Friday, February 27, 2009


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Morning woke up so early, and fetch the sisters to the school. After that, mum and I headed to garden for jogging as usual. Dad wasn't together as he was off to Shanghai on Tuesday and will be back on next Thursday. >o< *peace* Then, we went to market and had our breakfast. When it was on time, we opened the shop. Wiped the glasses and took my shower like what we used to do. Today was slightly different, because I didn't online early in the morning. I started to write my letter for my darling pen-pal, which I have ignored for quite a long period. ~so sorry~ *apologize* I promised I will write a "short novel" like what we used to do. ^_^ When it was the time, I went to fetch my sister back from school. Then I was out with the friend for lunch. Headed to McDonalds. Had the lunch promotion which always seen in newspaper recently. I took the McChicken with regular French fries and coke. And the friend had DoubleCheese Burger with large french fries and don't know what kind of soft drink. ^o^ *LOL* We were chatting about our memory in PLKN last year which made me thought of the life over there. ~miss everyone in PLKN so much~ Back home and I switched on my laptop finally. Online awhile, then closed the shop during the evening. I did some calculation and went out with my mum and sisters for dinner. Brother went to Genting with his friends today, so he didn't join us. @_@ After dinner, headed back home for watering flowers session and back to shop again. Not going to sleep there tonight. I took my shower and applied mask for fifteen minutes, now I come to online. I gonna leave to fetch my sister who is going to finish her tuition after this. "=.= *sweat*
It's my whole day schedule for today. Today's programme is quite different with usual one. Well, now I want to share about my normal schedule for the days during this long semester break.
Wake up early in the morning. Go for jogging. Then to market and breakfast. Back to open shop. Wipe glasses and take my shower. Online. Lunch. Fetch sisters to and back from school and tuitions. Close the shop in the evening. Dinner. Back home to water the plants. ~because I use to stay at shop during weekdays~ Take shower and online. Sleep. (exclude the other activities which are not fixed)
Wake up. Breakfast with sisters or friends. Open shop and wipe glasses. Online. Lunch. Sometimes still fetch sisters for tuition. Close shop. Back home and dinner. Stay at home or will hang out with friends. Sleep.
Wake up late. Stay at home but sometimes out with family. Breakfast and lunch at the same time. Relax at home. Gardening, playing with pets, chatting with family or having fun at house's garden. Shower and dinner. Stuck at home. Sleep.
My life is keep repeating. I'm totally BORED TO THE MAX! >@< *yawning*
I'm becoming a "driver" at home during this holiday. Now I just realized the difficulties and tiredness of my parents last time while sending me to and back from tuition or school activities. It's really tiring. For instance, in an afternoon, I need to out by driving on the same road at least 4 times a day. I was like, urghhh! ~.~ But it's alright. And I guess my driving skills has improved a lot. *proud* I have turned to become an impatient driver on the road. I know that everytime when I drive, I will keep blaming, complaining and scolding the other drivers who simply drives and blocking me while I'm rushing to somewhere. ~!#$%^&*(*&^%$~ I really met many weird people on the road which made me get mad of it. Alright, I'm gonna post a photo of me as a "driver" in the car.
In the pure white Myvi. I took this while I was waiting for my sister to finish her work. I was too bored. *shy*
Guess what I use to do during this holiday? Yes, I spent most of my time on online, and it had become a part of my life. I can't imagine how do I live without it, even though my panda eyes are getting more serious. I don't care, still I love and need online. There are the six main websites I will visit everyday and the MSN Messenger I have to sign in. *wink* I think so far there's no any day that I didn't visit, except on Sunday because my house don't have wireless connection. Here there are, my MSN, hotmail, facebook, friendster, MSN's space, blogspot and wretch blog.

There's some friends asked me:"Chin, why you always so free to online? And you spend so much time on your blogs?" Yes, I do. I also don't know why, I guess maybe I'm already addicted to it. *shake the head* Since I'm too bored, I will spend most of my time onto it. I don't really watch television and other activities like what others are doing actually. ~.~ Well, it's too bad to say that. Sometimes I feel like I'm just like a useless person that knows nothing. Only know how to online and online. I'm just like killing myself.
Anyway, I had sweet chat with several friends and my cousin last few days. Webcam with cousin who I miss her a lot. I guess she does as well, right?

Vik Kee, I miss you. Muackkk! *hugs and kisses*

Webcam with Yvonne as well.

And with Qer Xin. ^_^ But just a short time.

And with my darling or known as dearest of all, Chai Yi. ~miss you~ Really looking forward to meet up with you. Five years we didn't meet each other. Haha.. ^o^ You are really a pretty girl. I heart you to the max! You are the closest ever darling for me. I love you. And that day webcam really had fun with you. Next time we shall webcam more. My everything is belongs to you and I hope yours too. Wheeee.
*full of love*

There's still one month to go until I will be back to Kota Kemuning. I can stay at home relax first. No plan for the coming week. The life will just repeating. *sigh* Quite looking forward to go back to college. It will be my last semester for foundation. I miss my coursemates badly. We have planned a lot of activities to be done after this semester break. Hopefully we can make it. ^@^ Now everyone is still enjoying their holidays by doing their own stuffs. Well, wish you all have a nice holiday alright? Take care. And I think TARC is going to start new semester next week right? I'm sure some of you are excited to back to college. *wondering* Anyway, wish you all the best for the new semester.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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Special to all the Temerloh and Mentakab's residents.
There will be no water supply on today and tomorrow.
That's from 25th to 26th February.
It is due to don't know the main pipe somewhere need to be repaired.
So, don't waste water! Use it wisely!
I heard the everyone here was talking about this.
Since yesterday morning I went for jogging, the news has started.
"Chin ah, tell your mum that there will no be water supply today and tomorrow ya."
"Hey, you know there will no be water supply for two days? Remember to keep water."
"Don't waste water oh. No water supply."
Everywhere, every place I have been recently also talking about this.
Well, the main purpose I'm talking about this is to tell that "POWER OF SPREADING NEWS".
When someone get a news, and pass to a person, then to another, again and again.
Then everyone knows. Haha. ^o^
What I want to say is especially when you are doing anything in my place,
if the person sees you and he or she knows you,
then the news about what you did will be spread all around.
For example, when you go out with a boy or somehow,
then they might say you all are couple. Hehehe.
And I need to emphasize that, almost all of them knowing each other.
That's why the news will be spread.
This is the "special feature" staying in a small town.
No matter what you do, your parents will know through the mouth outside. "=.=
Well, for this issue, I apologize if I said anything make you feel unhappy.
But this is the truth.
I'm wondering, other places outside there, is just the same right?
If you are same like me, I guess you will understand the condition. Keke.. ^_^

Monday, February 23, 2009


Posted by Cassey at 8:55 PM
Nothing special I have done. Sighhh. "=.=
I miss my friends, I miss college.
Well, I should say, I miss the time which is full of courseworks and classes.
Maybe I'm weird. Hmmm.
But everyone use to be so dilemma.
Do you realize that when you are studying, you want holidays.
But when you are having holidays, you want to study.
Haizz, how to explain about this. Aikss. ~.~
There's still one month to go until the my third semester's course commencement date,
which falls on 1st of April. Woaaa.
I still have plenty of time to enjoy this holiday,
and spending the life at hometown.
Well, I truly appreciate the precious moments with my family members. ^_^
Helping dad and mum to massage.
Looking after the shop, learning.
Being a temporary driver for my sisters.
And of course, I'm spending my time quarrelling with them. Muahaha.
"Don't miss my voice when I'm not here! Hehehe!"
It has been quite long time I didn't hang out with my friends until last Friday.
Awww, ignore the previous Sunday when I had steamboat with some of LLF members.
Four of us were there, but three of us eating steamboat that supposed to be eaten by six person.
How could the food be finished, and the food was wasted at last. @_@
See, next time still want to order that much or not.
Last Friday, went out with Kar Ming at OLDTOWN.
Saturday, went out with Li, Kai Yee, Xin Div at OLDTOWN.
Sunday, went out with Jiun, Teck and Ming at OLDTOWN.
Woaaa, notice that? OLDTOWN for three days continuosly.
I should say that, it's ok for me.
Because at my hometown here, there's not many choices like KL.
We use to go to these places, Oldtown White Coffee, Secret Recipe (less), Middle Stall (is a mamak stall), ABC and few more.
So we use to meet familiar faces at these "tea places". ^o^
But feeling is good, because here's the hometown.
I don't know why, still I feel anywhere in own place is the best.
Although is definitely bored sometimes.
This is the place I use to hang around.
It's a suitable place for us to chit chat.
It's a suitable place for us during tea time.

And this is me.
My friend told me that I'm becoming a serious panda now.
*oh my god*
I'm wondering, do I really so sleepless?
I'm actually not. Hmmm.
Maybe caused of I was facing my laptop too much previously.
Not only my short sightedness has increased, but even "the amount of eyebag". >o<
Aikss, ignore about that.
As long as I'm happy.
And I'm planning to KL within this week. Wish to meet up with some friends.
I miss them badly. And I hope to see some faces.
Five years ago we met, I'm wondering five years later how it will be?
I hope this plan won't failed.
Looking forward to it. Will contact up with you soon. ^_^


Posted by Cassey at 1:09 PM
It's another tagged questions by Wai Yee.
Here it goes. Hehe.. ^@^
Remove 1 question from below and add in a personal question, make it a total of 20 questions. Then tag 5 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.
1. If you could spend one Ringgit in 5 minutes, what would you spend on?
I want to buy a packet of nasi lemak to fulfill my stomach. I'm so hungry now. T.T
2. What is your most favourite thing to do?
ONLINE. How can I survive without Internet. Haizz.
3. If you are given a chance to reverse your life, will you back to the past?
No. Let bygones be bygones, look forward the future. Cheer up!
4. What will you do if you are going to die tomorrow?
I want to tell my family "I LOVE YOU" and go to my dream place, Hokkaido.
5. Is there someone in your heart right now?
No any others. Only my family members. ^_^
6. Do you feel loved in this world?
I'm loved by my family. I heart them. I'm appreciated by some friends. Thanks a lot.
7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
My dearest FAMILY. How can this family being complete without any of you?
8. What do you feel like doing right now?
Very hungry. Just want to eat anything. Hahaha.. ^o^
9. If there’s someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
It depends. And of course, I don't want to let go anymore chances next time.
10. List 5 things that u like in a boy/girl.
- appreciate and treat me well
- able to give me protection
- funny but have to be serious on certain situations
- good behaviour and attitude
- satisfying external look
11. What are the requirements that you not wish from your other half?
As long as he doesn't betray me. >o<
12. What do you think is your purpose in life?
I live to eat, live to enjoy, live to face difficulties, live to experience, live to improve myself, live to feel the world.
13. Do you feel like killing someone at the moment?
No. Hmmmm.
14. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Fishballs. One of my favourite.
15. If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick?
Happy. What Wai Yee says is right, happy is rich.
16. What do you want to say about your recent life? *I changed this*
I enjoy my life at home. Spending my precious time with my family. I love it but quite bored sometimes. I miss all the friends. Haizz. ~.~
17. What is the most prized possession that you wish you can bring to Heaven?
The best and sweet memories I had throughout my life in the earth.
18. Name one love song that you have in mind and why?
A chinese song. That is "最幸福的事" by 梁文音. It's the song at my blog here. Just feel my mood is quite similar to the tone of the song recently.
19. What is the one thing you love about yourself?
I love myself for willing to be a listener whenever my friends need me.
20. Do you have a moment that you wanna be another person in life?
No. I still want to be myself. But I want a better me in the future. ^_^
And it's the time for me to tag 5 person.
I'm tagging:
- Bibi
- Wei Wei
- Kar Chun
- Meng Cong
- Kim Jong
Have a nice day.
*wink wink!!!*

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Posted by Cassey at 1:26 PM
Suddenly thought of my previous life in TARC and everything.
I miss the friends. Miss them badly.
And I just realized I haven't post up the article about the trip to Bukit Tinggi with them.
It was quite a long time ago we went. Hehe..^o^
I'm so sorry for so late only post up.
Just take it as a flashback of the trip.
*wink wink!!!*
I remember was few of them asked me to join along.
As they were doing photography assignment, and needed some photoshooting.
And I had become temporary "model". Haha.
It was my first time being a model. Emmm.
I felt like very uncomfortable, especially in front of the camera."=.=
Then I was like. Urghhh. Very funny when thought back of it.
Really sorry, but I really had tried my best to "smile". Wakakaka.
But it was fun together with you guys.
Next time if anymore vacation, I wish can join along.
Remember to ask me. Wheeee..^@^
Time flies. They are having semester break now, same as me.
And they are going to third semester after next week.
I still remember that time I left, it was the middle of the first semester.
I have already completed two semesters in Taylor's College.
After next semester, I'm going to Degree. Wowww.
It was like just happened in a short while.>o<
Many things happened within this period.
Many things have changed.
Haizz, just let bygones be bygones.
Cheers for our life! Cheers for our future!
Well, here's just some of the photos we took in the trip.
There are still many more but I don't post it.
And there's still many more I haven't get it. Hmmm.
And I'd like to share some of the photos.
It's daytime.
And Welcome to Bukit Tinggi!^_^

Night scene

The twins DSLR Canon D450



Shu Wen
Sheau Pey
Chee Lek (See his eyes."=.=)

Kim Jong

Looks like family photo.@_@


Some of the nice photos. I like it so much.

Happy moments

Friendship forever

Japanese? Haha.^o^

Cute little girl

And here's our group photo. Eight of us.
Sweet memory at Bukit Tinggi. Muahaha.^@^

Lastly, is ME again.
I miss the time spent with you all.
Take care my friends.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Posted by Cassey at 7:17 PM
I love to online. Yes, I do.
In a day, I spent almost a quarter of my time to online.
Sometimes I just let it online without touching at it.
Sometimes when I'm in front of my laptop, I can't leave it.
Nothing to proud about, because it's bad for us.
I think many people also love to online but not that serious like mine.
If just ignore those who really spend their time online the whole day."=.=
Always facing the computer is bad for our body health, our eyes.
My short sightedness has increased. Oh shit.
Still, I online. Haizzzz.
I don't really care of it. Just let it be.
Even sometimes I feel like I'm going to blind, I still don't realize.
And there's the time I feel extremely tired, then I'll OFFLINE.
Before that, the degree of my short sightedness wasn't that serious.
Though now still haven't reach -200 but it's already consider bad for me.~.~
What should I do? Ishhhh.
Like now, I'm still online to blog. What a lame post.
Alright, let me ask you.
Normally what you'll do when you online?
For me, it is COMPULSORY to log on to MSN, facebook, friendster, hotmail, MSN space, blogspot and wretch blog.
I really love blogging, don't you know?
That's why I have three blogs.
I would spend my time on my blogs rather than doing something else. So terrible.@_@
Sometimes I will go onto other websites due to what information I want to search for.
And normally I will only visit there when I'm doing assignments or anything.
I won't go through it without any reasons.
*too bad*
From what I know, most of my friends spend their time on these too.
If there's no Internet, what will happen?
I think I really can't survive without Internet, without ONLINE.
I don't know started from when, I'm already have this habit.
Environment brings big influence onto me as well.
Alright, I should stop here.
No dinner tonight. No appointment tonight.
Because I'm already a "homestaying girl". So stupid. I don't want.>o<
What can I do anymore?
Still, wish you have a wonderful day!
Take care.^_^

Monday, February 16, 2009


Posted by Cassey at 1:14 PM
I have been neglecting my blog for last few days.
No mood to blog, and nothing to blog about.
Or I should say, waiting to upload the photos really tests my patience. Urghh."=.=
And to rearrange the photos in the new post of blogspot really make me mad of it!!!
Still, I blog. Haha..^o^
Alright, just ignore the lame things I have said just now.
Valentine's day was over. Finally. I'm happy because it was over.
What a bored and lonely day.
However, the night before Valentine's day.
I had nice chat with two of my friends in phone. Thanks for accompanying me.
I was a good listener for the first "YOU".
And you are a good listener and advisor for the second "YOU".
Both "YOU"s are different people.
Since the day IT HAPPENED, my mood turned bad.
Sorry I couldn't make it on this week, for my friend is planning to come to my place.
Thanks to the friend who was willing to listen to me that night.
Finally I said out. I'm much better now.^_^
Thanks to all my friends, I'M ALRIGHT.
Alright, let's back to the Valentine's day.
So envy those people who are celebrating their day with full of joy.
I don't have a boyfriend, that's alright. I have accepted the fact.
But the friends? What the hell! Bull shit! You put my aeroplane!!!
Why when I'm in holidays, you all are not.
Why when you all are having holidays, but I'm not.
*extremely sad*
"Chin, don't like that. You still have friends to accompany you. Cheer up! Enjoy your single life alright?"
"Hey, how's your Valentine's day? Received any flowers? Don't have? Nevermind, then I'll get one for you. Just to make you happy."
"Wow.. Why are you being that big loser? You don't receive anything on Valentine's day? It's unbelievable!!!"
"What's so special with Valentine's day? I also don't feel like want to celebrate with him. Do you all have any activities?"
"Please don't find me in this month, help me to tell others too. Don't contact me anymore, let me relax in this month."
"Du.. Du.. Du.. Nombor yang anda dail tidak dapat dihubungi.."
The morning I had my breakfast with my sisters.
After that, I suggested to walk pass the flower shop.
Arrrr, just want to see those beautiful roses.
Just want to look at the emotions of the boyfriends buying flowers. Haha..^o^
But finally, our three sisters decided to buy a rose to my brother.
We waited for the seller to wrap the rose into a bouquet.
Then we headed back to our shop. And we left the rose at my brother's bedside.
I saw many beautiful flowers.
How lovely, how sweet.
Haizz.. Which girl doesn't like to receive flowers? I don't believe.
*wink wink!!!*
By the way, when we were at shop, each of us received a bouquet of flowers.
Flowers? Haha, some said "grass".
Ummm, it was really out of our expectation.
It's a handmade gift from the new boy of our shop.
That's totally out of our expectation. Keke..^@^
Anyway, thanks a lot.
That it is. The three "flowers" and the rose.
For our siblings. Four of us. Arhahahaa!
I wonder we should be happy or? Haizz.
Maybe it's alright for them. It's ok.@_@
How did I spend for the whole day? Hmmm.
I was staying at the shop like usual. Online.
When customers were there, I went to serve.
Evening that time, our shop was closed.
Then, my parents, me and youngest sister went to Mentakab for our dinner.
Yes, it's the Valentine's dinner with my family.
My elder brother and younger sister already have their own programmes."=.=
After dinner, we went home.
I was sitting in front of the television.
No SMS, just waiting for the call.
There's a friend appointed me to out that night.
Well, I was there waiting him.
BUT, what a shit thing was, he said would meet up me at 11pm.
When it was about 11.30pm, I SMS-ed him.
"Hey, xxx. Where are you? What's the time now?"
"Opss, sorry. I chit chat until forget the time."
"Hmmm. Then nevermind."
I went to sleep after that. I was angry that time. But what could I do.
Well, it's over. Forget about it.
Here's some random webcam shoots of mine and my sisters last few days.
There are a lot more, but these are just some of it.>o<
How crazy we were.
The ghostly one

Smile because we are happy.^_^

Acting like our hamsters.

"Oiii!!! Bayar hutang!!!"


Acting like what?~.~

The random one

Actually some of you told me that Valentine's day is just an ordinary day, so what?
Well, it's alright for you.
But I also don't know why am I so care about the day.
Maybe caused by something. Ahemm. Shhhh.
I don't know how to say about that. Aikss.T.T
I don't have close friends to be with me.
I had become a "zai nv". Is like "homestaying girl"?
On that day, I heard something from my closest one.
Yes, it's the first time I heard he said that.
"I wonder why I got such kind of friend. What a weird behaviour."
"Normally a weird person will mingle with those who are just about the same."
"Hmmm? What do you mean?"
"You are weird too sometimes, don't you realize?"
"Huhh? What? You mean.. ME?"
"Yes. That's why you have friends with same attitude."
"Then.. Why are you saying I'm weird?"
"Well, it's hard to explain to you in a short time."
*oh my god*
AM I WEIRD? I think I guess.
Right here, I want to tell you all.
Stop giving me those advice that is "irrelevant" to me!
Is HURT, ok? Is definitely HURT!!! Yes, H-U-R-T.. HURT!!!@_@

Is me at the moment while typing this post.
Last but not least,

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