Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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I'm back to Kota Kemuning eventually, after a long semester break for two months. Yes indeed, I'm going to start my third semester on 1st of April, that's tomorrow. *yawning* During previous two months, I was like hoping the holidays end up faster. But now, I hope I'll start my holidays AGAIN. Frankly, I DON'T WANT TO BACK TO COLLEGE. T.T I want holidays! I love holidays! Although being so lame and useless at home. *laughing* ~What a lazy girl I am.~
However, I still need to face it. And I won't escape from it. ^o^ The new time table was out last night. And yeah, it's kinda satisfying for me. I need to study from Monday to Thursday only every week, but there are three out of four days where the classes start on 8 o'clock in the morning. ~Well, I have adapted with this Taylor's 'culture'.~ I know I will still remain the old lifestyle, that's sleeping late and wake up early. ~It's hard to change this habit already.~ Even though is so suffering, but I still want as I use to do that. @_@ I'm gonna take 5 subjects for this semester, that's English For College Studies III, Moral Studies, Social Psychology, Media Appreciation and Principle Of Economics. ~Wondering how will it be.~
Anyway, there's something really made me got mad yesterday! ~Grrr, I think not me only, but some of my coursemates as well.~ What the hell it is! This first week got only one class on Wednesday? "ONLY LECTURES FOR THIS FIRST WEEK" was mentioned in the Student Portals, then why not just start class on next Monday? Or start on this Monday? "=.= *angry* You know all the lectures are on Monday and Tuesday. Oh ok, I dislike Taylor's College for being like this already for quite sometime. Well, receiving so much of our money but no classes? Ishhh! ~.~ ~Alright, I should calm down. This is already the last semester of foundation.~ I'm being that angry because I have to back here on Tuesday, and back hometown on Thursday again. *oh my god* ~The money for the bus tickets ah. T.T~
Well, let's talk back what had happened last few days. Life just as usual, nothing special. I was busy with the stuffs until the day I back to here. Back to the previous life. ~Sighh, happy or sad? I have no comments.~ Sorry for couldn't join you all for Kim Jong and Yip Hon's birthday celebration that day, as I just back today. I'm sure you all had fun. And I can't join the Pulau Ketam's trip on next week. *dissapointed* ~Haizz, I wish to go so badly, but no choice la. I got class.~ Well, looking forward for the trip on May ya. ^_^ And yeah, next week I gonna meet up with some friends. Hohoho, hope the plans go smoothly ya! "Darling Chai Yi, really looking forward to see you after years. Remember to bring our 'special things'."
Gonna meet up with the girls on tomorrow. *shouting and jumping* ~Yippieee, happy to see you all soon.~ Here is the photo of the crazy girls. This is that time we were having drama practice for the event. After two months, what are the changes on you all? *wondering* Let's see!

As well as my other FICM coursemates. *wink*

Nothing special to post about, but here I want to mention something about what I did last Saturday night after watching the stupid movie 'La Lingerie'. ~Oh ya, this is it.~

It's a movie quite long ago. ~I know I'm kinda out of date la.~ I wanted to see it since last time but couldn't make it. And now, I have seen it finally. Is funny and lame enough. But the most important is, SO MANY PRETTY GIRLS I CAN SEE! Wohooo! @_@ *excited* Ok, continue with what I have said just now. I was busy editing my self-taken photos. *self-loving* I was wondering why there's so many people like to edit their photos until it became different with their actual look. And now, I know why. It is much prettier than the ordinary face. It's for own satisfaction. *smile*
I tried to smudge off the black eye circles on my eyes. I did it and it kinda different with my actual look. I posted them in my friendster and facebook, and how I wish they really dissapear from my face. "=.= But I was born with a pair of heavy eye bags, so it can just be imagination. Spot the differences between the original photo and the edited one. *open eyes*

Hey people, why are all of you edit own faces until different like ownselves? Accept the fact that how you are being. We are born to be like this. Thanks to the God for giving us these. "=.= Even I'm doing that too, well it's ok to share about here. And, I'm sorry if what I wrote here has made any of you feel unhappy. *apologize*
Just now I was playing with my cousin's PSP. Finally I know why they can be so addicted with the small little electronic games. That's PSP, it is FUN with lots of games in it! ^o^ Aunty introduced me the game which was called 'Loco Roco 2'. The cartoons in it were CUTEEE! And the music was FUNNY! Overall, is NICE! And I have completed two levels. *giggling* ~Shall continue on the other days.~

"Hey all, maybe you should try this game. It's childish? Not at all. ^_^"

Last but not least, I want to wish

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY to Little-Little Family (LLF)!!!

to KIM JONG on today (31st of March)
to YIP HON on tomorrow (1st of April)!
Wish you all have a wonderful and blessed birthday. *with full of wishes*
**ChiNcHiN is hugging her beloved 'Dou Dou'.**

Saturday, March 28, 2009


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Went to pray my dad's grandparents, my grandparents and my uncle this morning due to Ching Ming festival. *tired* I spent so long time to keep myself become fair, but now turn to become a bit darker. "=.= Well, it's alright. Few more days to go until the day I'll back to Kota Kemuning. College is starting very soon. Looking forward to meet up with my girls and all the FICM coursemates! Muahahaha! ^@^
Last night, I had fun. Not only I, but all of us, I guess. *wink* Yeah, we are LLF again. It's our 4th birthday celebration. I received an SMS from Jiun which was like this: "Later 9pm at Secret Recipe.. Attire is school uniform.." I was shocked at the moment, and wondering all of them would really WEAR SCHOOL UNIFORM TO DRINK TEA? @_@ *oh my god* ~I'm thinking if I really wear it, how if at the last I'm the only one who is wearing?~ So I repeated to send so many messages to her and until she said: "How many times you want to ask?" ~No wonder why previous week they asked whether I still keeping my school uniform or not.~
I thought they were joking at the beginning. *serious* I was late for about an hour to the appointed place because I went to Mentakab with my family. When I reached home, I received call from them that all LLF members already at there and were in SCHOOL UNIFORM! Woaaa! ~.~ Then I changed to school uniform immediately. ~Flashback to the high school's time.~ And I realized that the "changes" on me. I'm fatter than before right now. *sad* Then, Keat fetched me and we headed to Secret Recipe.
After struggling and photoshooting for quite sometime, we decided to enter the shop finally. *shy* ~I don't post the photos we took outside, not really nice. "=.=~ We thought wanted to go to KFC, but still we ended up at there. When we were walking towards the shop, it was soooo embarrassing. So many eyes from out there were looking at us. I guess they would be like: "Woaa, are they crazy already?", "Huh? So late still study?", "Why now the teachers so cruel so late only let students back home?", "So hardworking oh students nowadays!", "Haiyo, so old already still act young ah?" and so on. *imagine* ~What a great imagination.~
Alright, is me here and I didn't see myself in school uniform attire for quite a long time. T.T

Distraction 1 (by Hoh Kar Ming)

Distraction 2 (by Chew Wee Teck)

Finally get to capture a self-taken photo. ^_^ *thumbs up* ~See I'm in school uniform attire once again. Awww, so hard to take a photo everytime when they are here.~
We asked the servant to help us to choose the cakes this time. With the creative mixed flavours. ~Like how we did during Chee King's birthday.~ Spot the differences between before and after. @_@



As our tradition, we used to eat the cakes and make them by folks in the middle of the table until so disgusting and messy. *laughing*

The girls

LLF back to high school ~Haizz, stop dreaming!~
From left: Qian, Ying, Jiun, Chin, Keat
From right: Macro, Chee, Ming, Teck
After we finished our food at Secret Recipe, we headed to the 'Temerloh Big Clock Garden'. ~Actually is not the real name, I just translate directly from chinese.~ At there, it was so hot and bored. So we didn't stay at there for a long period. Then we went to the highway side crossing the bridge. It was so windy there. With the yellow road lights along the road, that place was so nice! But kinda scary actually. "=.= And of course, we had short photoshooting session right there. The photos were awesome!

The LLF gangster *giggling*
~Oh no, we are the 'ponteng kaki' who left the school during the midnight.~

Yuhuuu! ^o^
It was an insane night for us. It tended to be so memorable because all of us were in SCHOOL UNIFORMS. The funniest part was this. "You guys really crazy enough! LLF, you guys ROCKS!"

So here was the celebration for our 4th birthday. Though it's simple but it's meaningful for all of us. ~I guess so, right?~ Not all the members were there last night, and I'm wondering that it would getting lesser from day to day next time. I doubt it. "=.= But the reality is, all of us are having our own life now. So, can't blame anyone. Still hope everyone will remember this friendship in the heart.

For all the Little-Little Family members:

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE! ^o^ *peace* ~It's already the second time 'in advance' in my blog. "=.=~

"It's fun being with all of you, happiness lingers around me when together with you! I heart you LLF!" *with love*
Today is 28th of March. ^_^ If not mistaken, it's the 60th Earth Hour. ~I saw it from the Astro, then from friend's MSN, blogs, e-mail and everywhere.~ Well, the global warming is getting serious from day to day. We shall do something to protect our earth! Oh ya, we should VOTE FOR THE EARTH! What shall we do is vote the earth by switching off the light. Just for an hour. That's tonight 8.30pm until 9.30pm!
Hey people, REMEMBER to SWITCH OFF YOUR LIGHT ON 8.30PM TO 9.30PM TONIGHT! ~Guess what will happen throughout the one hour?~
"Love our earth, save our earth!" *wink*
**ChiNcHiN is wondering when to go back to Kota Kemuning.**

Thursday, March 26, 2009


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Well, it's the last week of my semester break. Finally it is coming to the end, after a long holidays. ~Haizz, but I still want to continue being lame at home la. "=.=~ I know when I back to Kota Kemuning, I will start to miss the holidays. Two months were over without my attention. I didn't really do anything special or memorable throughout this holiday, how BORED!!! *screaming* Next holiday, I promise myself WILL NOT be like this anymore. @_@
Class is starting on the 1st of April. ~Ok, it's not April Fool la. I think college won't play this lame joke with us. ^_^~ The time table hasn't out. Hopefully it will not be that packed. Will be taking five subjects for the next semester, I guess it will be a busy semester. ~But I seem like so relaxing most of the time.~ I hope all the stuffs will come to me and keep myself busy so I won't feel that lonely anymore. ~Looking forward this kind of feeling, ok!~
I really feel dissapointed because can't join my ex-TARCians for the trip to Pulau Ketam on another coming Monday. I'm actually looking forward it but suddenly can't make it due to the time which is not match with mine. T.T *sad* My class just started. What can I hope is I wish there is no class on Monday and Tuesday, but it's impossible la. Unless there is any special events, incidents or public holiday. ~Haizz, stop dreaming! Wake up!~ "Anyway, if there's any "miracle" I'll let you know. Wish you all have fun ya. Looking forward the photos that you all will take." *wink*
Since this can be considered as the last week for my holidays, I need to settle up many things. I got my new identification card. ~Fortunately the photo is not ugly like what I expected. ^o^~ This is my style, where I always do things at the last moment. It's too bad. *shake head* Well, I have packed my clothes and other stuffs which I'm going to pass to my cousin to help me bring to uncle's place. "Thanks a lot ya!" Hmmm, all the things should be done within this week!
That day I was tidying up my things, and I saw some old notebooks with the words written long ago. I laughed but maybe it isn't that funny for others. ~.~ *so sweat* ~Pey, won't mind if I post up here ya? It's a very lame thing.~

Sighh, I even have no idea what to blog about. Ishhh. "=.= I'll be back to Kota Kemuning next Tuesday by bus if not mistaken. ~Gonna back to the life.~ Everything begins.
And hey, I'm looking forward this movie. It's the 'Shinjuku Incident' by Jackie Chan and some other celebrities. ^o^ I want to watch it so badly!

Not because of what, there's two reasons for me being that excited! ^o^ *jumping* First, is because it is filmed in Japan. Next, is because one of the characters is DANIEL WUUU!!! ~Ignore Jackie Chan, haha.. Blek! ^@^~ I like him so much since the movie 'Police Story' few years ago. I love to see his character while becoming a bad man! *evil* Wow, he is just too awesome!

"I LOVE DANIEL WU!" *shouting and crazying*

Last but not least,

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to LONG YII which falls on 25th of March! ^_^ ~She's my old classmate in primary school.~

**ChiNcHiN is tidying up the files in laptop.**

Monday, March 23, 2009


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Yesterday was a "big day" for someone! ^o^ "Yeah, you know it, don't you?" It was 22nd of March. My 'brother', Mr Wong Chee King's birthday! *wink* Come on, everyone, please send your best wishes to him! Even it's already late by one day! Hohoho! ~Ishhh, like don't know promoting what. "=.=~ Well, who ask you to be my brother leh. Blekk.
Anyway, the surprise we gave him was successful. Although it wasn't a grand or too special celebration, but sincerly we hope you will like it. ^_^ See our conservation in MSN.
Wong says: chin chin...
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: hello mr wong chee king! ^_^
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: hahahahaha
Wong says: thx u very muz
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: lol XD
Wong says: 4 giving me a really surprise birthday celebration
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: u r welcome leh
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: as long as u r happy
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: as long as we r successful ^o^
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: u really not expecting at all ya?
Wong says: yaya, n.....
Wong says: i found u a special personality..
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: special personality?
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: woaaa @_@
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: what? tell me
Wong says: u r a good lyer...
Wong says: haha
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: hmphhh!
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: like that la
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: ok lo
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: sure la, im drama queen, u remember? ^_^
Wong says: yaya
Wong says: mek me tuan tuan zhuan...
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: good good
Wong says: mek me 2nd time paise in old town..
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: haha
Wong says: haha
Wong says: anywhr
Wong says: it's meaningful
Wong says: it's memorable
the sky is BLUE_kC 。+゜ヾ(o゜∀゜o)ノ。+゜ says: but not only thank to me, to all of them ^o^
Wong says: i did
Wong says: dun worry
"You are welcome la!" *smiling* Like what I said, as long as you are happy. It's birthday wor, a special day of yours in a year. Once in a year too. ^@^
We have planned about this but not going to let you know about it at all. Luckily we were successful. *give me five* Alright, I'm being the one who acted to ask the birthday boy for lunch yesterday. I appointed him and Chin Ee to Old Town White Coffee for lunch. Actually I was ready at home, just waiting for the call. ~Maybe you blamed me for late? Well, it's alright.~ While at there, only decided to change to Secret Recipe. ~My acting skills not bad huh.~ *laughing* And even let you feel embarrassing at Old Town White Coffee, wakakaka. ^o^ ~Ehh, I got the sense of proud for what I have done!~ Others were already ready at there.
This is the birthday cake.
With the mixed flavours, so creative. ^@^
Birthday wish from me to you. ^_^

Old friends we are. ^o^ ~Unfortunately not all are here.~

Last but not least,

MR WONG CHEE KING once again! ^@^
~Although it should be happy belated birthday right now.~
"Glad to hear that you found your partner. Congratulation for that! ~Haizz, I haven't get mine. T.T~ Appreciate everything you are having now. Hope you will enjoy your life in UTP. ~I know sure you did.~ All the best for your studies. Good luck and take care. Keep in touch my friend. Thanks for being a good brother of mine. Thanks for being a good friend of mine. Thanks for everything. Friendship forever!"
**ChiNcHiN is chatting with three friends in MSN.**

Saturday, March 21, 2009


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Hey all! I'm here again! *laughing* I don't want to repeat like "I have been neglecting my blog for a few days, weeks, years" or somehow la. I know everytime after I blog once, then leave it for a few days, and blog again. Haha.. ^o^ I didn't online for last two days, as I went to KL with the LLF members like what we have planned before this. Our purpose was to celebrate LLF's birthday. ~It's also an excuse for all of us to gather for playing like last time.~ Thursday morning, Ming and I departed from Temerloh. He drove and we headed to TARC Setapak to fetch Jiun and Teck. I got a random photo inside the car. *peace*

We arrived TARC earlier than what we have expected. Both of us were walking around the college, since he hasn't been there before. I brought Ming to walk around the big campus. ~The flashback of previous life in TARC. "=.=~ I was like wanted to meet up with the coursemates, but I couldn't get to contact some of them. Then I gave up. *dissapointed* Anyway, when I walked to DKABA that area, I met Patrick and his gang. Next I met Yoyo, Yu Qun, Yin Sin, Cherrie and Neville. ~What a coincidence.~ I called up to Min Jie and he was surprise. We had a short chat at canteen 2 with the chocolate milk he spent. ^_^ I saw Desmond, Chee Kit, Kevin and so on but unfortunately they didn't see I was trying my best to wave my hand towards them. *shake head* And this is the photo I took with Min Jie. ~Long time no see lo.~

Is happy to be at the place which I was familiar with. Hohoho. ^o^ But it was kinda tired to wait for two hours. *yawning* We thought there was black-out in college and they would leave earlier. So, we arrived earlier. Still we waited for them until they finished class due to their fixed time table. Finally, we reached Subang Jaya during evening. Qian and Ying were already waiting for us. After Ming met his sister and settled something, we went to Sunway Pyramid and met up with them. We were hanging around in the shopping mall until Keat and Macro finished class. ~.~ Finally all of us have gathered. ~Although the members are still incomplete.~

What is she trying to act as? *confusing*

Next, we went to take photo sticker at Asian Avenue. ~Yeah, finally LLF got our own photo stickers.~ We were fooling around.

See their emotions while they were editing the photos. They were so excited. ~Look at Ah Teck's face. @_@~

See one of the 'products'. Tadaaa!

Well, it's our sweet memory on this 4th birthday celebration. LLF forever! ^o^ *promise*
We gonna catch up the movie 'City of Ember' that night. Here's our movie ticket. 8 pieces combined together, so cool.

Well, since we gonna watch it during the midnight, we had to do something else to spend the time. Keat and Ying met up with Zhi Hui and they headed to Sushi King, so we followed up them. ^@^ Nice of us were sitting there but only three of them were eating. Of course, I used the time for the camwhore session. The self-taken photo of mine and Qian.

Guess what they were looking at? "=.=

I don't really upload all the photos right up here. Just a part of them. ~.~ After sushi session, we went to Amp Square. Well, I really don't know there's a karaoke place right here. We were singing and "shouting" all the time. We took the buffet but sincerly, it wasn't nice. *shake head* Each of us paid about RM20.

Here are some photos to be shared.

"Kar Ming, what are you trying to do?"

Little-Little Family

Happy moments together
When we finished our sing k session, it was already 11pm. All the shops in the shopping mall were closed. So, we were playing and crazying around. See this. *laughing*

He was sleeping at the floor! @_@ *oh my god*
~"Keat, don't kill me ah! Nice photo is to share!"~

This one cool. KEAT'S BREAK DANCE!!!
*clapping hands*

Acting like the model, without head. "=.=
And coming up with this, which is so awesome!

Nice buddies! I like this photo very very very much! *with love*

On their way to at cinema, at the escalator. ^o^

Me and Ying

Buying popcorns
After we finished the movie, we went back to Keat's house. All of us were going to sleep at his house tonight. Hohoho. ^o^ Thanks Keat's roommate Watson who lend his bed for us to sleep. After taken our shower, we were busy with our own stuffs. Keat asked me to go for a beer session, but after that I didn't hear anything from him. ~I was like so keen to go to somewhere that night for that purpose.~ But nevermind, it's alright. ^_^ When it was about 3am, we went out for supper at Asia Cafe. Most of the stalls were closed, so we walked to another mamak stall nearby. After that, all of us back to Keat's home. Girls slept and boys went to Cyber Cafe for their gaming time. ~When boys are together, I guess most of them will do this.~

Me and Teck

Everyone was looking at what? @_@
The next morning, I wasn't willing to wake up from the bed. But, I was disturbed to get up! Ishhhh! Awaked by Ming who was trying to 'kill' me using the pillow, wrapped by head like a hamburger and took the photos. Grrr. ~.~ Still, I woke up at last. Then continued to bully others. We were being so lame during the whole morning. We were planning to go to which places, finally when we decided to go to Sunway Lagoon, we left due to the crowd on that day. *bored* Then we headed back to Keat's house and being lame again. After discussion, finally we decided to go to Pavilion.
The first thing to do when we arrived Pavilion was to the cinema to buy the movie ticket. We were going to watch 'Dragon Ball Evolution'. ~What a lame and funny movie. Ishhh. Money wasted! "=.=~ And still, each of us bought a New York Chicken. *laughing*

In the cinema

After movie, we went to the Food Republic in Pavilion for our lunch. We took our breakfast so late that day, so we ate lunch late too. It was already evening that time and can be considered as dinner. ~.~

Me again
~My new look with this spec. So mature, isn't it?~

Me and Qian
Look at the food we ordered from Ichiban Ramen. ~Just most of them. Not all actually.~

Look at the big eater. @_@

Last but not least, here are four of the girls from LLF. Qian, Chin, Ying and Jiun.
~Poh is not here. Haizz. T.T~

After that, we left Pavilion and went back. I followed Ming's car like how I did when I came. Ying as well. I was helping him to search for the road back. ~.~ We were going to fetch Teck back to TARC Setapak before leaving. Anyway, we also lost. Haha.. We went to somewhere near Jelatek Putra LRT station. A house area which was somewhere like Temerloh Jaya. Even though there's an arrow pointing to Wangsa Maju Carrefour. *confusing* Finally, we still got back to the same road towards Ampang and found the way back. ^_^
Ming let me drove at the highway. It was the first time I drove at highway at night. My eyes weren't good enough, and actually I couldn't see clearly. *worrying* I was quite afraid that night. Ming couldn't trust me, then he kept using his hand to help me in controlling the steering, which made me felt more nervous. Haha.. "=.= But it's quite 'proud' that I drove from KL to Bentong, wakakaka. Reached home at night, was tired so I didn't join them for supper. However, received call from Yee Li to out for tea as the brothers were back! Unluckily, my mum didn't allow. So it's the end of the LLF's trip to KL. ~Sweet memory we had.~
Anyway, I would like to mention a bit about the movie we had watched. @_@ First, it was the 'City of Ember'. *thumbs up* It's a nice movie for me, but a bit unlogic la. The director really got a great imagination. All of us were just laughing when the show came to the end. We were wondering why the girl would know "the sky is blue?", this and that. *thinking*

Feel free? Then you might catch up this. ^@^ But for the movie 'Dragon Ball Evolution', woaaa! "YOU CAN'T EVEN MISS IT!"

No comment for this because maybe it's not my favourite. ~What a memorable movie time with LLF for this movie.~ And Teck said this: "Woaa, the dragon is just like the 'four legs snake'. Really sweat!" ~Sorry, I don't know what is the word for 'four legs snake' leh. Translated from chinese. Hoho.~ *dissapointed* But it was fun being crazy with you all. ^o^
LLF's birthday on 31st of March since 2006 is coming up. It's our 4th birthday soon. *wink* Looking forward it! Gonna be crazy again!
Happy birthday in advance LLF buddies! *hugs and kisses*
**ChiNcHiN is eating delicious butter cakes.**


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