sign off* >.<"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Luck & Goodbye

Posted by Cassey at 5:52 PM
Ahhh.. *yawning* Finally exams were over! Awww! Now still left final exam, which is probably will come after more than one month. It's early of November, I guess.. LOL, still quite sometime to go! Let me complete my assignments first! OMG.. I'm almost exhausted with it! T.T *gasping for air*

BIS assignments has been submitted today, whereas econs assignment has to be submitted on this Friday. Glad to say that I HAVEN'T STARTED anything.. "=.= I just finished reading and jotting down what to write for the article, that's all. How good right?! Took a long nap when I came back from college just now. I was tired to the max! Phewww.. And I even escaped from the lunch. Alright, I'm going to rush again after finishing this post. @_@

Last night was a.. Emm, how can I describe my feeling. The time I was studying for test on the next day and rushing for assignment which was suffering, at the same time I spent few hours airport for sending off my dearest hometown old friend who was going to study abroad. ~.~ My mood was totally messed up! Awww.. Thanks a lot for the one who helped me in completing my assignment, and giving me advice for my test on the next day. I appreciate everything. It really meant a lot! Thank you very much! Without you, I guess I'm unable to cope with everything. T.T Thanks Keat and Yong Ming for spending time to send me to the airport for my this special and memorable occasion. *touched*

Back to what had happened last night. As what I have mentioned in posts before, my dearest friend, Yee Li was leaving for her further studies in Moscow, Russia. And now, she has gone off. I can't believe that she is not longer stepping at the same piece of land like we used to do. She is at another country now. Going to adapt with a totally new and different environment, with the different lifestyle. *wondering* Li, how are you at the moment? How is everything there? Take care alright? We miss you so much. =.=

Emmm.. I don't know what can I say. Those feeling is hard to be described. BTW, I'm really proud of the decision you have made. And I'm looking forward to see a future doctor when you are back after five to six years.. ^_^ *grins*

Here with the photos at the departure hall of the night, before she left.

Sweet memories we have spent together on that night.

The unforgettable and memorable moment. Goodbye Miss Tang Yee Li! *waving hand* >.<"
Eeeee.. Why the way I say seem like not going to meet forever again? Zzzzz.. *touch wood* I hope you are really coming back every year during the summer holidays, as what you have said. ^_^ But I know by that time, everything will turn out differently already. As we grow up, we are changing but we don't realize it. We won't know what will happen in the future. Right? @_@ Things going to be is feeling will be different on the time it comes.

Li, I want to say thank you so much to you for being such a special and good friend of mine. We started to know each other since primary school, and being in the same school and class until form 5. I'm glad to have a cute and nice friend like you. Although sometimes quite uncomfortable with you. LOL! We started to get close after we have graduated from secondary school and we used to stay together throughout these years. @_@ *thinking of you* Last time when I knew that you were leaving soon, I was so sad because I knew I would miss a good friend to hang out, play, crazy, chit chat and many activities together especially when in hometown. =.= Anyway, I'm still proud of you for the decision you have made. Go ahead for the sake of your brighter future because all of us will support you all the time, no matter where and how you are! Haha.. ^o^ *cheers*

Thanks for leaving me such a sweet memory during previous years. Life still goes on. ^_^ All the best and good luck to you in your studies, ok? Take care always and I will miss you very very very much! See you on next year! Muackkk! ^@^ *hugs and kisses*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Truth

Posted by Cassey at 2:17 AM
Nahh.. See, I told myself I got to finish up my assignment by TONIGHT! ~.~ It means, before I sleep later. Now it's already late of the midnight, I'm still so awake here. Just finished webcam with the friend, someone at another piece of land now. =.= Hmm, thanks for what you have helped me! Hoho! I'm sorry, I supposed to rush up my assignment as what I have promised but I'm still procrastinating here.. *apologize* Tonight will be a sleepless night again, I bet. And whether I'm going to complete it by time, that's still an unknown answer. LOL. ^O^

BTW, I feel like blogging because I need to blog about it NOW! Before I miss out the feeling. >.<"

Ummm.. What is the truth is.. I'm seriously missing someone now. The feeling is real like.. Ok, you never know it. This is the FACT.. But still I didn't want to admit. I know I'm cheating myself, as what you said. @_@ *wondering* I know both of us is actually more than ordinary friends.. But I'm still trying to escape from the truth. What is going on to me? What do I want? Please.. I really need more and more time to figure this out. I'm sorry for my selfishness. T.T

It's the first time I'm posting such thing in my blog, because I used to reveal these in another blog. Haha.. =.= I got so many blogs right.. I also don't know why. Hmmm. This time I feel like want to share here.

Ok, I shall stop now. Awww.. I really hope this week will pass faster. Those who are having exams, all the best for your papers! Those who are rushing for assignments like me, do your best too! *working hard*

Going to KLIA on tomorrow's night. Sighh, the day is coming. I don't like the feeling of going to airport, because it probably will leave tears to me. Ahhh.. OMG.. I still need to face it BTW. @_@

Stay tuned for my next post, toodles! ^_< *wink*

Ohh ya! Before I forget, it's a BIG DAY for someone.. Yes, is my very 'fake another half' one's birthday. Hehe.. ^o^ See.. I treated you so good, birthday's NOOB song, SMS and MSN's wishes somemore just now. LOL. And now, in my blog! *showing peace* You're really a good and close friend of mine. Glad to have your companion! Thanks for being a 'victim' to get scolded and bullied by me when I need, or being a listener of mine.. I'm SURE you're glad to have me too! Wakakaka! ^@^ Old friends forever! Best friends forever! Best 'couple' always! "=.= *evil giggling*

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Break Fasting

Posted by Cassey at 10:40 AM
Good morning readers! ^_^ *grins* It's a new day, and another new week. Awww.. So how was your weekend? FYI, I had finished my mid-term last Saturday. However, I'm still having one more test and two assignments to be submitted by this week. Sighh.. Damn tired with it! =.= Alright, nevermind! I just need to stand for this week! Therefore, I didn't have any activities last few days. I don't want any entertainment within this period. Let me put more effort on my studies first. *yawning*

Accounting mid-term was SUCKS! I mean for me. T.T I guess, I'm going to get a VERY LOW MARKS for this subject! Guess what? I used to aim a high marks for another three subjects, but for this, I just hope I can get a PASS. OMG! @o@ Well well, I must know, I will only get for how much I have paid for it. Seriously, I didn't put much effort on this subject, becase I DISLIKE IT! I know this is no an appropriate way.. But then.. Ok, I know I shouldn't do like this. *wondering* I feel so sorry.. Even to myself. ~.~

Alright, close this topic! I don't want to think about it anymore! What can I do now is look forward, work hard for assignment and final exam to achieve better grade, I know I MUST. "=.= BTW, last Saturday night, I had a great night with my uncle's family. Uncle brought us to Seri Melayu Restaurant, Jalan Conlay at KL, which is located at somewhere near Pavilion for dinner. I went there with them too on last year, as it is my uncle's company's head bla bla bla invite them to have a break fasting dinner during this Ramadhan month. I'm lucky to have this second chance to have a dinner there, because the food is really DELICIOUS! *thumbs up* Thanks uncle for bringing me along. ^o^

I didn't take any photos of the food, but just how it looks like inside and outside of the restaurant. And we can see the night view of KLCC as well. ^@^

I really enjoyed the food there. *drools* Too bad I was unable to capture the photos of the food. I was busy eating. =.= This restaurant is actually a Malay food buffet restaurant, if not mistaken per person is about RM75+. Wow! @o@ Ahhh.. The satay, beef rendang, roti canai, kuih, pulut.. OMG! It makes me feel hungry again! *touching stomach* I can't find any websites for this restaurant, but there's feedback from Bernsy's blog. Have a look. ^_^

After dinner, aunty, me and two little cousins headed to Pavilion for a short shopping spree. Met up with Mr J that night too. ^o^ I saw a pair of high heels in Charles & Keith, soooo in love with it! I'm so going to purchase it on this weekend! Hohoho! Save money first! Weheee! Before we went home, we had a yumcha session at Station 1 Cafe Puchong. Here with the best photo of the day. I like the motion. *wink* ^_<

Alright, I shall continue with my work instead of procrastinating AGAIN. Haha.. ^o^ You know I should change this bad habit. Toodles! Have a good day people! *showing peace*

Friday, September 11, 2009

Exam Mood

Posted by Cassey at 11:36 PM
Hmmm.. I'm supposed to do more practice on Accounting, since I'm having mid-term on tomorrow. However, I don't really have the mood to work on it. Comparing to other subjects, this is what makes me feel frustrated and annoyed the most! Let's ignore Economics first, haha.. Because the mid-term was over last week, although I know the result won't be satisfying TOO. @o@ *shouting for help*

Why not we just study the theories only? Instead of doing CALCULATIONS which really drives me mad! It is so hard for me to twist and turn around my brain la! Ahhhh! ToT I'm soooooo DUMB in calculation! I'm wondering how can I be so noob when facing those formulas and numbers.. I DON'T LIKE CALCULATIONS! *emphasizing* And in Accounting, there are lots of terms which really make me feel so frustrated! =.=

Guess what? For me..
Accounting = Irritating = Annoying = Frustrating = Confusing
Yet I'm still STUDYING.. OMG! Hope this semester ends faster, then I want to throw away the book! Huhuuu! *praying to God* "=.= Luckily I only have calculations like ACCOUNTING for this semester only. I swear, I will NEVER take Accounting as my major course!

Sighh, Saturday still need to go to college to sit for exam! What a weekend.. Aihhhh! ~.~ *longggg sigh* Somemore it's my 'favourite' subject?! Arghhh! Ok ok, I'm just releasing my bad feeling at the moment! T.T

BTW, I had my Business Information System mid-term today, and got the result directly right after we have finished the 40 questions in half an hour using the computer in college lab. OMG, I was so nervous during the 30 minutes. Luckily I managed to complete on time, and quite satisfied with what I have done, 16 marks out of 20. At least I have tried my best. ^_^ *grins*

After tomorrow, I got to work on ASSIGNMENTS! Due dates are just around the corner! But luckily, today we got announcement that due date for Economics assignment has been postponed to Friday. Yeahhh! ^o^ *clapping hands* It means we got more time to do already. Weheee! Ahhh! Another Business Law Four Step Process test on coming Wednesday. This is annoying too. *wondering*

Recently my posts are all about studies, exams, assignments and MY RANDOMNESS. Just because I'm in exam mood. LOL. @o@ *bored*

My blog is so dead. I need to change it to be more lively, but not now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stress Releasing

Posted by Cassey at 8:27 PM
OMG OMG OMG! I'm sooooo damn STRESS! Arghhh! T.T *shouting for help*

WHY? Why all the things come in a same time? And need to be done in a short period! WTH.. =.=

Business Information System mid-term on this Friday, Accounting mid-term on this Saturday, Economics individual assignment due on next Tuesday, Business Law Four Steps Process Test on next Wednesday and Business Information System individual assignment due on next Wednesday, Thursday or Friday! Oh nooooo! >.<" All very important for each subject's assessment marks for me.. How can I wish to have or maintain a good grade like this.. T.T *tears rolling in eyes* Ok ok, ignore my craps! I just simply love to burn the midnight oil. These are the consequences.. Urghhh!

I'm so DUMB in calculation. ACCOUNTING! How?! @_@ I don't really understand how is actually Four Steps Process works, how can I able to write a two pages answers in 40 minutes? =.= So many cases to study somemore.. I'm so confused on how to use Chicago Referencing System. I'm so confused with what should I continue to write about for my both assignments. *stunned*

Sorry.. NO ENTERTAINMENT for this two weeks ok! I apologize for any rejection of invitations.. @o@ See you all after this two weeks!

This week seems like going so slowwww.. ~.~ *moody* OMG, I need to find something to eat SO BADLY although I just taken my dinner!

Alright, I shall continue with my work! I'm OUT OF TIME! Toodles! *sign off*

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random Updates

Posted by Cassey at 11:59 AM
I'm back from college so early today. =.= Had trial for Business Information System mid-term during lecture this morning. Sighh, I didn't know it was just such a practice. If I could know earlier, it's better for me to stay at home continuing to sleep. I would rather skip class. LOL. ^O^ *yawning* Anyway, I guess I won't. Just simply talking craps. Hmmm. No matter how is it, I will still attend classes. How weird thinking I am?! Since there is no tutorial for this subject in this week, according to time table, I don't have any other classes already on today. Huhu! That's why I could back that early. *wink* ^_<

I had a bad night yesterday. I didn't know why I couldn't sleep well. I stayed until late midnight, and turned to become emo, as usual. I didn't really study for today's trial. The terrible situation occurred again. =.= I HATE THE FEELING. It was torturing! @o@ I wanted to sleep early, but still failed. Arghh! I didn't mean to do so, but still.. Alright! I need to train myself to sleep earlier from now onwards..

Sighh.. Coming up will be more tiring and hectic. Can September ends quickly? WTH.. Having two more mid-terms in this week. Need to study again and again, then I turn to become stress naturally. I'm really afraid of exam, PHOBIA OF EXAM! T.T How can I change this bad thinking? It comes without my attention. Next week going to sit for Test 3 of Business Law, the four step process test.. *worrying* OMG, I still not really sure what is it all about! ~.~ Two DEADlines of individual assignments on next week, but I haven't started anything yet. Well, I tried to search for information from websites, I still couldn't get what I want. I mean, I'm actually still confused with where and how to start of.. Haizzz! "=.=

BTW, next Tuesday going to be another hearty day for me, I guess. My hometown bestie, Yee Li is leaving for her further studies. Awww.. I guess last Saturday was the last night for us to hang out before she leaves like what I used to do with her when I got back hometown these years. When are we going to meet again after you gone? Hmm, time flies.. The day is still coming. She is leaving soon. I'm going to lack of a good companion, good girlfriend in hometown for chatting, playing, hanging out and many more activities. Just because you are a friend who is playing an important role in my life, I really mean it. >.<" *tears rolling in eyes*

Still, wish you all the best. I'm not going back to hometown within this week, until for the day to come.. And see you in KLIA. ~.~ *silent*

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Bad Conditions

Posted by Cassey at 2:39 PM
I didn't mention about this in my previous post. Last Friday before I went back to hometown, I met up with my dad after having lunch with my collegemates. ^o^ Well, dad came to KL and we wanted to go for a visit to eye specialist, which is located at somewhere in Plaza Rakyat, near Pudu station. As you know that, I had a small serious incident few days before. @_@ *wondering* I really went to visit a doctor, as what my dad required. Both of us went for an eye checking in details.

Hmmm.. I DON'T WANT TO VISIT A DOCTOR! I don't feel good. Oh well, who loves to go to see a doctor? When he/she treats you as a patient? =.= I want to stay healthy ok? I MUST. Had a details checking on my eyesight, and glad to hear that the doctor said that I'M FINE. ^_^ *grins* But I was seriously afraid with all the 'weird' eyedrops have been put into my eyes, those equipments touching my eyes and even causing my eyes became extremely tired for the whole day. @_@ I was unable to open my eyes for the rest of the day, especially under the hot sun.

The doctor said there's nothing wrong with my eyes, but it was just MIGRAINE HEADACHES. That's why these symptoms would appear. ~.~
Migraine with aura is characterized by a neurological phenomenon (aura) that is experienced 10 to 30 minutes before the headache. Most auras are visual and are described as bright shimmering lights around objects or at the edges of the field of vision (called scintillating scotomas) or zigzag lines, castles (teichopsia), wavy images, or hallucinations. Others experience temporary vision loss. Nonvisual auras include motor weakness, speech or language abnormalities, dizziness, vertigo, and tingling or numbness (parasthesia) of the face, tongue, or extremities.
Sources from
Migraine triggers: Alcohol (eg: red wine), hormonal changes in women, hunger, lack of sleep, stress, etc.
Sources from
See.. These are what I used to do. @o@ *speechless* I really need to change my lifestyle, as what I have been warned. Oh ya, before I forget, playing too much computer is also one of the factors, as mentioned by the doctor. >.<"

Few days later, that means today, I went for a dentist visit. This is due to last night, I just realized that something gone wrong with the growth of my teeth. *shocked* OMG.. According to the internal structure of the teeth, an adult should have 32 permanent teeth including 4 wisdom teeth. =.= Since my wisdom teeth haven't grown out yet, I supposed to have 28 teeth. But now, I have only 27 teeth. I lack of a tooth at the left side of my mouth, which is called canine.
Refer to

Yesterday I looked at the mirror, I just saw some extra white solid appeared above my lateral incisor. I was so afraid, because it seemed like another tooth is going to grow out at there. Thus, my family advised me to go for a visit to dentist and see what would they say. Today I went, and he said that I can't do anything for now. Just let it grow. After few months or when it has grown out, I should visit back the dentist again. He suggested several ways to me, but all these can only function after the tooth grows out. *feeling sad*

Flashback to the last time of my dental visit when I was in primary school, the dentist had advised me to go for teeth bracing when I entered high school. He said this would happen in a day. And now, it seems like getting near to me. T.T I didn't want to listen, and I got the support from my parents on that time too. I thought I would just let it grow naturally, who knows that things will turn out like now? Even though it hasn't happen, but it is coming soon. *shouting for help* Sighh.. I'm kinda regret for not listening the dentist on that time. But what can I do now instead of waiting for the day to come?

You know what, your image will change just because a sort of this 'small matter'. Who cares about my image, right? But you know, I CARE! @_@ Alright, how if let's think if this is going to happen on you, and you know that you WILL be an 'ugly duckling' soon, how do you feel? Do you care? And it's when you know you are born not in this way, but now things are going to change very soon! Oh noooo! Please get to understand the situation before you make a judgement on me.. *in desperate*

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Almost Exhausted

Posted by Cassey at 3:22 PM
Weheee! I got back my laptop finally. ^_^ My laptop was with my brother last few days, as he needed it for his assignments urgently. It was good for me too, because I could let myself escape from touching it. As you know that, I was having several mid-term and test that time. @_@ That's why I was able to pay full of concentration on my revision.

I'm back to my hometown, giving a short break to myself. ^o^ *sigh of relief* BTW, two exams were down and MANY MORE EXAMS TO GO! Arghhh! Next week I'm having trial for Business Information System mid-term, actual mid-term and Accounting mid-term. Grrr! The schedule has been changed at the last moment. Especially the Accounting mid-term which might fall on next Saturday. OMG, Saturday still need to sit for exam.. T.T *shouting for help*

DEADlines of assignments are coming soon.. I haven't started anything yet. ~.~ I'm almost exhausted! Coming weeks having Test 3 for Business Law somemore! Why?! Those unfinished exams.. Hmmm.. *feeling stress*

Anyway, I met up with few of my previous Taylor's coursemates this Wednesday. We had a great fun in Yuen's steamboat. ^_^ Thanks a lot to Ah Keat, Yong Ming and Ah Guang very much k? And met up with my dearest Qer Xin and Joanne Choo.

Alright, I need to keep myself away from laptop now.. *wink* ^_<

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Scary Night

Posted by Cassey at 4:58 PM
I'm at computer lab in college now. Had my Business Law test 2 this afternoon, and finally it was over. I supposed to have Accounting mid-term on tomorrow. But it has been postponed to next week, and not confirmed on which day yet. OMG.. I was like.. WTH! "=.= *speechless* I'm already get myself prepared for the coming exam. Feel so 'pik chek' in a sudden. Haizz.. Anyway, it means, I got more time to do revision on this subject. ^_^ As you know that, my Accounting is sucks! LOL. I got more time for my Economics mid-term on this Friday. Hehe.. Well, alright.. *forced to smile*

My brother has taken away my laptop, as he needs it for his assignment. Hmmm, it's good to me too. *wondering* It means I'm not going to online on coming days until Friday I guess. @_@ I must try to keep myself away from computer. I must not continue to let myself can't survive without it. Because something had happened last night..

Yesterday night, I was doing the Business Law tutorial questions using my laptop. I was looking at every single words from the screen with full of concentration. Suddenly, my eyesight turned to become blur. ~.~ I couldn't see things clearly because there was a shadow blocking my eyesight. I thought it was like usual that sometimes we might see too bright things, the shadow will keep appearing on our eyesight, no matter where we look at. Then, I closed my eyes and I thought I would be fine after that. However, when I opened my eyes again, the shadow still there. And I see the things like floating, it was getting unclear. >.<" I was so afraid when the shadow has spreaded all around my eyeball, and I saw something like light and rainbow kept appearing around my eyes. At the moment, I was so worried. I looked at the mirror immediately. Guess what?! I couldn't see myself clearly like what I used to do. T.T OMG! What's going on to my eyes? Arghhh! *pressing my eyes* The feeling like.. Almost BLIND! Oh nooooo! I almost cried that time, and my mum asked me to go to take a rest first instead of continuing to do my stuffs. After taking 10 minutes rest, I felt better. I could see things better already. But, I started to feel headache. The nerves in my head seemed like going to break off! It was so painful! It was like going to kill me! Arrrrrr! @o@ Finally, I couldn't stand anymore. I stopped all my work and went to sleep. I have decided to skip this morning's class because I REALLY NEED MORE REST. However, It was so hard to fall asleep that time. ~.~ *scratching head*

I cried. I did not like that feeling, it was torturing. I HATE IT. Seriously, I just realized that I didn't really take good care of myself, especially my body health and eyesight. When some disorder things happened, I just knew how important it was. I'm so addicted to computer. I'm able to face my laptop at least 10 hours per day. My family and friends always scold and advice me, but I don't listen. And now, I just know that when something is really happen, I don't even have the chance to feel regret anymore. *thinking* It was the first time I faced such situation. And parents said it wasn't a small matter. Must take it SERIOUSLY. They want me to have an appointment with the eye specialist this Friday. Sighh, who asked my dad is in optical field, and he is so concern everything regarding to this. Of course from now onwards, they will keep scolding and advising me. I'm so regret for what I have done to myself. I'm the one who is trying to 'kill' myself. *regret* Thanks a lot my dear parents. I love you all! I really mean it. T.T

BTW, I'm fine now. I feel better today. Although this morning my head still very pain after woke up from bed. Yesterday was a memorable and scary night for me. It was truly a big lesson. @o@ So readers, PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!
Do not overusing computer!
Do get enough sleep and rest everyday!
Do not give yourself too much pressure especially during exam period!
This is not a joke, I'M SERIOUS.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello September

Posted by Cassey at 5:05 PM
Hello readers I'M HERE AGAIN! ^o^ *cheers* Just a simple and random updates about me at the moment! FYI, I have made small changes onto my blog layout. Spot it? @o@ Arghhh! Guess what?! My bad attitude turns back AGAIN! "=.= I'm playing around with my blog layout instead of paying full concentration to my revision.

BTW, it's already SEPTEMBER today! A new month, another new begin. And I know this will be a hectic and tiring month for me. Sometimes I love college life, sometimes I hate because of ASSIGNMENTS, TESTS and HOMEWORKS! However, I'M READY FOR IT! Studying Business Law right now, going to sit for the test which is 20 marks of assessment for this subject tomorrow.

I'm freaking tired too. Want to take a nap but not now as I want to keep the 'tiredness' until night. =.= *silly thinking* My blog has turned to be so dead, I need more PICTURES, PHOTOS and WORDS to make it 'alive' again! Haha! ^O^ Alright, shall continue with my study now.. Wish me luck for the coming test and mid-terms!

Stay tuned for coming up post! Have a great day! *wink* ^_<


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