Monday, December 28, 2009

Season's Greetings

Posted by Cassey at 4:23 PM
Hellooooo dear readers! How are you recently? Finally I can online now. Weheee! ^o^ How was your 'Dong Zhi' celebration? How was your Christmas? How was your holidays? I hope all of you had fun! *wink* ^_<

I'm currently at Wanaka, South Island New Zealand. After two days, we're going back to Christchurch for new year's celebration and a short stay in my aunty's house. Time flies, I'll be back to homecountry after one week. This trip has taken a longgggg time but I enjoyed every single moment to be spent at here. ^O^ *excited*

I'm sure this will be the most memorable trip I'd ever had with all my family members and big group of relatives. Thanks dad for creating this opportunity to all of us. Thanks for bringing me here. I appreciate it. ^@^

Anyway, it's already the end of the year. New Year 2010 is just around the corner. ~.~

Ignore my last post, once again, I'm here to wish all of you

Have fun! *peace out*

And I'll post more about it when I'm back to Malaysia! Stay tuned! Toodles! ^_^

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Off For A Vacation

Posted by Cassey at 12:10 AM
Hello readers! Here's a short update of mine! ^_^

Time flies.. And it's end of the year now. The 'year end's plan' I've mentioned since early of the year is finally here! Wuhuuu! *excited*

Yes, I'm going off for a vacation in few hours. It's a big family trip organized by my lovely dad and it's a great opportunity of our family members to gather and go for a trip together. The flight is on this afternoon. Really looking forward it. ^@^

I'll post more about it when I'm back.

BTW, Christmas day falls on next Friday and new year 2010 is coming soon. Here I would like to wish everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! ^O^

I'll be back on next year. See you all again when I'm back! *waving hand*

And I'll miss you sooooooooo much. Take care. *hugs*


Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Memorable Day

Posted by Cassey at 8:29 PM
Ummm.. Finally the day is here. Haha.. Nothing special, I mean countdown 6 days to go for the plan, less than a week. LOL, just kidding anyway. Blekkk.. =@=

BTW, I really can't wait for it! Hohoho.. *clapping hands* Finally it is coming soon. So excited for it! ^o^

In fact, today is a BIG DAY of someone. Glad that the plan went on successfully. *smile widely* ^_^ So I'm here to wish you again.. HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY! This has become a memorable day, isn't it?

Hia hia hia.. You get all my other wishes already so I think I don't need to re-wish you at here again! LMAO! ^O^ *peace out*

Errr.. Nothing else I want to say. What a short and random post. I want to continue to pack up my things, and do my things already. Going to help my dad to complete out the itinerary.

Till then. ^@^

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Paid Offs

Posted by Cassey at 1:10 PM
My first semester's result has been released! Awww.. I was so damn nervous last night, when I logged on to the website and wanted to view it. I was so afraid that I might FAIL for my Econs, the paper I thought I had screwed up. Thanks God I passed the subject with CREDIT! Ahhh.. Luckily.. ^o^ *sigh of relief* Now, I can really enjoy my holidays without any burden! Waiting for the second semester to come!

And here I would like to share about it. I always like to share my things in my blog. It's not really good result, but it's enough for me. Ummm.. ^@^

ACCOUNTING 100 - 7 (D)
BUSINESS LAW 100 - 7 (D)
ECONOMICS 100 - 6 (C)

Oh well, I think I'm satisfied with it. We know we'll get for how much we've paid for it. @o@

Sighh.. Human has always been that greedy. When you get something, you expect more than that. In fact, I think I might be able to do better than this, if I did better in the assessment part. I mean, before Final Exam of all the assignments and mid-terms. If I scored higher, maybe I can get high distinction for many subjects already.. ~_~ *speechless* LOL, I'm not satisfied!

If I did well for my Accounting Mid-Term.. If I did well for my Business Law Four Step Process Test.. If I didn't panic and screwed up my Econs Final Exam.. Haizz! T_T

Burning the midnight oil, procrastinating and laziness are my biggest weaknesses! Arghhh! =o= *yelling* I should listen your advice and change these bad habits! It's IMPORTANT! Alright, ignore me for keep repeating this instead of taking action.. Hmmm. I have to do better for the next semester! I swear! ~o~

I don't want to dissapoint my family.. I don't want to dissapoint those who concerns about me.. I don't want to dissapoint YOU.. Don't feel sad for your result ok? You actually did very well! That's good enough!

I will try my best alright? ALL THE BEST FOR COMING SEMESTER! ^O^

And here I've completed the first semester of my degree. Wow, time flies.. Still got five more semesters to go, more challenges are coming to me.. Let's move on! *chilling*

To friends who passed all the subjects with flying colours.. CONGRATULATION! To friends who didn't do well for the subjects.. WORK HARD alright? Think twice, put more efforts and ALL THE BEST to you! *warm hugs*

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Get To Know Me

Posted by Cassey at 5:47 PM
There was once I tried something like quiz or what-so-ever psychological test in facebook, and this was the result. I have found out that it was quite true, so I copied and saved it in my folder. ^_^ Just now when I was tidying files in the folder, I looked back these. And now, I would like to share with all of you. *grins*

I guess I've posted these before?! Well I don't care, just ignore the old post. LMAO. ^O^

Your view on yourself:
You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:
You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.

Your views on education:
Education is less important than the real world out there, away from the classroom. Deep inside you want to start working, earning money and living on your own.

The right job for you:
You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:
You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:
You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.

Who is your true self:
You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

I didn't save up the link that time, so I can't share it right here. If you find this quiz or test in facebook, you might try on it. ^@^

Good day readers! *peace out*

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's December

Posted by Cassey at 1:29 PM
Awww.. I know I'm late for this post. I have no idea on what to blog, because holiday's life is just that BORINGGGGGG! =_= *lazy*

It's the 4th of December today. Ok, my main point is.. This is already the last month of this year. LOL. ^O^ Time flies.. The past has become the past, looking forward the coming of new year.

BTW, I'm so glad that miracle has happened! I never thought of these, but I'm really happy because finally I have met up AGAIN with my bestie SEAHHH.. Great! Great! Great! *clapping hands* Don't lost yourself already ok? We'll stay by your side always to support you! *bigggg hugs* ^@^

And here she is the one who has been MIA for almost a year. OMG.. It is so unbelievable.. @_@

My dear PRAWNIE and me
It's fun spending time hanging out and chatting with you! ^o^

At the same time, I have settled up my enrolment for next semester's subjects and time table arrangement for next semester. I'm taking Marketing, Management, Communication in Business and Marketing Law on coming semester. @_@

Final Exam's result for the first semester is releasing soon! Ahhh! *nervous* It is on coming Wednesday, which is 9th of December! Ohhhh shittttt! I'm so worried about my Econs.. *praying hardly* The paper I've screwed up. OMG.. I don't want to fail the subject. T_T

Christine and I, with the purpose of this photo that Christmas celebration in advance.. LOL! ^O^

Met up with her on that day. Thanks for fetching me from place to place. ^_^ *warm hugs* See you guys again maybe after few months, when back to college.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Hanged out with the bestie and brothers these few days. Fun chatting and spending time with them, as always. *grins*

Ewww.. My stomach is not feeling well la. I need more rest.

As usual, miss YOU soooooo much. =_=

And readers, how's your day?

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Monday, November 30, 2009

Childhood Times

Posted by Cassey at 4:46 PM
Recently I look back to the old photo albums in my home. I find that there are lots of interesting and memorable photos of childhood and primary school's life. Haha.. ^o^

I've uploaded many of them in facebook. Click here if you want to see it. ^_^

This has made me flashback to the past. And I realized that all of us were soooooo cute when we were small kids. Keke.. =@= *giggling*

BTW, I have something to share here.

Did I ever mention that I was a fat and chubby girl when I was a kid?! LMAO. ^O^

My 1st birthday on 1991

Time flies, today is already the last day of November. ^@^

Exactly two months to go! Until the day to come.. You know what I mean. Looking forward to it.

Three more weeks to go until the 'planning'! Can't wait for it.. *clapping hands*

Goodbye November! ^_^

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Weekend

Posted by Cassey at 7:21 PM
Ahhaaa.. I don't know how to start my blog post, still the same question.. How was your weekend? ^@^

There's nothing special for me. It's just that I hang out with different group of friends these few days. Emmm, it has been a long time didn't go out to yumcha already. *wondering* Few months ago until this Friday night, Saturday night and today's afternoon. LOL. ^O^

Holiday's life is so boreddddd! =o= *yawning*

And I've been 'fasting' for these two days. Life was so empty and dull without YOU. Ahhh.. OMG! I know I should learn the life without you, and I'm glad that I can do it. ^_^ *smile widely*

Yesterday night we celebrated Yi Qian's birthday. It's just few of us, a simple one but all of us spent great time chatting with each other.

Best wishes for..

HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY YI QIAN on yesterday..
My youngest sister in LLF..
You guys are awesome.. We love LLF always! ^@^ *hugs*

Also to..

HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY on today! ^o^
Take care and keep in touch!

Alright, I admit that I miss these moments seriously..

Ahhhh! *yelling* @o@ I don't want 'fasting' anymore! Still got few more hours to go. Weheee!

Tomorrow is a new day, a new week, a new hope. Hope it will be a better day. ~_~

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Thursday, November 26, 2009

To A Friend

Posted by Cassey at 8:26 PM
First of all, I would like to apologize to YOU for blogging about these and uploading these photos without your permission. Well, I really don't know how can I get permission from you at the moment.. @_@ Please forgive me if I may write something that make you feel uncomfortable, in this post.

And I'm wondering whether you're going to read this, or you don't.

SEAH.. Where are you now? How are you now? What are you doing now? =_=

I never blogged about this before, but just now when I looked back my old photos. I thought of you again.

Seah has been one of my best friends since I was in high school. It is hardly for me to forget the sweet moments we have spent together. I love you, my friend. ^_^ *hugs* After Form 5 graduation, we used to hang out together, contact with each other frequently. I simply enjoyed my life in hometown, because of these few girls. I miss the moments. But it has become the past. T.T We're not longer hanging out like what we did on that time anymore today.

Things have come to a change during the early of this year, right before Chinese New Year. The last time I met you, was right in front of your house. Asked you to join us for visiting houses, but you rejected me. And I didn't know it was so hard to meet you again after that. ~_~ The last message you sent to me in MSN, I wasn't know it could be that serious. And I didn't know it was so hard to hear from you again after that. "=.= *speechless* What is going on exactly?!

I can't get to contact you, by using any of the ways. WHY?! No any of us able to contact up with you.. That's so weird! As your friend, this has made us so worried about you! @o@ Do you know about this?

Seems like many people have given up to contact you, but I don't want. Therefore, I still try to contact you..

And something miracle had happened few minutes ago.. SHE HAS GIVEN ME RESPONSE! SHE SMS TO ME! Ahhh! OMG! *shouting happily* That's totally a MIRACLEEE!

Seah, I have been missing you throughout these days.. ~o~

You seems like going to fade from my memory.. But I don't want. =_=

There's nothing can't be solved in this world, if you really face problems. I'm here to help you..

Dear friend, I MISS YOU. ~.~

You know what, friends have been playing an important role in my life. I care about most of the friends, as long as they don't betray me. I appreciate every of them, somemore that's YOU. ^@^

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Random Facts

Posted by Cassey at 3:36 PM
I'm so bored and lazy now. *yawning*

I slept until 9.30am this morning. Didn't manage to wake up early and go for jogging. Arghh! I want to sleep earlier tonight! ~o~

I'm eating white chocolate because it's already the last piece and just now my dad asked me to finish it. And going to have a cup of low fat milk. ^@^ *drools*

I have created a new slogan for encouragement to myself, and I wrote into few pieces of colour papers and pasted on the wall, that is 'STOP BEING LAZY' in chinese words! =_=

I want my lifestyle to be more systematic, that's why I've created my own daily schedule. I will make the change in my life.

I have already taken at least eight cups of water since I woke up in the morning. Got much improvement compared to before. ^@^

I'm going to KL together with Ah Keat again tomorrow. I got several things need to be settled. This time will bring along my youngest sister to go for a walk. Then, we'll be coming back by bus.

I have settled my 'debts' with my dad just now. LOL. ^O^

I'm glad that I was able to read few pages of my novel 'For One More Day' in chinese version just now. Sighh, until today still unable finish it up yet though I have started to read this half a year ago. =.=

I'm going to help my dad to get more detailed information for the coming up plan. And follow up everything.

I'm listening to the song 'Sometimes When We Touch' sent by Roti Canai just now. I'm so in love with the song, with the meaningful lyrics. It's nice. ^_^ *enjoying*

I have to rush to keep the clothes now. The sky turns dark already and seems like going to rain soon. @_@ *away*

*back* I'm telling lame jokes to my younger sister. She is going to whack me soon! Muahaha! ^@^

I miss someone. Can't wait to share with him the dream I dreamed. But we're going to chat at night, as usual. ^o^

I'm so random and lame.. This is the FACT. LMAO. *laughing* ^O^

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Apologize

Posted by Cassey at 10:09 PM
First of all, I would like to apologize to Ah Keat and Wahson. I'M SORRY. =_=

I'm NOT joining the trip to LANGKAWI and PENANG island anymore, due to certain reasons. I feel so sorry for FFK again and again. Sorry for bringing troubles to you guys before this and we still can't make it at the last minute. @_@ *speechless*

Anyway, I hope next time our plan will be successful. It's like what Vonn told me, "Planned plans always can't work out, so for us last minute plan would be the best." ~.~

QQ, no worries alright?! Everything will be fine. ^_^ *hugs*

That's all for what I want to voice out at the moment.

Last but not least, it's 22nd of November today. Someone's birthday who is currently studying at Moscow, Russia.

Stay pretty, happy and healthy always..
Take care and miss you. ^@^ *hugs*

My holiday's plan is going to start working on tomorrow. *holiday's mood*

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holidays Started

Posted by Cassey at 4:37 PM
Hellooo my dear readers! ^_^ *grins*

I've started my semester break, which is the summer holidays due to Australian system for THREE MONTHS. I know it is going to be a long holiday. It's the precious time to me for a huge relief and relaxation! ^o^

I'll enjoy my holidays to the max, even though I know I'll get bored with it later on. I'll miss college, I'll miss my friends, and I guess I might miss exam, assignments and so on. LOL! "=.= No matter how is it, I DON'T CARE but I just want to enjoy what I'm doing at the moment first. Haaaah.. *stretching the body*

BTW, I'm not going to take summer course because I got something else to do during this holidays.

I already have a rough plan for this holidays, and I hope that things can go on smoothly. Whether it can work out or not, it really depends on myself. @_@

And of course, I'M GOING FOR SEVERAL VACATIONS! Hehe.. Coming up will be a trip to LANGKAWI and PENANG island on next week. It's just a small group of friends for this tour, hopefully that it will be fun. Hoho! ^o^ THANKS to my parents for allowing me to join during this period and SORRY to the organizer as we have too many requests on the changes for the whole trip. Looking forward for it! *waiting patiently*

*random mood*

I'm already back to hometown since yesterday. I love the feeling to stay at home. I can do anything I want. Hehe.. ^@^

However, holiday's life without any purposes or motives seems to be lifeless.

But life with YOU is so wonderful. *giggling* ^o^

Yours truly,
◕‿◕ ChinChin ◕‿◕

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Want Shopping

Posted by Cassey at 4:19 PM
Ahhhhhh! *yawning* I'm SO BORING now!

The only thing on my mind is.. I WANT TO GO FOR SHOPPING! I WANT TO BUY A LOT OF NEW STUFFS! =_=

Ok, I woke up around 2.30pm just now and now haven't even taken my lunch yet. But I'm not hungry. Urghhh! @_@ Packing up stuffs are already in the progress, I will let it be done by tonight. As I'm going back hometown tomorrow! Yuhuuu! ^o^

I miss my family, I miss my home sweet home, I miss T.E.M.E.R.L.O.H. ^@^ *excited*

Sighh.. My holidays just started but now I already feel bored. "=.= I want to go out to buy stuffs but too bad I don't have transport. I don't want to bring inconvinience to my aunty and cousin again and again always la! That's enough! Somemore WTH we are staying so far away.. With no public transport somemore. And why can't I own a car.. Shit! T_T

Somemore the place where I'm staying is where no one is willing to come over to fetch me.. Because it's FAR for them.. OMG..

Friends asked me to out but I don't know how can I go?! Ishhh! =o=

Ok ok.. calm down.. calm down..

Lastly.. I want to emphasize again.. I WANT SHOPPING! @o@ *shouting*

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My 'Dead' Blog

Posted by Cassey at 11:56 PM
It's my another post without photos again, LOL. ^O^ Well, I didn't take photos that many and frequent like what I used to be. I was quite a photoshooting freak before this, especially using my mobile phone to camwhore. Since I've started my degree life, I'm not longer doing that anymore. Just don't know why. "=.=

Anyway, if you feel bored with what I'm typing, saying and crapping here, just ignore my post alright? I'm not using a gun and point it to you to force you to read it! ^_^

LMAO I'm sooooo lame now. *yawning* ^o^

I'm TIRED and SLEEPY. This morning I couldn't stay up for a long time in my bed because there's some temporary maids came to tidy up the house. I couldn't get enough sleep last night, so I'm going to sleep early tonight. ^@^ But it's just right after my hair dries later.

Another day was well-spent. ^_^ *grins* It was an early plan but last minute decision of mine to go for a shopping spree at Mid Valley and plan to catch up a movie myself. I wanted to use up the cinema voucher. Sighh, I already asked many friends but most of them were so busy with their stuffs, so ended up with going ALONE. However, I'm still enjoying going anywhere and doing anything alone instead of being in a big group. ^@^ LOL, what a kind of weird habit right.. But that's ME. However, I still met up with Siew Fang and we had great fun together, especially on the way back to Subang station by KTM, LMAO! ^O^

Bought a pair of shoes which I was quite satisfied with it. But now, I feel like it is too much black already. Haha.. "=.= *speechless* Choosy and perfectionist person like me always face such situation, haizzz..

Arghh, my blog has been so 'dead'. I should do something to let it 'alive' again! @o@

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm Free Now

Posted by Cassey at 8:58 PM
Yeahhh! I want to shout out loudly that 'I AM FREEEEEEEE' now! Hahahaha! ^o^ *shouting+jumping*

Finally, I have finished my FINAL EXAM for the first semester of my degree. *clapping hands* Overall it was fine, and I hope I did well in this exam, except for the Econs paper. Sighh.. =.= I was quite satisfied with other subjects but not this! I really did sooooo badly. When I think of it, I'm still so worried. *praying hard* I really hope I can PASS this subject with at least CREDIT. Urghh! I wish I wish.. ~_~ Well, anyway I can't do anything now but just face it. If not mistaken, result will be released on the 9th of December, let the markers judge on us alright? *wondering*

The most important thing now is.. I've started my HOLIDAYS! The so-called 'summer holidays' of Australian system for THREE MONTHS! Yuhuuu! ^@^ Don't think too much first but JUST ENJOY IT! It's great time for a huge relief and relaxation! Ahhh! *excited*

BTW, I had a great day today.

After I finished my last paper, four of my coursemates and I headed to Sunway Pyramid to catch up the movie '2012'! Awww.. Finally I have watched it! This is the hottest movie in the cinema now, isn't it? @_@

Image from

I have been looking forward this movie since the early of the year. Ohh it's like, when it was March that time? I put quite high expectation towards it, and yet it wasn't that FANTASTIC like how I have been thinking. =_= Anyway, it was a great movie. You should go to catch up this!

There are so many amazing and awesome scenes in the movie, and here are some of them which are so unforgettable. ^@^

Image from

Image from

This movie really touches my heart. And my tears were rolling down from my eyes when I saw some of the scenes throughout the movie. *cover face* Sighh.. I was thinking like what would I do and how would it be if this really happens? How do you think? If the day really comes, I really wish that I can stay with my family and my loved ones, that's more than enough. If the God wants us to die, no one can escape from it. So, let's accept and face it. ~o~

What is the most important to do at the moment is APPRECIATE EVERY SINGLE MOMENT I'M HAVING NOW! Life is going up and down, no matter how is it, it is still my life, it belongs to me. At least before I die, I want to fulfill it and leave some sweet memories for myself. As long as I live my life to the fullest, there's nothing to feel regret anymore. ^_^ *grins*

And we talked some craps today.. We discussed about what would we be doing on the time when disaster comes to us. There's so random things that really made me LMAO! ^O^ I said: "Maybe that I will be at the beach?! If I see tsunami is coming to me, I'm sure will take out my camera take my own photo using the tsunami waves as background. At least after I die, there might be some future generation pick up my memory card and they find out this photo will be so meaningful! Hahaha!" =.= *crapping*

LOL just ignore my craps because I really feel HAPPYYYYYY now. Just typing randomly. ^@^

BTW, I'm going to take my shower and pack up my stuffs after this. I will be back to hometown this weekend! Ahhh, I didn't back home for more than one month already! Dad, mum and siblings, I MISS YOU ALL. *warm hugs to them* All the best to Yuen's SPM which will be starting tomorrow. My holidays are starting, I can start to plan about it. In fact, everything has been planned before this and hope everything goes smoothly. *evil giggling*


Might be seeing you all again after three months. MISS YOU ALL! *waving hands*

Someone has finished exam too.. Still got two months to go.. Wow, time fliesss! And I feel good. *wink* ^_<

Friday, November 13, 2009

Screwed Up Paper

Posted by Cassey at 2:29 PM
I'm having my Final Exam recently. Had my Business Law paper yesterday I was quite satisfied with what I have done for the subject. I hope I could score better. ^_^

Anyway, Things turned to be different today. Everything is totally messed up! I had my Economics paper just now. And I guess I have screwed up for it! Ahhhhhhh! ToT *crying and shouting loudly*

I really thought I have done enough preparation for it, and I entered exam hall with much more relaxing mood compared to yesterday which was very stress. I went through the exam questions with smile, because I had the ideas on what to write. However, I knew I was wrong when I started to feel panic after one hour. ~_~ My mind was TOTALLY BLANK. Ummm.. Now, I can't do anything anymore because I can't change what I've done and only can pray for a PASS for the subject. I don't want to resit the paper, I don't want to retake the subject. God pleaseee bless me. T_T *tears rolling in eyes*

Why can't I control my feeling and mind during the exam?! I was so tension and nervous.. WTH, it was just two hours..

Or I should say: "I didn't do enough preparation, that's why I have screwed up for my paper." You'll get how much for what you have paid for it. Seems this is so true.


I know I can't do anything at the moment but just put more efforts for the subjects on coming Monday and Tuesday respectively, which are Business Information System paper and Accounting paper. OMG, Accounting will be another 'dead' subject if I don't work hard NOW! I'm out of time, seriously! @o@

My mood is extremely down now. *totally desperate*

I'm so sorry to face you dear, I'm really useless.. I feel like I'm so faraway with you. T.T

Time won't turn back.

And now I know, this is the change I should and supposed to make. For no regret anymore. ~.~


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh I Miss Blog

Posted by Cassey at 11:45 AM
Good morning, readers. And my blog as well, I miss you. LOL. "=.=

I'm not supposed to be here, but I break the rules, now I'm here to blog again. Nahh.. it's just a random post ok?! I still check hotmail, play facebook, update twitter and visit blogs frequently. You know, I must go online for awhile at least once in a day, only I feel satisfied. In fact, I'm an Internet addict. ~.~

Ok I know if I still continue doing this, I'm so going to screw up for my exam. *speechless* =.= I know I'm not the only one who is doing so, so please be alert of this! TRY TO CONTROL YOURSELF..

And I found something which is so TRUE from a friend's facebook.

Click on it for a larger view.

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Anyway, I've finished revising my Business Information System and Business Law. Finished revising doesn't mean that I've finished MEMORIZING. Urghh.. Those cases! @_@ Although I can get what it means, but I don't know how to write and apply, then how? Useless! *scratching head* This time got two questions for Four Steps Process somemore.. Arghh.. T_T

Now I'm studying for Economics. Glad that I managed to finish up one chapter just now and had dim sum as my breakfast too. ^_^ Hope everything goes smoothly, and wish that I can finish up this subject within this weekend, according to my schedule. Still got Accounting to go.. OMG..

Last night I couldn't sleep well as I was thinking too many unnecessary things.. ~.~ So, I have really serious panda eyes today.

ME during study week. Ohh ok, it's my look at the moment. @_@

When I'm bored, I play around with my camera. I love playing with it and it's the best thing to fulfill my emptiness most of the time. Then, continue to study again.. *crapping*

Woaaah, I know I'm so lame and wasting my time here. *yawning* ^O^

Errr.. I'm actually also thinking the plans after exam. Really can't wait for it! So excited! LMAO. Uishhh.. Exam also haven't started then keep thinking already?! WAKE UP! STOP THINKING! *slap my face*

Ok, that's enough for me to release. Time to turn back to study mood.

YOU.. Do your best as well ok?! I'm here to support you, as always. ^@^ *bear hugs*


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello November

Posted by Cassey at 1:33 PM
Sorry for the late. Time flies.. It's already the new month, and almost end of the year.. ~.~ Say 'HELLO' to November! I'm happy when the time passed so fast, you know what I mean. *wink*

I didn't manage to go online last few days, as there's some Internet connection problem in Kota Kemuning area. And luckily I could go online since Monday night. ^_^ It's not a good thing after all, because I will come to online instead of studying like what I'm doing now. "=.=

Anyway, after completing this post, I'm going to continue with it, ok?!

Before I forget, HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN.. I have been so excited to attend any Halloween parties or events because I'm actually so desperate to wear costume and act like ghost to frighten people, LOL. I have missed out. =.=

Back to what had happened last few days, from my previous post, I have mentioned that I would attend my brother's convocation on last Saturday. My brother has graduated from his Diploma in Corporate Administration from Stamford College, CONGRATULATION to him once again. ^@^

31st October 2009 was a memorable and meaningful day for my family. We had fun on that day. I love the day, I love you all. *hugs+kisses* ^o^


My beloved elder brother

Yours truly from,
Your sister & family

And my favourite photo of the day..
I like it sooooo much, especially the flower bouquet. ^@^

Photos are uploaded in facebook. Click here if you want to see it. ^_^

BTW, my FINAL EXAM is coming in ONE WEEK. Sighh.. I haven't done enough preparation yet. I just finished Business Information System on Monday, and now working on Business Law which will be the first paper on next Thursday. T.T OMG, I'm so damn stress and nervous! Still got Economics and Accounting, if I'm still continue blogging here, I'm so going to RIP for this exam. *silent*

Back to study+exam mood..

All the best to my coursemates as well!
All the best to YOU!
All the best to SPM and STPM candidates!
All the best to EVERYONE who is sitting exam recently!

I might be MIA for a short period, see you all after exam! Miss ya! Toodles! *log out*

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pek Teng's Birthday Celebration

Posted by Cassey at 3:14 PM
Phewww, my first semester is coming to the end, next week will be the study week. ~.~ It means that, FINAL EXAM IS COMING SOON! Arghhh.. *nervous* I haven't finished studying any of the subjects yet, OMG.. Anyway, this weekend I'm not going to continue my study first as my family is coming tomorrow, and we're going to attend my brother's convocation. ^o^

BTW, after the last class on today, me, Maxim and Christine have planned to celebrate birthday for Pek Teng. We had our lunch in TGI Fridays Sunway Pyramid and took a piece of cake at Secret Recipe. LOL. It was just a simple celebration but we hoped that you won't mind about it and like it. *hugs* ^@^

Let photos tell everything.

The birthday girl, Pek Teng

*like this*



After lunch, we headed to Secret Recipe for this.

Happy birthday to you..
A candid shot, buahaha! ^@^

Alright, that's all for today. It is raining heavily now, I should off the laptop already. *yawning*

Rainy day is a best time to sleep. But, now I feel like eating. Seriously I'm really hungry la.

And I MISS YOU, as usual.

Toodles! ^_^

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello I'm Here

Posted by Cassey at 11:18 PM
Hello readers, how are you today? @o@

I had a good day after all. After finished my class today, went out with two of my girls, QQ and Vonnie Bunnie to Sunway Pyramid and watched a movie, then we had dinner together. I really enjoyed every single moment spent with them. It has been a long time we didn't hang out like this. Seriously, I miss the moments. I miss the feeling. =.= During my foundation year, we used to go to Sunway Pyramid after classes very often. It's just like our second home. ^_^ But now, we are in different college. I don't know when will be the next time to meet again after today. Anyway, I'm so anticipating for the gathering of my girls when An Na comes from JB in few weeks time. *excited*

I told myself I NEED TO SAVE MONEY for this week. Still it ended up with went out with my dear sisters because I didn't want to miss the chance to meet them. Beside that, of course I must let myself out of the house to 'absorb some natural air' instead of studying at home like a 'nerd', right? Haha.. ^o^

And now it's time to turn back to study mood. =o= *yawning*

Time flies. This is already the last week of my college. I mean before final exam because next week will be study week. My first paper will be on another Thursday. "=.= OMG.. I'm really out of time now. I must finish up the two subjects by this week according to my schedule! Or else I'll be out of time. I WILL! And glad that it is in the progress now. LOL. @o@

As usual, every night spending my time with the him. I really enjoy every single moment chatting with him. He really cheers me up. ^_^ *grins*

I should practice back the habit, which I have been successful did this for one week few months ago. ~.~ My panda eyes are getting serious, my skin is getting worse.. I DON'T WANT! *shouting for help* ToT Ok, I should listen advice and sleep early every night alright?!

Now I want to go downstair to take my favourite chocolate milk, because it's already 12am. As appointed, time to chat! Toodles! >@< *log out*

Monday, October 26, 2009

Homestaying Outgoing

Posted by Cassey at 2:54 PM
Wuhuuu.. It is raining now. =.= *yawning* I have been staying at home since I woke up this morning. Oh no, it should be afternoon. LOL. Was doing something just now and time was spent like that, then had maggi as lunch. After this post, I'm going to continue with my studies. I PROMISE. ^_^

Yesterday I went out with few buddies and went to catch up a movie at Tropicana City Mall in Damansara. It was the first time I have been there. That wasn't a good place for shopping but I love their GSC cinema. I think it is really a good place for movie, haha.. ^o^

Anyway, I have watched this movie finally. I remembered once I went to Sunway Pyramid alone and planned to watch movie that time, luckily I didn't watch it because I didn't know what type of movie it was. Or else, I would be really afraid. =.= It's a horror movie with strong body violence, sexuality and partying. I was really shocked with the ways of killing and frightened by the sound effects. The characters in the movie are really so-called 'bitches', LMAO. ^O^ *laughing*

You shall watch this movie, 'Sorority Row'. The story is about six sisters, who were trying to make cheat but ended up with real death in one of them. As they wanted to keep this secret, with 'trust, respect, honor, solidarity, and secrecy', it has changed everything in them after that. I like the storyline where it gives me a lesson, it tells us that making a small mistake can really bring big impacts to the entire life. ~.~ Anyway, I was quite surprised with the real murderer at the end of the story. *wondering*

After movie, we went to Shabu-Shabu steamboat in Bandar Puteri Puchong for dinner. First time I went, I didn't really like it. But now, I really love it. ^@^ *drools*

Ignore my randomness. Because I'm really kind of fickle-minded. >_<

An Na is coming to KL in this week, if not mistaken. We're going to gather and hang out together, it's a MUST ok? I miss my sisters, I miss the gang, I miss everything, I MISS MY GIRLS! T.T Looking forward to the day to come..

What are you doing now? Miss you badly. Take care. *hugs*

I have been countdowning down for three months to go since that time. Now, still THREE MONTHS TO GO. T.T

Friday, October 23, 2009

Supper At Tenji

Posted by Cassey at 4:02 PM
Attention please! Tenji Japanese Buffet Gourmet Sensation, Mont Kiara is having promotion from 1st October 2009 to 30th November 2009 for lunch and supper time with only RM49.90+ per pax during weekdays! For more information, please click here. So, what are you waiting for? LOL! ^O^ Sounds like helping them to advertise it.. *giggling* Anyway, good things must be shared, isn't it?

And of course, people like me will not miss out this chance to get a try on their japanese buffet during this period. I always like to try, but after I've been there once, I won't feel like going again. Better save up money to explore and discover nice food from other places! ^_^ So, thanks to Ah Keat for asking me to join along, which was a last minute decision. Our plans used to be successful at the last moment. =.= Anyway, we had a rough plan about it few weeks before, that's why I managed to save up money first. If not, my wallet will be broken. *wink*

That was really the first time I brought out my baby camera along with me, to so-called 'occasions'. LMAO! ^O^ I really enjoyed camwhoring all the way during the meal but obviously I'm not going to post out everything here. Or else it will be overflooded. And I need more time to handle on how to use it wisely. I mean, for the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and everything, I still not able to control it well. *wondering* =.= Sifu ah sifu, waiting for you to teach me.. But something I must practice to be good in, is self-camwhoring using DSLR! Hahahaha! I can make it, trust me. *show tongue*

Met a pretty new friend, Christine Hui Fern on that day. She looks like Yi Qian, isn't she? ^@^

Photos portray the great moments we had.

The best photo of the day for me *like it*

FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! *drools*

*thumbs up*
Best time is used to spend with awesome friends. ^_^

My comment is.. The food there is not really that kind of very delicious. I mean, it's just some of them are good, some not really. Don't know why I still prefer Jogoya. ^@^

We started our supper which was actually our dinner on 9.30pm and we left at about 11.45pm. They suggested to go Genting after that but I was already too tired that time so I didn't respond on it. Hmmm, I actually wished to do some crazy things but I have no choice because I can't back home that late. Although that night when I reached home that time already 1am. =.= *speechless* Anyway, I really had a good time with you guys for eating, playing and camwhoring that night. Thanks again.

Ahhh.. *yawning* Woke up from my nap just now and had my dinner, now facing my laptop again. Currently no one at home. I'm not going back hometown this weekend BTW. I want to spend more time on my revision and I supposed to work on it NOW! Still, MY LAZINESS! ToT Alright, after this I have to continue with it ok? Stop procrastinating.. Haizz, I also get bored with myself for keep repeating this sentence EVERYTIME. Haha.. ^@^

I had a not-so-good day today. As usual, I finished my classes at 1pm. Something different was met up with my dear Qer Xin this afternoon! We had a great meal and great chat. Thanks dear! *hugs* Anyway, weather wasn't turn out good because after we took our lunch, it was raining heavily! Two of us like crazy ladies, using newspapers to cover on our heads and walked for quite a distance back to college and I even crossed several roads to get the car. At the end, I was totally wet. Arghhh.. @o@ My stomach wasn't feeling well and get caught in the rain somemore. Haizz.. I was so frustrated when I had to rush home by 3pm with such condition on that time. LOL. "=.=

Anyway, ignore my craps. Hehe.. I'm in the mood so I typed so long, and guess nobody is going to read this. Alright, I'll stop here. Toodles!

Have a great weekend! ^o^

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