Friday, October 30, 2009

Pek Teng's Birthday Celebration

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Phewww, my first semester is coming to the end, next week will be the study week. ~.~ It means that, FINAL EXAM IS COMING SOON! Arghhh.. *nervous* I haven't finished studying any of the subjects yet, OMG.. Anyway, this weekend I'm not going to continue my study first as my family is coming tomorrow, and we're going to attend my brother's convocation. ^o^

BTW, after the last class on today, me, Maxim and Christine have planned to celebrate birthday for Pek Teng. We had our lunch in TGI Fridays Sunway Pyramid and took a piece of cake at Secret Recipe. LOL. It was just a simple celebration but we hoped that you won't mind about it and like it. *hugs* ^@^

Let photos tell everything.

The birthday girl, Pek Teng

*like this*



After lunch, we headed to Secret Recipe for this.

Happy birthday to you..
A candid shot, buahaha! ^@^

Alright, that's all for today. It is raining heavily now, I should off the laptop already. *yawning*

Rainy day is a best time to sleep. But, now I feel like eating. Seriously I'm really hungry la.

And I MISS YOU, as usual.

Toodles! ^_^

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello I'm Here

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Hello readers, how are you today? @o@

I had a good day after all. After finished my class today, went out with two of my girls, QQ and Vonnie Bunnie to Sunway Pyramid and watched a movie, then we had dinner together. I really enjoyed every single moment spent with them. It has been a long time we didn't hang out like this. Seriously, I miss the moments. I miss the feeling. =.= During my foundation year, we used to go to Sunway Pyramid after classes very often. It's just like our second home. ^_^ But now, we are in different college. I don't know when will be the next time to meet again after today. Anyway, I'm so anticipating for the gathering of my girls when An Na comes from JB in few weeks time. *excited*

I told myself I NEED TO SAVE MONEY for this week. Still it ended up with went out with my dear sisters because I didn't want to miss the chance to meet them. Beside that, of course I must let myself out of the house to 'absorb some natural air' instead of studying at home like a 'nerd', right? Haha.. ^o^

And now it's time to turn back to study mood. =o= *yawning*

Time flies. This is already the last week of my college. I mean before final exam because next week will be study week. My first paper will be on another Thursday. "=.= OMG.. I'm really out of time now. I must finish up the two subjects by this week according to my schedule! Or else I'll be out of time. I WILL! And glad that it is in the progress now. LOL. @o@

As usual, every night spending my time with the him. I really enjoy every single moment chatting with him. He really cheers me up. ^_^ *grins*

I should practice back the habit, which I have been successful did this for one week few months ago. ~.~ My panda eyes are getting serious, my skin is getting worse.. I DON'T WANT! *shouting for help* ToT Ok, I should listen advice and sleep early every night alright?!

Now I want to go downstair to take my favourite chocolate milk, because it's already 12am. As appointed, time to chat! Toodles! >@< *log out*

Monday, October 26, 2009

Homestaying Outgoing

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Wuhuuu.. It is raining now. =.= *yawning* I have been staying at home since I woke up this morning. Oh no, it should be afternoon. LOL. Was doing something just now and time was spent like that, then had maggi as lunch. After this post, I'm going to continue with my studies. I PROMISE. ^_^

Yesterday I went out with few buddies and went to catch up a movie at Tropicana City Mall in Damansara. It was the first time I have been there. That wasn't a good place for shopping but I love their GSC cinema. I think it is really a good place for movie, haha.. ^o^

Anyway, I have watched this movie finally. I remembered once I went to Sunway Pyramid alone and planned to watch movie that time, luckily I didn't watch it because I didn't know what type of movie it was. Or else, I would be really afraid. =.= It's a horror movie with strong body violence, sexuality and partying. I was really shocked with the ways of killing and frightened by the sound effects. The characters in the movie are really so-called 'bitches', LMAO. ^O^ *laughing*

You shall watch this movie, 'Sorority Row'. The story is about six sisters, who were trying to make cheat but ended up with real death in one of them. As they wanted to keep this secret, with 'trust, respect, honor, solidarity, and secrecy', it has changed everything in them after that. I like the storyline where it gives me a lesson, it tells us that making a small mistake can really bring big impacts to the entire life. ~.~ Anyway, I was quite surprised with the real murderer at the end of the story. *wondering*

After movie, we went to Shabu-Shabu steamboat in Bandar Puteri Puchong for dinner. First time I went, I didn't really like it. But now, I really love it. ^@^ *drools*

Ignore my randomness. Because I'm really kind of fickle-minded. >_<

An Na is coming to KL in this week, if not mistaken. We're going to gather and hang out together, it's a MUST ok? I miss my sisters, I miss the gang, I miss everything, I MISS MY GIRLS! T.T Looking forward to the day to come..

What are you doing now? Miss you badly. Take care. *hugs*

I have been countdowning down for three months to go since that time. Now, still THREE MONTHS TO GO. T.T

Friday, October 23, 2009

Supper At Tenji

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Attention please! Tenji Japanese Buffet Gourmet Sensation, Mont Kiara is having promotion from 1st October 2009 to 30th November 2009 for lunch and supper time with only RM49.90+ per pax during weekdays! For more information, please click here. So, what are you waiting for? LOL! ^O^ Sounds like helping them to advertise it.. *giggling* Anyway, good things must be shared, isn't it?

And of course, people like me will not miss out this chance to get a try on their japanese buffet during this period. I always like to try, but after I've been there once, I won't feel like going again. Better save up money to explore and discover nice food from other places! ^_^ So, thanks to Ah Keat for asking me to join along, which was a last minute decision. Our plans used to be successful at the last moment. =.= Anyway, we had a rough plan about it few weeks before, that's why I managed to save up money first. If not, my wallet will be broken. *wink*

That was really the first time I brought out my baby camera along with me, to so-called 'occasions'. LMAO! ^O^ I really enjoyed camwhoring all the way during the meal but obviously I'm not going to post out everything here. Or else it will be overflooded. And I need more time to handle on how to use it wisely. I mean, for the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and everything, I still not able to control it well. *wondering* =.= Sifu ah sifu, waiting for you to teach me.. But something I must practice to be good in, is self-camwhoring using DSLR! Hahahaha! I can make it, trust me. *show tongue*

Met a pretty new friend, Christine Hui Fern on that day. She looks like Yi Qian, isn't she? ^@^

Photos portray the great moments we had.

The best photo of the day for me *like it*

FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! *drools*

*thumbs up*
Best time is used to spend with awesome friends. ^_^

My comment is.. The food there is not really that kind of very delicious. I mean, it's just some of them are good, some not really. Don't know why I still prefer Jogoya. ^@^

We started our supper which was actually our dinner on 9.30pm and we left at about 11.45pm. They suggested to go Genting after that but I was already too tired that time so I didn't respond on it. Hmmm, I actually wished to do some crazy things but I have no choice because I can't back home that late. Although that night when I reached home that time already 1am. =.= *speechless* Anyway, I really had a good time with you guys for eating, playing and camwhoring that night. Thanks again.

Ahhh.. *yawning* Woke up from my nap just now and had my dinner, now facing my laptop again. Currently no one at home. I'm not going back hometown this weekend BTW. I want to spend more time on my revision and I supposed to work on it NOW! Still, MY LAZINESS! ToT Alright, after this I have to continue with it ok? Stop procrastinating.. Haizz, I also get bored with myself for keep repeating this sentence EVERYTIME. Haha.. ^@^

I had a not-so-good day today. As usual, I finished my classes at 1pm. Something different was met up with my dear Qer Xin this afternoon! We had a great meal and great chat. Thanks dear! *hugs* Anyway, weather wasn't turn out good because after we took our lunch, it was raining heavily! Two of us like crazy ladies, using newspapers to cover on our heads and walked for quite a distance back to college and I even crossed several roads to get the car. At the end, I was totally wet. Arghhh.. @o@ My stomach wasn't feeling well and get caught in the rain somemore. Haizz.. I was so frustrated when I had to rush home by 3pm with such condition on that time. LOL. "=.=

Anyway, ignore my craps. Hehe.. I'm in the mood so I typed so long, and guess nobody is going to read this. Alright, I'll stop here. Toodles!

Have a great weekend! ^o^

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All About Food

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Weheee! ^o^ I just came back from the movie which I have been looking forward to, and finally I deserved a chance to watch it today! Hoho! Thanks Maxim. ^_^ *hugs* I saw from Cheryl's blog saying that it was the best animated movie for her, and finally now I know why she says so. Undoubtedly this movie is AWESOME for me! Wowww! Credits for this movie.. *thumbs up*

Yes, it is the movie.. 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatball'.. But I'm now wondering why it is named so. ~.~

This is not only a good kid's film, but also a great comedy in general. I like many scenes from the movie. Especially during the 'ice-cream's rain'. Haha.. ^o^ If you watch the movie, then you'll know what I'm talking about. Children will like this movie very very very much, I bet. *wondering* Just imagine one day if this really happens, how fantastic.. @o@

I like it soooo much because I'm quite a food freak, LOL. ^O^

Image from

Image from,33016/

Image from

This movie is strongly recommended. You shouldn't miss it. ^@^

I woke up quite late this morning, as I forgot to set up alarm. =.= Luckily, I was late for 5 minutes to class only. Haha.. And it's not because I was late for preparing my own stuffs, but was looking for parking. Haizz.. *scratching head* Anyway, I felt more mad when I reached college only knew the tutorial class in the afternoon was cancelled and the lecture ended early. It means, I drove out and had my class for an hour only, WTH. LMAO. That's why we went for the movie instead of going home after class. ^O^

Anyway, I'm going out for dinner at Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant later during their supper session. Huhu.. It is a sudden plan and last minute decision. Hia hia hia! ^o^ *giggling* TIME TO EAT!

And you.. How was your day?


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recent Me

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Hello readers! How are you today? ^_^

Well, I guess I'm doing fine at the moment. Since last Wednesday I have done my presentation and submitted our last group assignment, everything was FREE! Hia hia hia! ^@^ *laughing* I had a relaxing weekend at my hometown, did what I used to do, talking craps with my family, hanging out with friends and some unnecessary things. LMAO. ^O^

Anyway, it was just for a short period, because we're sitting for final exam in three weeks from today. =.= *nervous* I tried to start with my revision on last weekend but still I FAILED. You know this is my bad habit. Hmmm. Alright, WE SHOULD STOP PROCRASTINATING.. Ahhh! @o@

As usual, I enjoy every single moment with your appearance. Chatting with you everyday is like my daily schedule now. Everything about you that will cheer me up! ^@^ *hugs*

No special events.. No special occasions.. =.= I just got back my camera last Sunday, as I borrowed to my brother for his vacation with friends. Sighh.. I haven't even really used my camera yet. Anyone wants to go for photoshooting? *wondering* Pey, waiting for plans as what we have mentioned ya. LOL.

Won't be back to hometown that frequent for the coming weeks.. Guess will wait until exam is over that time. QQ, hope the plan can work out.. We want VACATIONS! ^o^ BTW, Caryn how's the plan for NS-mates gathering after our exams? Hope it can go smoothly. Really wish to see you all, after more than one year. "=.=

Year end's planning seems like going smoothly. *clapping hands*

BTW, I'm really looking forward the coming of next Chinese New Year. Hope time can pass faster. Huhuhu..

OMG OMG OMG! What I'm dreaming now? Zzzzz. ~.~ I should put more concentration and efforts on my final exam first, more than ANYTHING ELSE! *yelling*

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Nineteenth Birthday

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Ahemm! *coughing* Finally I get to update about this! Well, it's about MY NINETEENTH BIRTHDAY which falls on 26th of September, which is about half a month ago. LOL. ^O^

It was just a simple day. No special celebrations, no birthday gifts, not too much. Haha.. It wasn't a good birthday after all, because something happened to me on that weekend, which has made my mood destroyed at all. "=.= *dissapointed*

I don't know why from day to day, I started to get afraid for the coming of birthday. T.T I don't like birthday. I wonder why I was so excited for the coming of birthday few years before. And now, I don't feel so. I got the phobia on my birthday. Hehe.. What a weird thinking. ~.~

Anyway, it has turned to become special when I received many wishes from all the friends through calling, SMS, MSN, facebook, blog, etc. It has made my day became much better. And there were some friends who have been dissapearing for quite sometime and came to me on this day. How surprising! @o@ However, MILLION OF THANKS TO THE LOVELY WISHES FROM ALL OF YOU! I appreciate it.

Thanks a lot to the only one. *with love* ^_^

Before I start my post, I would like to thank to my dear TARCians, June and Sheau Pey. One year ago during my 18th birthday, I received a lovely gift. It was a container filled of 365 colourful stars. I was asked to open one each in a day starting on that time as there were sentences written in each star. When I have finished opening it, it would be my 19th birthday already. Finally, I have finished opening it. I have spent a few days to figure out the whole thing, so that I could read what both of you have written to me. ^@^

It was a really meaningful and precious gift for me. It was the first time ever I received such birthday gift. It really means a lot to me. I like it soooo much! For me, it wasn't easy to write in every piece of paper and make into stars. It needed much time and effort. I'm so glad to have the pleasure to receive such gift from both of you, I really mean it. *touched*

Dear June and Sheau Pey,
Flashback to the past, we have been through two sweet and memorable months together. That was the happiest moment I had with this group of friends. Although the time we spent together was really short, surprisingly that I got the opportunity to receive such special gift from both of you. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN. I like the gift very much. It means a lot to me. Hopefully we can keep in touch always and our friendship will never fade. Take care. Miss you all!
With love,
Kai Chin

Back to the celebration of my 19th birthday..

On the day before my birthday, I was having last class in college before mid-semester break. After class, me with my coursemates, Maxim, Christine and Pek Teng headed to Pasta Zanmai Sunway Pyramid for lunch. I have already known that you all were going to celebrate with me and thanks Pek Teng for coming and skipped her class. =.= It's just that I didn't know you all went out to buy two pieces of cakes which really gave me a surprise. *peace out*

BTW, we had a great time.

Thanks a lot and I love you girls!

Then, I went back to hometown. I was so excited because my holidays have just started. ^o^ At night, my dad suggested to have some nice food as our coming birthdays' celebration. FYI, my dad's birthday was four days after my birthday that falls on 30th of September. We really enjoyed the meal and had great fun with my family members. ^_^ *grins*

I love the meal! And I love you all! ^o^

As what we have planned, I have appointed with a sweet friend, Swee Chan which I have not met her for more than one year already. If not mistaken, last time I met her was when I came out from national service last year. ^@^ I was so glad to meet you and had a really good night chatting with you. Hope we can meet up again next time! Guess we still got lots of stories to share about.

And of course, we had a nice camwhore session..

Thanks for the cute little monkey, my dear! ^O^

And finally, it was my birthday. Hmmm.. the day of turning 19, nothing special anyway. Because my mood was really BAD! Due to some reasons! T.T What a bad time.. Anyway, on that afternoon, mum prepared some slightly 'different' lunch for us. It was delicious! *thumbs up* It's not too special but the type of food wasn't like what she used to cook. Get what i mean? *wondering*

Thanks mummy! Muackkk! ^@^

After my lunch, went out with the brother as he said he was going to treat me to eat. Hia hia hia! Sighh.. Our yumcha gang left no one else. T.T Anyway, he has treated me three pieces of delicious cakes and nice drink from Secret Recipe. And of course we had a great afternoon spending whole day long to chat. Hmm, I always like to spend time with close friends rather than being in a big gang to chat for no point. We have realized this since long time ago. Glad to have you as my brother, and gave me lots of advice in cheering me up! ^o^

Thanks for everything! Thanks for the day! ^_^

Things have turned to become worse. Haizz.. My mood really.. Ahhh.. ToT *speechless* Anyway, it was over. It's just that happened in a not-right-time. ~.~ At night after dinner, our family went to yumcha at Island Red Cafe. Here I've got another piece of cake again. This year's birthday I got several pieces of birthday cakes. Now it is not longer like the past by buying a big cake for celebration. @_@

Thanks my lovely family again and again! *giggling*

Coming up next was outing to D'island Cafe with few friends. It was a last minute plan, I guess. FYI, I have my sister in LLF, Jiun who is sharing the same birth place, same birth month, same birthday but different birth time with me. What a coincidence.. ^@^ We had a simple celebration as appointed by our buddies, Keat, Kar Ming and Jia Onn.

Thank you very much, my friends! ^o^

Before I forget, I'm glad to see the birthday wishes and my faces appeared in several friends' blogs. *touched*

Thanks Darling CaiE, QQ, Vonnie Bunnie, Sui Za Bor and Xxxxxxx! Hoho! ^o^

Last but not least, I received an air post that came from another piece of land few days after my birthday. It's birthday wishes across the miles.. It's something that really melts my heart..

Thank you very very very much! I appreciate everything! >_<

Although we might be miles apart, no distance is too far..

I miss you. T.T *tears rolling in eyes*

Just don't know why.. When I'm typing this post, I feel like crying. *silent* Seriously, I really hoped you would be here on that day but what could I do.. It's my birthday yet nothing meaningful. Everything seemed to be meaningless when you're not here. I didn't know since when, I started to hate the coming of birthday. I don't like birthdays after all. @_@

Anyway, it's the day I have turned officially nineTEEN, last year of being a TEENager. Hoho! ^o^ Time flies.. Somehow I feel like things are changing from day to day.. The world, the surrounding, everyone around us and even ourselves. We change our mind from time to time, and we didn't even realized things that have turned out differently.

The feeling of getting older and mature is great.. Isn't it? ^_^

Life still goes on..

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