Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Feel Tired

Posted by Cassey at 9:35 PM
Yayyy! It's WEDNESDAY! I hate and like it at the same time, do you know why?! =.=

HATE because I was 'smart' enough to arrange my own time table of four classes on this day! Now I just realize.. I'm damn stupid! @_@ LIKE because I will feel much relief every Wednesday night! It seems like the week is over. ^o^ Awww.. So dilemma.. *scratch head*

But now, I'M EXTREMELY TIREDDD. *yawn*

I have no idea on how to continue with my work at the moment.. +_+

Working on assignment.. When 'DEADline' is coming soon..

Preparing for test.. When it is just around the corner..

A tonnes of assignments and tests are waiting for me to complete it. Arghhhh! o.O

Burning the midnight oil? HALF CORRECT, I bet! Almost out of time now.. LMAO! *sense of proud*

Coming May will be a hectic one. Let's get over the month!

TIME IS NOT ENOUGH! @_@ *faint*

And yea, Final Exam's time table draft is coming out soon. Ohh I love my life to the max! Ishhh.. "=.=

Enough for stress releasing. Back on track. Good luck and all the best everyone!

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Randomness

Posted by Cassey at 4:29 PM
It's another random day of mine..

Don't always feel that being alone is very sad, weird, torturing or whatever. Think positively. Sometimes being alone is a kind of satisfaction. ^_^ *grin*

Have you ever heard about this? "Always being alone is LONELY, but sometimes being alone is ENJOY."

So just now right after class, I had a sudden plan and then I went to catch up a movie, had a meal as well as my favourite ice-cream and a short shopping spree. o.O Emmm.. Somehow I love that feeling. Weheee!

Urghhh.. Just when I think of the tasks need to be done in specific period and law test which is coming in two weeks, I feel extremely STRESS! *big sigh*

I like to do anything I like.. *wink* ^_<

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Monday, April 19, 2010

So Unhappy

Posted by Cassey at 8:16 PM
I have been so unhappy these few days. Sighhh.. =.=

Yea, I lost my watch, which I have been wearing it in the past two years. Its lifetime is so short, too bad to say that. *silent*

It is a precious and lovely gift from my parents to me. It is something that I treasure so muchhhhhhh!

However, due to my carelessness, I LOST IT! Arghhhh! What should I say?! What would I say?! I can only blame myself. T_T

This is definitely a BIG LESSON for me. Next time, I have to keep my things PROPERLY, no matter where and when I am. I don't want to repeat the same mistake anymore. NEVER EVER. =o= *swear*


One more thing, I managed to not online on last three days. And I didn't even touch desktop or laptop.. OMG.. I really couldn't believe it. Yayyy! I'M SUCCESSFUL! "=.=

Craps enough. Back to the things I suppose to do now. CHILL CHILL.

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mistake Again

Posted by Cassey at 9:38 PM
Today I was like.. PHEWWWWWWWW! *sigh of relief* ^O^ And so I spent a great time hanging out for a nice meal and movie today.

I can finally get a proper rest after this. Feel so much better now.

These few days I have been facing my laptop NON-STOP! What kind of life is this.. I hate it sooooo much! Ahhaaa.. All because of this!

LOL! Looks familiar right? It happens on many of us, I guess. ^@^

To be frank, I was trying to change it, fortunately I was successful at first but for this time, I admit that I'm FAILEDDD! Sighhh.. The bad feeling turned back again. =_=


Last minute work, with bad result, ended up with torturing myself. I HATE IT! =.= *fingers cross*

Hahaha.. Stop mentioning about it! This is not the first time I say so. *shut up* ^x^

Nahhh.. I don't care, this weekend I just want to get a short break first. I WANT TO RELAXXX! Just a substitution for my last week's mid sem break. LMAO! =o= And I won't go online on coming few days, I can make it.

I hate the assignment's due dates are so close with each other, like what had happened in this week. Anyway, the next assignment's due date is next month, HAHAHA!

I'M A LAZY GIRL! *peace out*

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Friday, April 9, 2010

Still Move On

Posted by Cassey at 12:01 AM
Tadaaa! I'm here, still alive so DON'T WORRY. Teeheee! ^o^

I'm damn exhausted with the life with only ASSIGNMENTS, ASSIGNMENTS and ASSIGNMENTS. So boreddd! "=.=

Throughout the days and nights, I'm just sitting in front of my laptop and right beside me with a pile of papers, and of course my mobile phone with a lovely little monkey keychain on the case. *wink*

LOL I'm not a nerd kay! But nowadays I really need a spec with me most of the time because my short-sightedness is getting serious now. BLAME THE LAPTOP! DON'T BLAME ME! "=o= *evil laugh*

I'm not in a holiday mood at all. Just a week without classes and full of tasks given.

Yet I still enjoy the process of doing it and the satisfaction when completing it! HAHAHA! It's GREAT! Yayyy! *peace out*

Nahhh, I'm not desperate for outing or whatever. I enjoy staying at home all the time but I just hope someone can entertain me when I feel stress!

Thanks to my dearest family for telling jokes and making fun with me at home. Thanks to my cheerful friends for talking craps with me when I feel bored. Thanks to my sweetest one for being with me when I need you. ^@^

I live my life to the fullest because of YOU ALL. *with love*

I'm still in assignment mood..

Just a little bit tired. Treat me some french fries with sundae cone will do. HIA HIA HIA! *drool*

Yea, I should continue with my work before it's too late. One down but many more to go. Things are still on-going, yet I'm still moving on.. ^_^

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Zealand Trip Day 4

Posted by Cassey at 5:58 PM
I'm so excited to blog today. ^_^

I simply love my new way of blogging, SHORT and SIMPLE. Hoho! ^O^

Just read through it if you want to, or else, move your cursor to the top right of your screen and quit from this blog. FAST and EASY.

Recently I thought of NZ trip. I miss this country so badly. I miss the life, I miss the scenery and basically everything there. "=.= *think* And I just realized that this draft has left here for quite a period of time. LMAO.. So now I'm going to complete it. Awww, in fact there's still many more days to go. ^@^

It's the 4th day of the trip. The day we were leaving Christchurch and heading to Lake Tekapo.

This is the first place we stayed since we arrived the country. It's Addington City Motel, a memorable one. ^o^

It was a pretty long journey from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo. I can't remember how long it takes, but the thing I'm sure is I was staying awake throughout the whole driving journey. I didn't miss any single chance for my eyesight satisfaction in this beautiful country.

Another memorable part was we stopped at a small town, and had a picnic we called. We were like.. Eating at the roadside. HAHA! ^O^ That was lunch time.

Another nice photo of my dad and little cousin. Please ignore my lousy camwhoring skills because I wasn't very familiar with my baby DSLR yet. I used the wrong mode to capture this. "=.=

Still, I LIKE IT. ^_^ *grin*

We even stopped at a beautiful house to camwhore. Fortunately the house owner didn't chase us away but they still welcomed us warmly. LOL. ^O^

It's 'feng ye'. I don't know what it is called in English, sorry. @_@

Another favourite photo of mine. *wink*

My sisters with the.. Apricots? I guess. LMAO!

Nahh.. I still remember the name of this town. It is GERALDINE!

Self-camwhoring photo of me and my dad. "=.=

SHEEP! Meh meh mehhhh.. =o=

Ahhaa! And I could hardly forget that this was the place when I FIRST DROVE IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY! Yayyyy!

Did I mention that we rent a MPV car to drive there before? This is known as 'Estima' in our country but at there, they call it 'Priva'?! Haha.. I can't remember well. ~_~ *think*

All the way along the driving journey, I could see very beautiful sceneries. I LOVE IT!

Seriously, we can see many scenes like these in the car all the time. Cows and sheeps, with the beautiful mountains at behind, it has formed a big impression on my mind for New Zealand. @v@

Another nice group photo, without me of course.

Wild flowers we could see everywhere.

Dearest mum and I. Weheee! ^o^

Yea, when we were getting nearer to Lake Tekapo, the scenery was getting beautiful. After a long journey for the whole day, finally we arrived our destination! Wohooo! ^O^

It's a small town which is known as 'clean air' town, LAKE TEKAPO. It's a MUST to drop by this place if you come to visit South Island of New Zealand! ^@^

Let pictures tell everything.

I still remember on that time, all my uncles were craving for Chinese food so badly. Luckily there's a Chinese restaurant at there which really fulfilled all of us! LOL! "=o=

We stayed at the holidays houses in this small town on that night. That was a horror and scary night for me. *inside story*

Anyway, this is the view we could see from our cottage. Awesome isn't it? ^_^

Coming up days will be more and more fun, but I don't think I'm going to update about NZ trip day by day anymore. LMAO! I have no time. And I'm LAZY! Wakaka.. ^o^ I think I will just pick the most important and memorable one to put in a post.

Stay tuned for my coming updates!

I know I shouldn't be here, just to take a short break here. To be frank, I don't feel like doing my works at the moment. =.= *yawn*

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blame Myself

Posted by Cassey at 5:11 PM
This mid sem break is not a break, no time to relax. But I have been procrastinating last two days. What can I say? Blame myself.. ^@^ *slap my face*

Now should continue on with all the tasks. =.=

I am..

And mum said I look like a..


Yea, I simply love to spend my time at home, especially during holidays. So I'll be at hometown throughout this period.

I'm lazy. *yawn*

Many more assignments to go, ALL THE BEST! o.O

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

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