Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Over The Weeks

Posted by Cassey at 3:30 PM
After MIA for a short period, now I'm back to blogging again. ^o^ I'm not supposed to be here because there are tonnes of assignments' DEADlines, mid-terms and presentations approaching! THREE assignments need to be submitted on NEXT WEEK! Awww.. So many things yet so little time! T_T

Haha.. I shouldn't be so suffer right now, but due to my laziness since this semester started, I really deserved for it! "=.= *slap myself* Now I feel the taste.. Sleepless nights, stressful life are coming soon, a horrible September it gonna be until the mid semester break during end of the month..

Anyway, the past two weeks was FUN because I have been sooooo relaxing!! LOL. ^O^

There were many events and outings which have brightened up my college days! Almost everyday I went out early in the morning and came home late. Money spent, time spent, energy spent. =_= Haha.. Money really not easy to come but easy to go. These two weeks were so happening. Met up with many friends as what we have planned, awesome outings with them, drinking session, steamboat, pasar ramadhan, shopping, evil successful surprise birthday celebration, working and many more all came in! I really spent great time with all of you. ♥

Dear ji mui's, guess next time we gonna gather again will be next year.. Seriously gonna miss you all!! Dear girls, I love that night, we were eating like nobody's business! HAHA! We must hang out more often! Dear babes, always spent good time chatting with you all! Thanks for being there! LOVE EVERYONE OF YOU!! ♥

But I missed out a lot of things to blog about, you know why, I'm lazy. Hehe.. ^3^

For those who are related, if you want those photos, don't hesitate to get it directly from me. Thank you! ^_^ *grin*

Haha I really got to keep back my mood and back on track already. Sorry to my babes for 'rushing' back today instead of joining and meeting up with you all. I really need to catch up many things..

Before I continue back to my revision, wanna blog about what had happened recently.. So 22nd August was my younger sister Bob Bob's 18th birthday, as usual, we had a simple blowing cakes session and family dinner as birthday celebration on that Sunday.

Here's a photo of me and my lovely sister. HIS hair is cute right?! ^@^

HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY once again to my Bob Bob Yuen! I want Tweely! Be patient for your 'devil'.. HAHAHAHA! ♥

Okay, will update again when I feel like blogging again next time! Heee! ^o^ *peace out*

TOODLES! *sign out+study mood ON*

Till then,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Say Hello To KL

Posted by Cassey at 9:25 PM
Before I get back to my work, I wanna update about this!! Yeahhh.. As what I've mentioned in my previous post, the next day after the Pulau Ketam trip, which was another random decision, we decided to 'travel' around KL. "=.= LOL.. *scratch my head* Really speechless right.. Haha.. I have been studying and staying at nearby KL area like for more than 2 years already, but I haven't been to so many places before. Mmhmmm.. Frankly, I don't really like the life at here, especially stuck in the traffic jam, pack with the crowd and need to spend whenever I go out! Really sick of it!! Awww.. Perhaps I would like to get a try to stay at those places which are more to peaceful life.

To be honest, my mood was totally ruined up due to the sucks weather on that day. Hehe.. But still, we decided to go at last!! ^_^

That wasn't really travelling around KL but our purpose for that outing was just to capture photos. Hmmm.. And our few destinations were KL KTM station, Petaling Street and KLCC. I have been to these places for times, and proudly to say that finally I'm having their photos now!! o.O

This is my favourite picture of the day! ♥ *peace out*

With same group of people..

Another tiring day we spent..

Stuck in LRT. =_=

Just don't know why, even though it wasn't that delicious, I kinda miss the taste of this 'ma la pan mee'.

First time taking picture with KLCC! I'm Malaysian!! @_@

I still need to learn more to improve my photoshooting skills. Sighh.. Give me more time, give me more money.. ~_~ *wonder*

Wow, I'm so active in blogging recently. Hmmm.. Don't know why I'm so excited for it. Haha.. BTW, if I still don't want to start with my assignments now, I will be seriously dead again. Starting to work on group assignment and two submissions of individual assignment is on week 5 and 6, and it's already week 2 now!! Good luck to me, thank you. *_*

Till then,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pulau Ketam & Jalan Kastam

Posted by Cassey at 10:21 PM
Woohoooo!! It's Friday night! I simply love it because it marks the end of weekdays, weekend is coming! ^o^ Awww.. Everyone loves weekend because it's time for chilling and relaxing after the five days of exhausting life. *sigh of relief*

As for me, last few days have been fulfilled. Not because of hectic study life since it is still the first week, but few places we have been to for two days with some friends continuously. @_@

Other than that, I'm pretty excited because I'm going back hometown tomorrow. Okay, even though it's just one week away I left home after my holidays, but.. I miss it so badly. I wanna go home!! I miss my dad, mum and everyone at home! What a serious homesick.. @_@ And Friday night is supposed to be good time to hang out, yet I'm not. Everyone is not at home right now, except me. I would rather stay at home instead of going out to spend money, pack with crowd, waste car petrol or whatever at here. =_= If I'm at hometown, that's different thing!! I miss those yumcha sessions with my gang..

Okay I just finished my first week of this new semester. FIRST WEEK, which is still a FREE WEEK! Haha.. ^O^ I know we are not gonna be that relax like now anymore later on. After the first week of lectures for all the subjects, though everything hasn't started, I can already feel the stress! OMG!! Haizz.. But let's forget about that first kay!

So this Monday, I received a text from a friend, asked me to go to Pulau Ketam which we have been talking about it on coming Wednesday. I was like: "OMG, what a random suggestion..", so they were awesome enough and we decided to go due to this last minute plan!! FYI, Pulau Ketam which is literally translated as 'Crab Island' is a fishing village which is located off the coast of Klang. Basically, if you wanna go there, just go to Port Klang to take a ferry and you can reach this seafood paradise at the floating houses. ^@^

It was a one-day-trip planning. So that early afternoon after I have finished my class, five of us met up in college, then we took KTM to the harbour. Fortunately the weather was freakin good due to the rain on that morning. The sky was so blue and the clouds were beautiful. It was the best time for photoshooting!! *thumbs up*

That's me in the reflection, as well as the 'couple of the day'. Guess who are they? ^3^ *evil grin*

My photoshooting partner of the day. Miss 38 Soo Hua!!

As well as my dude who was frightened by my driving habit, Mr Five! HA! ^o^

Frankly, we spent like roughly two and half hours to reach Pulau Ketam from Subang due to the sucks public transportation. Urghh.. Well fine, this is Malaysia!! It has made us only left three hours to walk around the island if we wanna catch up the last ferry on 5.45pm.

Finally I have been to Pulau Ketam, the impressive place for me!

I like this picture to the max!! ♥

Three girls of the day.

Five of us rent bikes with RM3 each to cycle and visit around, so that we could save more time. Heee! Other than photoshooting, my another purpose of the day was craving for seafood! LOL.. ^O^ Some people told me that the seafood there wasn't that nice, but I won't believe until I try it myself and so now I did. Hmmm.. In fact, it's not too bad isn't it?! At least we really enjoyed the meal! Haha!! ^@^

I feel hungry again.. *drool*

And whenever I look at this picture, I can't stop myself from laughing..


All of us spent a great time together on that evening.

A memorable group picture. ♥

My favourite jumping shoot, thanks to the camera girl. *wink* ^_^

Henry and Siew Li. Love is in the air. How sweet!! ♥

On that time, we had a last minute decision again, which was to stop at Jalan Kastam, another KTM station next to Pelabuhan Klang. Yes, this was another photoshooting place I have been so desired for. And finally I went!! Thanks to the group of friends!

Thanks for the photo. ^_^ *smile widely*

One word to describe that day's weather, totally fantastic!

Another nice picture of the day. Hope they like it. ^_^

Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery after I took a few photos at Jalan Kastam! Arghhh!! I missed soooo many nice evening scenes! *dissapointed* T_T I could only blame myself for not charging the battery on the last night before the trip. Really thanks to Soo Hua for lending me your camera to take some of the photos okay? Hehe..

We were stuck at the station for two hours AGAIN, but we still spent our time wisely by posing and camwhoring crazily! Haha! ^O^ Everyone was so tired but still excited! We reached home soooo late and ended up I missed the class on the next morning! Grrr! However, in conclusion, we came out with plenty of nice photos on that day. We enjoyed the day! Weee!! ♥

The next day, it was another random decision AGAIN, going for photoshooting at several KL areas. LOL.. Although the weather wasn't good and it was tiring but FUN!!

I don't think I'm gonna upload the pictures in my camera up to facebook because I'm lazy. HA! "=.=

That's all for the trip. I gotta start to pack my stuffs and get to sleep. Have a good weekend peeps!!

Till then,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Monday, August 2, 2010

End Of Holidays

Posted by Cassey at 4:18 PM
Things happened in a month is just like a day.. Time flies, there goes the end of my holidays. ~_~

College is starting today, but according to my time table, my classes will begin tomorrow. Yet I'm still in the holiday's mood, don't really wanna get back to college that fast. Awww.. I'm freakin LAZY!! "=.= But I'm happy because gonna see my collegemates soon! Weee!! ♥ *smile widely*

I came back to Kota Kemuning two days ago, which means last Saturday. I spent really great time for movies and food over the weekend with my friends and him, before he is leaving back to Perth. o_O Oh well, happy moments always get over that fast. Now he has left, and.. I miss him. I gonna see him again after six months, still long to go. T_T

Last night my mood was very down. Haha I have no idea. Okay frankly there was two drops of tears rolling in my eyes when I was saying goodbye to him in the airport, LOL. Didn't even feel like wanna talk after that but everything will be alright. I can adapt with it very soon. Don't worry. ^_^ And I wanna apologize for the two buddies for not attending the birthday party!! Errr I mean sorry for coming so late too.. Aikss..

I wanna go home!! I miss my family!! Eee.. =.=

Okay enough for that, I have to keep back my mood and get on track. This is the first week, so I will still be free. But after this, guess I gonna start to be busy for assignments and exams.. Anyway I'm going for a day trip to Pulau Ketam with my coursemates on this Wednesday for eating and photoshooting, the place I have been desired for! Can't wait for the day to come!! *jump around* ^O^

According to study plan, I have to start to do to applications for transferring within these few months.. This is gonna be the last semester of studying in Malaysia. o_O

GOOD LUCK to everyone for this new semester!!

Ahhh! And ALL THE BEST to my sister who is sitting for the violin test tomorrow, YOU CAN DO IT!! We support you always!! ♥

Till then,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

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